Top Scariest Beasts in the Movies

    Despite the development of technology and improvement of computer special effects, the best movies with monsters, terrible creatures, alien monsters appeared at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries. Stunning at that time costumes, makeup, masks, and optical and electronic special effects have shaken everyone.

    To see such an incredibly entertaining films as “Alien”, “ The Thing"," Terminator" went all people, even those who were not fans of the genres of horror, thriller and science fiction. So this is out top best and the most incredible movies about monsters and scary creatures. The best of the best movies even today are the first in the list of many people, because such scary movies can be reviewed with pleasure many years.

 “Alien” 1979



    The Leader in any list of the terrifying monsters, of course, is the Alien - the beast created by the "Alien". Various aliens, creatures from the Earth, monsters were appearing on American television screens throughout the 50s and 60s and have been fearsome symbolized the Soviet Union. However, the movie "Alien" 1979 has changed the idea of the quality of special effects. Previously, people could pinpoint where the special effects and where the reality, but by the movie "Alien" all borders were completely erased.

“Predator” 1987



    "Predator" is another movie, whose main character was a beast. Adversary for the world-famous Predator played Arnold Schwarzenegger. The film 1987 has made an incredible impression on all domestic audience. One of the most impressive special effects was the Predator's suit, which in theory was supposed to be invisible.

    With the rest of the special effects of the horror and thriller has coped experts in optics and electronics. They have created a unique image at that time for the audience of the entire planet.

“Tremors” 1989



    Seasonal laborers Val McKee and Earl Bassett decide to leave the tiny town of Perfection, which is in Nevada, but ominous tremors interfere with their departure. With the help of the student-seismologist, they find out that the town is awash with the giant carnivorous worms that live underground. Now a handful of brave men will join the battle with the gigantic creatures that have decided to regale people.

“The Fly” 1986



    The scientist - inventor conducts tests of its new device, but in the experiment fails, and during the movement of a scientist accidentally transports himself to fly. Events are developing rapidly and now appear in place of the scientist something like a human and a fly at the same time. This is a terrible beast that can bring harm to a lot of people. The threat of imminent...

“The Thing” 1982



    Here it is really something! It is almost the best beast of the horror movies of all time.  This is alien form of life which can turn into anything and to be adopted by any biological organism. It can infect just a tiny drop of your blood, while having a high level of intelligence and the stealth.

    By the way, the film's soundtrack is not inferior to the atmospheric music from such movies as "Terminator" and "Predator." Oh, and if you do not know, "The Thing" 1982 - is a movie remake of the eponymous film of 1951, which, in turn, is an adaptation of the book "Who goes there?" that was published in 1938 year. As you can see, the idea remained a cult for many decades. A sequel was filmed in 2011, but the new movie cannot be compared with the first part of it.

“Scary tales” 2015



    Scary Magicians and powerful wizards, kings and beautiful but cruel queens, the beautiful princess and the huge giants inhabit this wonderful and amazing world and a gothic dream and fantasy. King is marrying the lovely maiden, and she turns into an awful ugly old woman.

    Brave King of the Valley Mists goes to battle with the fire dragon, because an old magician has once predicted that the beautiful queen will bear a strong child, if he is going to eat the heart of the fire dragon. Well, the King of the Wild Mountains that lovingly cultivate the giant flea, giving his own little daughter without a shadow of regret to the mountain ogre.

    Beyond the walls of the majestic castle built on the insidious machinations, are reckless vows, there are a passion and brutal murders...

 “Frankenstein” 1994



    This film - the film adaptation of the famous gothic novel by Mary Shelley about the beast and monster that was created by a genius Dr. Frankenstein, recognized by critics the most terrible of all the film versions of this incredible book.

    Producer of the film, Francis Coppola and directed by Kenneth Branagh, the acknowledged masters of the genre created a truly hypnotic spectacle of the adventures of the terrible monster, a role which was made by Robert De Niro, once again demonstrated his unique gift - fascinate an audience and make their hearts tremble in fear.

“Gamera: Revenge of Iris” 1999



    In the last part of a trilogy about the mutated turtle Gamera, a schoolgirl Jaan has found a giant egg in a cave, where according to the legend, demons lurk. When the eggs turn into a little beast, the girl decides to tame it.

    Monster is growing, and with the beast grows also the threat to Japan and to the whole of humanity. If the fire-breathing Gamera comes to the aid of the world and exterminate standing bloodthirsty monster that threatens to destroy the Earth, there will be a new end of the world.


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