Ancient Castles Became Prototypes for Disney Cartoons

    Walt Disney presented lots of amazing animated movies. There are many fans among children and adults, if you ask them, they will easily name you more then ten examples of favorite Disney cartoons. The amount of works is impressive more than two hundred of animated features, around 100 serials and many movies. Some of them have become iconic and glorified studio forever. Snow White, Bambi, The Lion King, Cinderella, The little Mermaid and many others are in top 100 of the most famous cartoons in history.

    As a heritage of Walt Disney we got a lot of princesses, there images have become cult. And every princess has her castle, where she lives.

    Most of castles from Disney cartoons were painted from real ancient castles.They inspired animation painters for creating beautiful scenes.

1. Chillon Castle on Lake Geneva, Switzerland

    This castle became prototype for “The Little Mermaid”. Here Eric, big love of Ariel, was living, and here they got married.

    This is one of ancient castles, the first time it is mentioned in the lists in 1160, it belonged to the Duke of Savoy. It was built with the aim to protect the strategically important route through the Alps. Later it became prison for politicians. One of them was famous François de Bonivard, monk, who tried to overthrow King several times. This imprisonment inspired Byron to writeone of his famous works - the poem “The Prisoner of Chillon”. The castle is mentioned in works of Alexandre Dumas, famous Victor Hugo, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Percy Shelley.

    Today Chillion Castle is a museum that is very popular among tourists and placed in top 20 castles of Europe you must see.




    2. Chambord, Loir-et-Cher. Placed in France

    This beautiful building can be seen in the cartoon “Beauty and the Beast”. This castle was home for ugly creature, and in the end it turned into a beautiful palace.

    Chambord has a very beautiful and romantic story, not all ancient castles can boast with it. Francisco I was madly in love with the Countess Turi. He did not like that his beloved lives far away, and the solution was building of new castle. Construction began in 1519 and ended in 1547. The castle is located on the banks of the River Beuvron, a tributary of the Loire. It’s architect was Jules Hardouin-Mansart, he made Chambord one of the most recognizable ancient castles. It is suspected that Leonardo da Vinci was involved in the project. There were rumors, the king was pleased with the castle so much, that it was proposed to change the flow of Laura, so it would be in front of Chambord.

    This architectural masterpiece of the Renaissance is under UNESCO protection. Every day, thousands of tourists visit it. The park around this castle is a popular place among the loving couples, here very often men do marriage proposal to their ladies.




3. Neuschwanstein, Bavaria, Germany

    This castle inspired artists and filmmakers of “The Sleeping Beauty”.

    This is one of the castles that were built by Ludwig II. von Bayern. It belongs to the neo-gothic style, that is very rare case in this region. Construction began in 1869 and ended in 1886. This castle was considered as a caprice of the king and it has been spent a lot of government money on it. Charges of Ludwig were very high, rumored, that due to them and some other eccentricities, he was killed.

    The castle can impress with exterior and interior decoration. On the walls you can see the artistic images of Wagner operas.  The swan is a symbol of sorts graphs Schwangyu, Ludwig's father considered himself their successors.

    At the end of the Second World War all gold of Reichsbank was stored here. Neuschwanstein also kept the stolen furniture, jewelry, paintings which were going to be presented for personal collection of Hitler. He admired with a beauty of this castle and many other ancient castles of Germany.

    Russian composer Tchaikovsky was invited to the castle, this is the place where the fabulous ballet “The Swan Lake” was coined.

    Today it is a museum.




4. Château d'Ussé, France

    Here at the ball Cinderella met Prince. Then they got married and lived happily ever after.

    Construction of the castle was started by Senor d'Yusse of de Byuey. In 1460 his son and illegitimate daughter of Charles VII were living in castle d’Usse. The castle changed many owners, its walls had witnessed the various celebrations, social events dances. Here, as well, conspiracies took place many times.   During the time of Napoleon royalists secretly gathered to discuss plans of returning the power to the Bourbons.

    Now the castle is brought in the official list of historic monuments in France and it is one of the most interesting ancient castles.




5. Castle Mont-Saint-Michel

    In France there is castle Mont-Saint-Michel that became prototype for castle from “Tangled”. Ancient castles of France do look fabulous, and this one became the inspiration for animators of Disney.

    This castle has very interesting and mysterious story. The island, where great Mont-Saint-Michel is placed, was named Tombstone Mountain, in francs language Mont Tombe. As very famous "Golden Legend" says, in 708 bishop of Avranches to Saint Aubert  was given a task by Archangel Michael, this task was to build church on the rock island. This fob was very difficult and bishop was not sure that it can be possible. Archangel had to come for three times. But man still had doubts, may be he interpreted this signs in a wrong way. In the last time the Saint knocked man’s head with a ring on finger and burned the robe with holly sword. Bishop of Avranches to Saint Aubert  had to believe, and monks started the construction.

    Today this is very popular place among tourists, every year round 1,5-3 million visitors can come to beautiful CastleMont-Saint-Michel. The dam, connecting the island with the land, is the boundary between Britain and Normandy. Because the regime of the bay is changing drift sands appear at the dam. The government is very worried about this, it is planned to replace the dam and to build the bridge.




6. Eilean Donan, Scotland

    You can see this castle in cartoon “Brave”

    This is one of the most revered ancient castles of Scotland. He was named after the hermit monk Donan in the VII century. In the middle Ages it was an important strategic object that took part in many battles. In 1719, he was defeated and destroyed. Two hundred years later, in 1911 year John MacRae-Gilstrap became the owner of this island with ruins, with time, he restored castle and till today his family lives here.

     Eilean Donan was the backdrop for many movies, here following movies were filmed: "Highlander" (1986), "The World Is Not Enough" (1999), "Master of Ballantrae" (1953), "Made of Honor" (2008), "The Ghost Goes West" (1935), "Mio, my Mio" (1987), "Stranger" (2014).




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