The best movies about Atlantis – Secrets of the lost civilization

    The legend of Atlantis, a lost island with unbelievable riches, excites the minds of mankind for nearly two millennia. The first mention of it can be still found in the ancient Greek philosophy of Plato. Someone is seduced by material values, someone - secret knowledge, which, according to the sages, was possessed by the inhabitants of this island, the Atlantes considered to be more than people - demigods. There is an opinion that they were representatives of an unearthly civilization. In any case, treasure hunters are still fascinated by the legend of this "promised land". In our selection of films, we have collected for you only the best movies, which tell about the legendary mysterious island.

20,000 leagues under the water (1997)

    The film is based on the worldwide bestseller Jules Verne "20 000 leagues under the water", which tells an incredible and exciting story of adventure in the underwater world ... 1860. The young Frenchman Pierre Arronax is obsessed with the idea of proving the existence of a sea monster, which, according to his theory, is the cause of the loss of sea vessels.

    During the search expedition, his ship crashes. Pierre comes to life on board an amazing submarine - "Nautilus." The owner of the Nautilus - despotic and imperious Captain Nemo, is showing hospitality and making an amazing excursion for Pierre and his friends, showing them all the magical treasures of the ocean.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)

    Many daredevils dreamed of finding the legendary world sunken in the depths of the ocean. But only the young cartographer Milo Tetch was lucky: in 1914 he got into his hands a mysterious diary, indicating the path to the Lost Empire. And now the most powerful submarine in the world, under the command of the intrepid Captain Rourke, enters the open ocean. Milo and his companions are waiting for a lot of unforgettable adventures, surpassing all the adventures of Captain Nemo...

The Return of Milo (2003)

    Continuation of the cartoon "Atlantis" about the adventures of Milo and Kid: after the adventures experienced in his first hike in the mysteries of the lost world, the researchers decided to take a breather and live a quiet life. But soon calls for help again. The underwater kingdom is threatened with a new danger and only Milo and his team are able to save the inhabitants the lost empire. Brave researchers are going to meet new adventures, even more, vivid and exciting.

Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008)

    Trevor is engaged in scientific activities and dreams of opening his laboratory. His brother, also a scientist, disappeared without a trace in one of the expeditions to the center of the Earth. When his nephew comes to his uncle Trevor, they decide to go on the same expedition in the hope of finding answers to all their questions.

    The daughter of the professor, who also explored the theory of the existence of a world within the Earth, agrees to be their guide. By chance, the three of them fall into the unknown world, where they find the remains of the missing brother and his diary with a detailed description of this world, full of dangers and surprises. Will they be able to return alive from this journey?

Hercules conquers Atlantis (1961)

    King Thebes Androklis learns that Greece is in danger from the west because of the sea. He is trying to assemble a team of his friends and go on an expedition in search of a mysterious land that exudes evil. But nobody wants to support him in a dangerous and noble enterprise. Son of Zeus Hercules would not mind to test himself again and help Androklis, but he promised his wife never to leave her again...

Atlantis, the lost continent (1961)

    The film tells the story of Demetrius and Princess Antillia. The action takes place 3000 years ago and affects the legendary lost world. Demetrius is a simple Greek fisherman. Floating in the sea, he saves the girl. The girl turns out to be Princess Antillia from the underwater world, and Demetrius accompanies Antillia to her homeland. On the way back, Demetrius falls into slavery. The kingdom is being ruled by the king, the father of Antillia. But the kingdom has a secret ruler.

League of Justice: The Throne of Atlantis (2015)

    "The Throne" is the direct sequel to the "League of Justice: War." The cartoon will tell about the confrontation between Aquaman and his brother Orme the Lord of the Ocean, who declared war on the inhabitants of the surface of the Earth after the death of the King during the alien invasion. The events of the "Throne" will unfold around the young Arthur Curry, who learns about his origins.

Documentary investigation. Fascism and Magic (2013)

    Ancient world. The South of this continent is inhabited by a race that has reached the highest level of civilization - Atlanta. A huge magical power is in their hands. But gradually the people of the legendary empire are degrading. In the north, in the harsh climate of its mountainous regions, a new tribe appears. These people call themselves Aryans. Later, in the twentieth century, this legend will become the main racial doctrine of the German Nazis, who proclaimed themselves heirs of the ancient civilization.


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