Mysteries of Ancient Civilizations: 15 incredible facts about the divine pantheon of the Aztecs

    Stone of the Sun is called the Aztec calendar, although this name, according to many researchers, is erroneous. This basalt monolith was found December 17, 1790 at the central Zocalo square in Mexico City, when the Spanish Viceroy ordered to pave city streets and construct a system of gutters. It is believed that on the disc are shown in symbolic form the Aztec representation of the origin of the universe and about the concept of time. According to the views of this ancient civilization, humanity has gone through four suns (AD).

    Religion had occupied an important place in the society. The Aztecs had a pantheon of gods, each of whom ruled a certain sphere of life. But most of them were united by bloodlust. In our review: 15 facts about the most important representatives of the Aztec pantheon of gods.

1. The number of gods

    In the pantheon of the Aztecs was more than a hundred gods. Some gods also had several names, and depending on the name was changing the nature of God. Gods sometimes, covered the most incredible manifestation of the universe and civilization.

2. Duplicity

    Many gods were two-faced. Two-Face usually meant a tendency to good and evil. The nature of these deities could vary depending on the situation. Another interesting fact is that duplicity was ruled by a separate god - Ometeotl.

2. The gender "discrimination"

    In the mythology of this ancient civilization, present both male gods and female gods (in any case, exactly as much as the concept of gender can be applied to the deity). However, on the share of men accounted for two-thirds of the pantheon, while women held only one third.

3. Bloodthirst

    The rituals require human sacrifices. The Aztecs, like the creators of one of the most recognizable land civilizations had a very bloodthirsty pantheon. Many religious rituals demanded human sacrifices. Sacrifice to the gods, the priests performed in the pyramids of the sun and moon.

4. Xipe Totec

    Xipe Totec - one of the most bloodthirsty Aztec gods. God of agriculture, long year and jewelry, Xipe Totec according to the belief of the people was sending them diseases and bad weather. He was one of the "bloodthirsty". At the time of sacrifice in his honor, the priests were performing the ritual dance being dressed in a skin which was removed from the victims.

5. Tlaloc - god pitcher

    God of rain and agriculture Tlaloc was one of the most trustworthy. Sometimes he was depicted in a form of a pitcher. It was believed that he sends hail, frost, flood, as well as gout and rheumatism. Curiously, that drowned or died from gout person, always got into a paradise of Tlaloc.

7. Camaxtli

    Camaxtli – is a god of war and fire.

    God Camaxtli commanded war and fire. He was as a bully and a destroyer, as well as his European pagan counterparts. Curiously, Camaxtli was honored as one of the creators of the world. He also was taking away the soldiers who fell in battle in the sky, where they had to become stars.

8. God Huitzilopochtli and a severed head

    God Huitzilopochtli also commanded the war. According to legend, while still in the womb of his mother, he learned that his sister wants him dead. Then Huitzilopochtli sprang out of the womb in military garb, cut off his sister's head and has killed 400 of his brothers. After that, he threw the remains of relatives in the sky. His sister’s head became the moon, but the dead brothers - stars.

9. Prophecy of Aztec on the modern flag

    Flag of Mexico is the image of God's prophecy of Huitzilopochtli, who commanded the people that had been searching for the land for habitation to find an eagle sitting on a rocky area on top of a cactus Nopal and devouring a snake. This is what is shown on the flag.

10. Homeless god

    Ometecuhtly - it was the only god of the pantheon of Aztec to who were not dedicated temples. This god commanded by life itself, and therefore according to the beliefs of Aztec he was everywhere and he did not need a "point of connection".

11. The union of prostitutes

    Goddess Xochiquetzal commanded flowers, artists, love and she was protecting women of the oldest profession.

12. God of puppets

    The Aztecs believed that the people in the world were created and were destroyed by a higher power for three consecutive times. God Quetzalcoatl - was the one who created human beings in the fourth and the last time (for now) from their own bones.

13. Adam and Eve - Sipaktonal and Ohomoko

    Aztecs had their own Adam and Eve - Sipaktonal and Ohomoko. They had a son named Piltsintekahtli who married Xochiquetzal. Ohomoko was also the goddess of astrology and calendar of the night.

14. The Supreme God of the Aztecs

    Each Aztec god was responsible for a certain sphere of human life. But there was a supreme deity - god of fire Haehaeteotli. During the holidays in his honor all wars were ceased. As the sacrifice people who have decided to sacrifice, cut out hearts and burned them on the coals. The Aztecs believed that in this way they will be able to return the favor of God.

15. Life Cycle

    Gods: to die, to be born again.

    Unlike most other religions, the Aztecs believed that their gods - are mortal. The problem of the gods of death in the beliefs of the Aztecs however, was to ensure that, despite the finite of the being, they were revived many times.


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