World’s most interesting anomalies. The secrets of the Ocean that are still disclosed

    Thanks to the ancient and old manuscripts, we know that people have always believed that the new lands rise from the depths of the oceans, and the old lands could fall down under the water, destroying entire civilizations.

    The most famous underwater lands - is the island of Atlantis, about which wrote another 2.5 thousand years ago Plato. Over the past 100 years, with the development of technology and special equipment, including the sonar, managed to come across a lots of very interesting underwater anomalies.

    Some strange objects and anomaly, such as, for example, the road Bimini, is causing a lot of debate. Some of the anomalous areas are not located so close to the surface, but are hidden at the great depths.

 The mysterious structure of the Sea of Galilee



    In 2003, scientists were surprised when they have discovered a massive stone circular structure under water at a depth of 9 meters in the Sea of Galilee in Israel. This anomaly consists of basaltic rocks and has a conical shape and twice larger in diameter than Stonehenge in the United Kingdom.



    Only recently scientists have published the results of studies of this strange structure in Israel. Archaeologists claim that the structure has very similar features to ancient communal graves, which are being found throughout the world. The structure of the size like this one, previously was not been found, so the researchers cannot say when the structure could have been built.

Mysterious underwater constructions on Google maps



    Strange round structures can be seen on the images from outer space on the coast of Florida, North Carolina and Belize. They were noted by archeologists and researchers of strange places on Google Earth images. Although such abnormalities have been seen in many other parts of the world, while researchers do not know exactly what it is. Some people believe that once these round structures could have been the burial mounds.



    This anomaly is very similar to the stone structures that were found in Saudi Arabia. Perhaps they are better preserved under the water than on the land, and are dated from about 8 century BC. Structures found in Saudi Arabia have an age of about 9000 years.

 Strange building in Canadian lake

    Divers have found traces of the past of the ancient inhabitants of the Western Canada while participating in a unique underwater project in 2005. They found a very interesting stone structure at a depth of about 12 meters in Lake McDonald, Ontario, Canada.



    This structure consists of an elongated piece of stone weighing about 450 kilograms with an almost flat surface, which rests on the 7 stones the size of baseballs, which, in turn, are at the plate weighing about a ton.

    First, it has been suggested that this is the natural structure until geologists and archaeologists have studied the structure of the images in more detail. It has been proven that the object has been created by man.

The anomaly in the Baltic Sea



    The anomaly of the Baltic Sea, which was studied in 2012, has caused a lot of controversy and speculations. Some argued that this structure in the form of a disc, which rests on the sea floor, it could be the flooded Nazi submarine; others have advanced the theory that it could be flooded alien ship.



    While Swedish scientists have convinced the world that it is just a piece of stone, not a UFO, their study raised many questions. Firstly, this piece of stone is not covered with the silt on the top layer. Usually any stone covered with silt, which lies on the bottom of the ocean for a long time.

    Moreover, this stone is about 60 meters wide, it seems, is covered with lines and is propped with the pillow 8 meters high.

The underwater city of the island of Cuba



    A series of underwater structures were discovered off the coast of the island of Cuba in 2001. This anomaly is very interesting for a lot of archaeologists, historians and the Atlantis hunters from around the world. Made by groups of researchers, seabed with sonar images showed symmetrical and geometrically regular structures that are located on an area of about 2 square kilometers from 600 to 750 meters depth.



    Skeptics believe that these structures are too deep, so that they could be the work of human hands. It is estimated, that the construction plunged to a depth, they must be at least 50 thousand years.

    If convincing evidence will be found that the structures were created by man, they will be able to add much to our knowledge about the ancient Maya and their ancestors, the city that sank in the ocean depths.

The Bimini Structures

    During expeditions of 2006 and 2007, using side scan sonar and seismic profiling were mapped landscapes inland areas to the west of the island of Bimini.



    Series of rectangular structures was discovered at a depth of about 30 meters. All these structures were aligned in one direction of parallel lines. The researchers reported that the structure is very similar to those that have been found off the coast of Cuba.

    Later, mysterious anomaly was examined in more detail. There were found about 50 stone pyramids in sizes from 3 to 14 meters. Based on the depth at which these structures are located, they should be dated at least 10 thousand years.


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