The Bermuda Triangle – Top best movies

    The Bermuda Triangle ... is another mysterious area that has been attracting attention for a long time already for all lovers of the mysterious and unsolved. Someone says that there are Gates to Hell / Parallel World / Another World, someone says that there are aliens and someone leads to a simpler, more understandable explanations - methane emissions or the impact of infrasound ... However, the fact remains, though the US Coast Guard denies it  - something mysterious is happening in this area, something that causes increased curiosity.

    And of course, the filmmakers could not pass by such an object, and the result is the films, which are set out in the form of a list below.

Bermuda Triangle 2001

    In the Pacific, a strange vessel was found without a single person on board. Soon it turns out that this is the famous ocean liner "Crown Queen", which disappeared under the mysterious circumstances in the Triangle in 1972.

    Trying to figure out what is happening, journalists and experts landed aboard the ship, unaware that the devil's forces, which had rushed to Earth through a temporary corridor that linked our planet to the infernal gloom of the other world, took over the ship.

Bermuda Triangle (mini-series) 2006

    Billionaire Eric Benirolle hires a team of specialists to try to find out the reason for the disappearance of the ships that belonged to him in the Devil's Triangle area. The team consists of - a skeptical journalist, an engineer, a scientist and a psychic. They went to the assigned area and soon encountered paranormal phenomena, but as it turned out, this is just the beginning. What's happening? Where do they go? Are they alive or dead? Are there aliens or something else? ...

Bermuda Triangle 1996

    A family of four - a husband, wife, daughter, and son - goes on a yacht to rest in the Caribbean with the captain. On the way, they are witnessing a strange phenomenon - an unprecedented solar eclipse, which is accompanied by a fog and a storm.

    All passengers go to the bottom, but after a while, they come to life on an island with a volcano. On a mysterious island, people have been living for many years, at different times they got there in the same inexplicable way. Compass on the island does not show, and it is impossible to sail away - the boat always comes back...

The Last Heroes 2001

    To get to one of the tropical islands called San Sebastian, you have either to fly or to swim through the Devil's Triangle. But too often there are lost planes and ships and other vessels, and the fault is not magnetic fields and solar flares. Only the Islanders know the true reason of hundreds of deaths ... Stu Sheridan and his friends, of course, do not believe in all this kind of nonsense. They are looking for treasures from the huge legendary liner "Queen of Scotland", which sunk in these places almost half of the century ago. But the Islanders are not eager to become their guides. Only retired Captain Morgan gives his friends an old yacht, heading for the place where the "Queen of Scotland" could have sunk. But just before the arrival to the goal begins a terrible storm...

Triangle 2009

    Greg invites his girlfriend Jess, a young single mother, to spend the day on a yacht with her friends. A strong storm that has started is turning the ship over, and the survivors are forced to wait for help, clinging to the inverted hull of the yacht. Salvation comes in the form of a huge ocean liner. The ship is empty; the clock on board has stopped. But they are not alone on this huge ship - someone is following them tirelessly.

Lost in the Bermuda Triangle 1998

    The Devil’s Triangle or Gates to Another World has many mysteries. Here, a lot of ships and planes have disappeared without a trace. Thousands of people caught up in this mystical corner of the planet, evaporated without a trace ... Brian Foster, the hero of this thrilling thriller, makes a romantic journey to Bermuda with his pregnant wife Mary.

    In the area of an ominous triangle with a yacht of spouses, strange things begin to happen. One night Mary disappeared from the deck of the ship in front of her astonished husband. Killed by grief, Brian begins his desperate search for his wife. The case reduces him to the Charlie - a specialist in electromagnetic anomalies. Charlie is convinced that the Triangle is the door to the parallel universe, where, perhaps, Mary turned out to be.

The Bermuda Triangle (1978)

    Everyone has heard of the terrifying Devil’s Triangle, from where no one comes back. In it, things disappear, people, and even huge planes and ships. Underwater archaeologists decided to go to Bermuda, and theirs first found thing was an ordinary seagull with a cut throat, but then a strange doll which was found on the bottom begins to affect all members of the crew unusually.


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