The best 5 movies all times about Armageddon

    The end of the world, apocalypse, sunset of civilization – these are all the synonyms to the word Armageddon. Are you ready to see the 5 best movies?

  “The Day after Tomorrow” (2004)

    The film's protagonist - is a scientist, climatologist Jack Hall. He is in an expedition to Antarctica, during which he understands that the threat of global warming on Earth is more than real - environmental disasters led to the fact that the climatic conditions are beginning to change very radically. Natural disasters occur on the different parts of the world - from India to Japan, but all this is only the beginning, and the genuine horror ahead – a new ice age is coming.



    Jack tries to warn the US government about the impending threat, but they don't listen to him and are not taking him and his predictions seriously about an imminent global catastrophe. Meanwhile, all the worst fears of the scientist come true: global freezing is beginning. A huge iceberg that has broken away from Antarctica drifts towards the continent. The astronauts who are on the space station confirm that the situation is getting worse: the three huge cyclones have formed.



    In New York, a real Armageddon begins. The government decides to evacuate all survivors to Mexico, to which the global cooling hasn't got jet. Jack's son, a promising young mathematician, is practically locked up in the National Public Library in New York. Fearless Jack Hall, despite the raging elements, leaves to find him.

“Armageddon” (1998)

    Meteorites often fall on the Earth.  The NASA experts become aware the meteorite that is falling directly to the Earth, which is able to cause not just a significant damage but can cause the complete destruction of our planet. Beat in a collision with the Earth would be so strong that all the living creatures will die and it will bring an Armageddon.



    All scientists and all NASA experts are trying to solve the problem of the century, and prevent the fall of the asteroid. As a result, at the highest level of NASA,  management decision that they want send a shuttle with the US team of specialists directly on the asteroid, drill a hole in it, and put inside the nuclear warhead. Due to this it will be possible to blow up the meteorite inside and stop it from falling on the planet. Who will be able to carry out such an elegant and at the same time labor-intensive operation?



    Do the astronauts carry out the task set by the Government and whether they will be able to save the planet from destruction? All this you will learn watching one of the best movies about the apocalypse.

    “The Fifth Element” (1997)

    The film is a philosophical parable about love, which is the link of all the prototype elements of the universe.



    Every five thousand years absolute evil invades the Earth and Armageddon is coming. This time, it takes the form of an absolute energy that is absorbing any human weapons and is increasing in size from that. To slay the darkness, humanity has to collect four original elements: fire, water, air and land, and then add them to a mysterious fifth element. On the way to the Earth the ship that was carrying the fifth element was destroyed.



    From the ship, scientists recovered fragments of a gloved hand and restore the creature’s DNA. She is a young beauty named Lila. The alien escapes from the lab and accidentally falls on the car to the taxi driver-loser Korban Dallas. Corbin tries to flirt with a girl, but she stops him and asks for help. Now they have to save the world from the Armageddon.

“Independence Day” (1996)



    July 2, just before the main national holiday of the United States, to the Earth flies a huge spaceship. From it is separated many smaller ships that enter the atmosphere. The whole planet is in trouble, no one knows what to expect from the aliens, but the United States President (Bill Pullman) calls upon everyone not to panic and to refrain from attacks on the space objects. By the evening of the same day it becomes apparent intentions of extraterrestrial visitors.  At night, begins attack on the biggest cities in the world.



    New York, Moscow, Paris, London, Madrid, Berlin, Beijing, Tokyo, Rome, Los Angeles and Washington are erased from the face of the earth: they are burned in the deadly rays and waves of hot plasma, which destroy the building and people. The next morning, the air forces are trying to exterminate the aliens, but it turns out that their ships have impenetrable protective technologies for terrestrial field. Most ships of the Air Forces were destroyed, but the aliens remained virtually unharmed. Only one pilot, Captain Steven Hiller (Will Smith) manages to make trap in the Grand Canyon, shoot down one of the alien ships and stops the Armageddon.

“I Am Legend” (2007)



    In 2009, Dr. Alice Krippin announced that she created the miracle solution that can cure cancer. Participants in the experiment that were testing new “medicine” began to mutate and to turn into horrible monsters, zombie and vampires, feeding on the people that are healthy. Three years after the Armageddon in New York, the largest metropolis of the world, only one person not infected - military physician Robert Neville, who is engaged in the searching for a means to save mankind from the terrible disease.



    Neville's Immunity was able to resist infection, and, left alone with the hordes of bloodthirsty vampires, he continued to work on the creation of a vaccine that can stop the spread of the pandemic and to cure people affected by the virus. His family was killed in front of him during the evacuation of the infected area, and his only companion and loyal friend became a dog, called Samantha.


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