Black Friday - a favorite day of Shopaholics

    Black Friday - is the main day of the year for all US shoppers. It is held on the fourth Friday of November, the day after Thanksgiving Day, and usually falls in the period from 23 to 29 November. On this day, more or less large shops (both off-line and online) offer products with crazy discounts from 50 to 80%!

    Hunting for the cheap products starts already in the night. People come to take place in the queue already after dark, in 2-3 hours after midnight, and when stores open their doors, a huge crowd with incredible speed rushes in and attraction of unprecedented generosity, begins. However, it goes on not for long: wishing to stock up on with goods before Christmas, in frenzy, shoppers sweep away everything in their path, almost without looking, what and why they buy. As a result, if you are in the day suddenly decide to visit any store close to the 5-6 o'clock in the morning, you will not find anything but the empty shelves and the long queue at the box office.


    While in its usual meaning takes its origins in 1966, a habit to purchase on this day gifts before Christmas, has appeared among the US population in the XIX century. But in 1966, the police department began to name a following day after the Thanksgiving Day - Black Friday, because of the huge traffic jams as a result of fantastic influx of people and cars on the streets.

    The founder of the holiday (many years before its occurrence) is considered to Frank Woolworth (Franklin Woolworth, 1852 -1919). It was he who in 1873 in a small town in Pennsylvania's Lancaster made a first sale.

    In 1951, Factory Management and Maintenance magazine have noticed an interesting trend: after Thanksgiving, many workers take time off for health reasons, but in fact, they wanted to make a four-day mini-vacation - probably to quietly walk around in search of discount stores.

    Finally, there is another version, why this day is called Black. The thing is that in the US, accounting losses are marked red, and profits - black. Can guess that Friday after Thanksgiving - is one of the most profitable periods of the year. For sellers and for buyers!

    For all subsequent years, Black Friday acquired its own traditions and characteristics, had turned from the little-known event outside of the US into a huge national holiday, which now the whole world knows.

    It is worth noting that these days the inhabitants of America have so elated mood that sellers are not limited with only one Friday: many discounts are starting a few days before the holiday and end at the beginning of the next working week.

Life hacks

    Firstly, the main rule of Black Friday - competently plan the budget and to save up in advance the amount of the money, which you would like to spend. The man, who does not control himself and does not have a clear understanding of that part of the family budget, which he is willing to pay for products with a discount, literally loses his head and "throws" to Cart (both: real and virtual) everything that comes to him into his hands, not really thinking about the price and the amount that was already spent.

    The second key the successful shopping on Black Friday is an adequately formed shopping list, which you really need. You have to decide what products are guaranteed will bring joy to you and your friends / family, otherwise the result will be the same as in the case of the lack of planned budget - an empty purse and lots of unneeded purchases. To avoid this, you have not just to make a list of desired purchases on Black Friday, but also to sort the order of importance (you can even create a kind of analogue of the "pyramid of needs" Maslow), and learn at least the approximate cost of necessary goods (corresponding to coupon offers).

    True, the last item can be difficult to implement: often even the sellers do not know in the US stores, what products will have discounts, when the price will fall and how much will be the price?

    Managers are monitoring the demand round the clock, so the cost of a particular product changes dynamically throughout Black Friday. But if you are ready not to sleep in the pursuit of the biggest discount, at the following sites you will find a list of the largest US online stores and retail chains, on which usually appear huge discounts on most products:




    The third and perhaps, the fundamental rule, for the people from other countries – is to take care of reliable and timely delivery of purchases. The fact is that most US stores do not carry out the sending into other countries, and if this possibility exists, the transfer will cost a pretty penny.


    Let's summarize. Here are the rules to be followed for a successful shopping:

  • Plan your budget wisely.
  • Decide on the desired purchases and sort them.
  • In advance pick up shops with the most favorable conditions, sign them and to figure out the functionality of these platforms.
  • Take care of a fast and reliable delivery.


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