Alchemy – a science of great minds

    Alchemy - is more than just a science, it is a system of studying and researching the human nature, the world and all its components, which became the founder of modern sciences such as chemistry, biology, medicine, philosophy. Prescience - is a grand transformation of the system of metals and human nature.



    This ancient science flourished already in Alexandria, in Egypt, that was conquered by the Arabs in 642 AD. However, in Europe the prescience appeared only in the XII century.



    Western alchemists shared the views of Aristotle; they believed that the material world is composed of primordial matter in various forms. Primitive matters were the elements - earth, air, fire and water, each of which is characterized by two properties (two pairs): dry - wet and hot - cold. Therefore, the air (hot and wet) can be turned into a fire (hot and dry), just dry it. Value and quality of primitive matter is determined by the shape of the object. Thus, it was possible to transform one form into another substance by changing the ratio of the elements. This was achieved by repeated heating, burning, evaporation and distillation.



    Alchemy of the East was associated with Taoism and the search for the elixir of immortality. It recognized the existence of the five elements: water, fire, wood, metal and earth - two principles: yin (feminine, passive, water) and yang (masculine, active, fire). The alchemists have succeeded in obtaining alloys and distillation method laid the foundation for the production of alcohol and spirits.

   Albertus Magnus

    Albert the Great was born into a rich aristocratic family of a high society. Historical records report that in a childhood Albert was not allocated with special abilities and his academic achievements were rather modest. No one expected him to progress in science, but Albert has surpassed all expectations. The successes and achievements of the alchemist in many sciences can explain the relationships with the Order of the Dominicans. Many said that Holy Virgin Mary condescended to him, and endowed him with the great knowledge in the field of alchemy and philosophy.



    Albertus Magnus became well-known, thanks to his writings on inorganic chemistry, many of which were ahead of their time. Among the scientific works of the alchemist is also a treatise called "On alchemy".

    Among the disciples of Albert the Great was another world renowned alchemist, philosopher and scientist - Thomas Aquinas. Aquinas was present at the experiments that were carried out on gold. During the experiments on gold Albertus tried to get the gold out from other elements.



    At the end of his life, unfortunately, a great alchemist suffered from terrible mental illness from which he died in his cell in the monastery in 1280.


    Paracelsus – is a famous doctor, also known around the world for his achievements in the field of chemistry. Paracelsus first began to consider the processes occurring in the human body from the chemical side.



    Although many historians still deny the role of the famous doctor in prescience, yet Paracelsus has invested some alchemical processes in the creation of medicinal potions.

    Paracelsus had a rebellious nature, and even while studying at the University of Basel he made a demonstration with several books burned with the writings of Aristotle, considering his treatment methods and development of alchemy has long obsolete.



    Paracelsus was one of many alchemists, who were in a search of the philosopher's stone, which could transform metals and other elements into gold. However, the doctor needed this stone to invent an elixir of immortality and other different miraculous medicinal potions.

    Alchemy of this doctor - it is the chemistry of life, the use of all natural means to study and improve people's lives. Modern science should be grateful to Paracelsus for the method of treatment in medicine as homeopathy, for example.

    Nicholas Flamel

    Nicholas Flamel is one of the most famous French alchemists of all times. Born into a poor family, Flamel got aquatinted with the life very early and in a young age decided to go to Paris searching for a better life.

    In Paris, Flamel met a woman in years and married her, and received from his wife a good money-capital, which helped Flamel to get among the petty bourgeoisie and to organize a small business.



    Flamel decided to sell books, specifically to rewrite different books. This way the first book about prescience came to Flamel.  Once, Flamel had a dream in which were spoken about primordial matter and the creation of the Philosopher's Stone. However, an alchemist at the moment had no understanding in the science of alchemy itself and did not understand the dream.

    Nicholas began to study books about ancient science, and became more interested in science itself. After 3 years, historians say, Flamel and his family began in a fabulous way to grow rich, because in his basement Flamel transformed the mercury in silver, and then also transmutes gold, although the evidence for the establishment of gold from another element weren’t found. Flamel himself said that he created the

Philosopher's Stone



    Family of Flamel shared their wealth for a long time, but after the Kings’ Family got to know about Flamel, they had to convince everyone of their poverty.

    Flamel has died at the age of 88 years, although many witnesses said that actually with the help of stone Nicholas gave himself and his wife immortality, and that his death was just a simple show.


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