The Addams Family Characters

    "Addams Family" is a Gothic family, whose entire life is built on black humor. Probably, there is no person on Earth who hasn't seen the characters of this tragicomedy. They have long been a brand.

    Animated series, television series, full-length pictures, computer games, billions of collectible gizmos for fans - that's where you can meet this family now. They are so widespread that several generations of people in all countries of the world, and not just in the US, are familiar with the Addams family characters. If you, for unknown reasons, still have not seen any movie about "Addams Family", but you have a good sense of humor, like jokes and jokes, from which the heart becomes quicker, and the blood gets cold, then any cult work with the participation of these characters will enthrall you and make you join the millionth army of fans of this family.

    The Addams family is a group of fictional characters created by the American cartoonist Charles Addams. For the first time these unusual relatives appeared on the pages of the magazine "New Yorker" in 1938 in the form of small humorous articles, which being published until of the death of the artist in 1988. In many ways, while creating new images, Charles Addams was inspired by his hometown of Westfield, New Jersey, full of ornate Victorian mansions and ancient cemeteries. Addams family characters quickly gained popularity among the readers of the magazine, and soon this mystical universe acquired a whole series of television series, cartoons, films and musicals.

    Representatives of the Addams family are one of the branches of an ancient and rich family, famous for its eccentricity. The Addams family is living in a dilapidated and gloomy mansion, located next to the cemetery and a swamp. The mysterious house is full of secret rooms and secret passages, and thanks to the abundance of ancient statues, artifacts and unusual gizmos, it is more like a museum than a dwelling. Sometimes it even seems that the house lives its own life to the misfortune of mail handlers and guests of the mansion.

    Each of the Addams family characters has an outstanding appearance and terrible interests, making ordinary people consider these rich and strange people to be frightening. Addams family characters include Gomez Addams, his wife Morticia, two children - the boy Pugsley and the girl Wendsday, brother Gomes - Uncle Fester, Grandma Addams, as well as the two-meter giant butler Larch and the living human hand - the thing that hides in small boxes scattered all over the mansion. One of the frequent guests of the Addams family is their relative Cousin Ono - a creature completely covered with long hair and having an illegible speech. In addition to the family, various dangerous pets live in the house: an octopus Aristotle, aquarium piranhas Tristan and Isolde, a spider Cleopatra and a large collection of poisonous spiders.

The Addams family characters. Evil creatures or just Non-standard personalities?

    And although the nature of the supernatural abilities of the Addams family characters is not explained, one can speak of the connection of family members with otherworldly forces and occultism. Almost every one of the inhabitants of the mansion has inhuman skills, be it the unusual survivability of Pugsley, who is constantly trying to kill his sister Wendy, the penchant for potions and the ability of Grandma Addams to fly on a broomstick or the ability of Uncle Fester to generate electric current. Possessing such unusual skills and leading a reclusive way of life, the Addams are not evil creatures, on thecontrry, it is a very close-knit family. Morticia is an exemplary mother, loving her little tomboy. Despite the long marriage, Gomez is still passionately in love with his wife, and the whole family is very friendly to their guests and even ready to spend large sums of money for charity.

    Gomez Addams is the head of the family, gentleman, eccentric, smart and incredibly talented in everything. He loves smoking cigars and playing with the model of an electric train, is extremely rich, but extremely generous. He is madly in love with his wife Morticia.

    Mortishia Addams is a real lady vamp. As well as other Addams family characters, she is extremely eccentric, stylish and gothic. It is easy to find the root "mortis" in her name, which in Latin means "Death." Morticia is talented and clever.

    Fester Addams - absolutely bald and not very clever. In the television series he was Uncle of Morticia, in the film became Gomez's brother, all the while, while remaining "Uncle Fester." He has a strange love for explosives and is able to generate electric current (sic!)

    Pugsley Addams is the eldest son of the Gomes Addams. In the series of the 60's, the junior was a brilliant and extremely resourceful child, in the full-length film of Sonnenfeld, he is pretty foolish. He adores kidnapping road signs and arranging accidents.

    Wensdi Addams is the Addams daughter. In the series, she was 6 years old, but she became 12 years old in the full-length films. She is unusually clever for her age, obsessed with everything connected with death and pain and torture. Her name comes from the name of the day of the week.

    Larch is a servant of the Addams, looking exactly like a somewhat emaciated Frankenstein monster. He adores children and works in the garden, in his spare time he plays various musical instruments.

    Grandma - the elder of the Addams family, is very skillful in cooking.

    A thing is a severed hand, living with the Addams.


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