Magical things like amulets and talismans, give us a connection to the subtle world from which there is a constant energy supply of our soul. These little things have always been and will be a place of concentration of power that is always with you.

   There are some difference between amulets and talismans.

   Talisman should be in harmony with the person, not to contradict his nature. Talisman is selected, focusing on person’s date of birth, zodiac sign, birth month, etc. Mascot most often is created in order to achieve success and gain luck. But mostly this power was in people’s imagination.

hand-made amulets

   Selection of amulet is much easier - you just should know from what you want to gain protection. Originally josses are intended for protection its owner from all sorts of problems.

   Nothing depends on the owner of the fetish. He passively accepts his power.

   Fetishes are always repel failures, accidents, various negatives, illness, etc.

wooden amulets

   In antient times people used leather pieces, stones or wooden plates with images of magical figures. As much person wanted to get the benefits, as much donations he had to bring to a particular sign, depending on his goals. But before only a certain circle of people possessed this knowledge. It was shamans, priests, warlocks, sorcerers, etc.

   Only those items that have been "charged" by shamans and thus acquire a magical power became mascots.

   Amulet it is a special, more often, individual and unique small thing (decoration, mineral, special sign, etc.), which is specifically charged with energy.

   Charged - that means it is connected energetically to certain forces of the Subtle World, which affect man and his destiny (positively or negatively, depending on amulet).

charged amulets

   There are several monolingual Latin words which gave the word “amulet”.

     1. The word comes from the Latin "amylon" - food. It came from the antient tradition to placate spirits. People put pieces of food in places where could spirits live. They believed that in this case spirits will become more kind and help them.

     2. The word comes from the Latin verb "amotire" - to protect, preserve.

     3. The word comes from the Latin "amuletum" - a subject that is able to protect its wearer from disaster.

   Over time, special inscriptions and images began to appear on fetishes. They were intended to prevent any single type of disaster. Often, these inscriptions were the names, symbols or images of gods, sacred animals and objects.

   The inscription will greatly enhance the action of the mascot. It is recommended to put on words or a word that means to you your goal. For example, luck, love, protection and so on.

amulet with runes

   Magical amulets - an essential attribute of every sorcerer. But if you do not have any relation to the magic, it does not mean that magic charms will not work in your hands. You can ask fetisher help you to charge the joss.

   By the way josses can have different shapes. Shape also affects its properties. Furthermore it is beautiful.

   Circle. Any fetish or talisman in the form of the circle means the well-being and harmony. You should wear such joss for a happy life without strong shocks. It brings a state of harmony, perfection and love.

circle mascot

   Square. This symbol means continuity and symbolizes the unity of the four elements: Air, Fire, Earth and Water. This joss will help make the right decision and get out of any difficult situation with dignity. The square symbolizes the right decisions, prudence and constancy.

square mascot

   Triangle. Josses and talismans of this form will facilitate communication with higher powers, and all the requests and desires turn into reality. Triangle / pyramid will allow you to find a common language with the other world. It helps to find a solution to the problem with the forces of the astral space.

triangle mascot

   Oval. The value of the mascots in the shape of an oval - a solution and exit from the any situation. In addition, such amulets attract luck and good fortune. It gives an ability not to give up in the dangers and solve problems in the right direction.

oval mascot

   More sophisticated mascots include several figures. For example, a triangle in a circle or vice versa.

double mascot

   The material from which the amulet is created can also be different. This may be a clay, wood, metal, stone, fabric and more.

wooden talisman different stones

   Bag or bundle of cloth - another powerful lucky piece that you can do with your hands. In ancient times, the mighty animal fur was sewn into the bag to get his strength or hiding a coin in order to attract money.

pink stone

   People wears fetish on the body (often as decoration) or on clothes, placed in a vehicle or a home, or hang around livestock. The most famous among the fetishes is perhaps a fetish against the evil eye.

evil eye protection

   Now it is very popular is the art of Feng Shui. The tradition of feng shui is rich in all sorts of talismans. As a magical stuff there could be considered singing bowls, wind chime, fans, bells, coins, vases, pyramids, statuettes of gods and animals, and other elements. Proper use of  them also bring you luck and safely. We will not stop at this, because is a separate topic and it requires more detailed consideration.

 chineese fan chineese coins

   A fusion of cultures has led to the fact that the amulets of different nations are commonly used in other countries. Often, people do not fully understand the intricacies of using the amulet, do not dismantle the inscriptions and because of this there can be problems. Therefore, before buying a particular joss, consult with your dealer or watch in the Internet. We must be very attentive to any signs and that you want to buy in the store.


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