Addams Family: interesting facts about the movie

    Welcome to the Addams family house - very unusual family in the United States. If you are not afraid of "Frankenstein" two-meters high, butler Lurch with his hand "Thing", which is living her own life, it is quite possible that you can stay for a few more minutes in this gloomy abode of humor. Humor which is not everyone will understand, because you can drown, be fried in the electric chair, be poisoned using the poison for the plants, or in the end, you can be dismembered...

    For the first time, the story of this strange family has appeared in the 30s, when the artist Charlie Adams created comics for the magazine "The New Yorker". Initially, the heroes of the painted stories had no names, and were later named Adams in honor of its author.

    In the comics of the 1930s, all the characters are nameless. Already in the 60s, while working on the TV series "The Addams Family", the producers asked Charles Adams to give each of the characters of the story the name.

    The idea of a full-length film "The Addams Family" has been developed in the studio Orion Pictures, which owned the rights on showing the series "The Addams Family", but due to financial problems the company had to be abandoned.

The stated scenario Caroline Thompson and Larry Wilson (both writers, by the way, had a chance to work with the great Tim Burton - Caroline over the wonderful picture of "Edward Scissorhands" and Larry over the charming horror comedy "Beetlejuice"), the picture was very successful and without problems has paid back its thirty eight million budget, bringing the creators one hundred and thirteen and a half million dollars.

    In the movie the head of the family Addams - Gomez suffers from the fact that he is long separated from his brother Fester. A quarter century ago, they had a falling out over a woman (or rather two women - Siamese twins), Fester left, slamming the door. About Gomez's sufferings finds out his lawyer, and wishing to gain access to the treasures of a family, he turns for help to a certain adventuress, whose son is like two drops of water similar to the missing Addams. Under the guise of Fester, who has amnesia, son of adventuress enters the family home, where he begins his hunt for family treasures. 

    The film pleases fans of the original caricatures of Charles Addams and television series 60-ies with countless allusions and reminiscences. The scene that opens the film in which Addams poured hot oil on the  Christmas Singers who are singing at the door of their house - verbatim reproduction of a painting by the artist, which was published in "The New Yorker". A scene with a toy train and road signs that were stolen by Pugsley also ended up in the film directly from the caricatures of Charles. A scene from the auction where Morticia and Gomez are trading between themselves, as well as the scene with the lamp into Fester’s mouth - are direct references to the popular television series.

    However, the movie "The Addams Family" is famous not only for careful attitude to the classics, but also a stunning directing work and brilliant camera work (after the film was left by two operators, the camera was picked up by Barry Sonnenfeld himself; it has made not much effort for him, for in directing he came after many years spent working as an operator - among his works "Misery" by Rob Reiner, the phenomenal "Miller's Crossing," by Coen brothers, "Throw Momma from the train" Danny DeVito), gorgeous scenery (particularly delightful design of Addams mansion, had cost the creators of one hundred thousand dollars) and incomparable humor.

    The producers of the film had offered the position of director of the film to Tim Burton and Terry Gilliam. Both of them refused, and then Barry Sonnenfeld was approved.

    "The Addams Family" - the first work of director Sonnenfeld. Before, he was known as an actor, producer and cameraman. Subsequently, Barry Sonnenfeld became famous for directing such films as "Men in Black" and "Wild Wild West."

    Barry Sonnenfeld was not going to use in the film the music from the TV series, but then still included it in the soundtrack, because the audience is a very welcomed trailer, where it was used.

    Cher wanted to play Morticia, but the role went to Angelica Houston.

    Anthony Hopkins turned down the role of Uncle Fester.

    In the series 1964 Fester is Morticia's brother, and in the film he is the brother of Gomez.

    Angelica Huston took the image Morticia Addams not from the actress Carolyn Jones, who played her in the TV series, but from the documentary «Grey Gardens» (1975), which tells the story of two eccentric elderly women who lived in a dilapidated house, who turned out to be the aunt and cousin of Jacqueline Kennedy.

    At the time of the release of this movie in living there was only one adult actor, who starred in the television series in 1964: John Austin had played Gomez.

    Barry Sonnenfeld – is an amateur of director's cameo. In "The Addams Family", he played a train passenger, who looks out the window, until the giant Gomez plays with trains.

    In 1992, the picture was nominated for "Oscar" award in the category "Best Costumes".


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