Blood magic: how to use blood in sorcery

   Since the days of paganism people start to use blood magic. From historic books we know that ritual of sacrifices to ancient gods was widely spread in all parts of our planet. Almost every religion has reference of sacrifice. In parallel to rituals, people started to use blood in magic. The difference is that blood of innocent animals and sometimes human’s one was offered to gods, and for blood magic requires only human blood.



    It is believed that in certain rituals blood has a very strong power, as it carries not just genetic information about its owner, but also holds his energy. Moreover, blood is a strong link between relatives and it helps to build connection with ancestors and genus of the person.



    In the days of old the first Christians had sacrificial altars where they shed animal’s blood to cleanse themselves from sin. Since that times lot of things changed but still there are some religions where you can meet such behavior even today. In some Muslim countries people celebrate the day of sacrifice, they believe that blood of domestic animals will wash away all the sins committed during the year, they will be forgiven.

    Worshiper of Satan love to practice sacrifice, energy that was released from blood becomes spiritual food for them. It is terrible to imagine the range of an occult religious tendency. Every year several thousands of people are victims of their bloody satanic masses, and this is only the statistics of US.

    There is two types of magic white and black, in both of them blood is being used.

    Blood magic does not relate to religious sacrifices, and for sure has nothing to do with satanic rituals. In the magical rites blood serves as a catalyst. With it’s help magician can free energy flow, significantly increase the effect of the rite. This is very strong force that can influence on man’s reality. The use of this magic with bad intentions can bring a lot of harm.

    Blood is very common in different kinds of sorcery: evil eye creation, make curses and potions, use in wedding ceremonies, fasten oaths, sanctify talismans and magical items, strengthen spells and so on.



    However, you should always remember that blood magic is very dangerous. All kinds of potions, evil eyes, curses are among the most grievous sins. If a person practices these rituals, it brings a curse not only on his own behalf, but on many generations of his descendants.

    Blood in love magic

    In the aim of love people can do lot of crazy things. Love is not only mutual attraction but also it can be nonreciprocal. That is why some people use magic to make another one to fall in love.

    Blood can be used in love potions by woman and by man. The most common recipe includes menstrual blood. But despite what was used, in any case, person tries to influence on destiny of other one. Blood magic can be dangerous, it can course illness, aggression, stress and failure. All this will feel both who make and for whom it was made. Menstrual potions are especially harmful, because this blood carries energy of death and rejection. Woman can condemn herself to infertility and illnesses of the female part.



    It is important to remember no matter how love spell would not have been strong, it has a short-term effect, causes impermanent attraction.

   Evil Eye and blood

    For centuries, blood magic is used to induce the strongest damage – evil eye. The energy impact can be sent directly to the person, and to members of his family, his home, and even pets. Such sorcery mostly is used as an instrument of revenge. Harm includes picking of life energy and health, sending fatal illnesses.

    - “Evil eye on picking of health”: raw meat or animal blood is put on doorstep of victim.

    - “Evil eye on death”: hanky with dried blood is put in secret place at home of victim.

    - “Pig’s evil eye”: blood of pig is put in meal or drink of victim, to make him act like a pig (drink much alcohol, behave badly).




    Evil eye pick life energy and soon person will find it out. The main thing in this, that it can’t be removed. To take it off evil eye must be send to someone another, and person who did this magic will receive it back.

    The consecration magic items with blood

    For the uninitiated it may seem that blood magic is used only in dark purposes. This is absolutely not true. There are lots of blood sorcery rituals, and the main goal of them is to endow some items with special power.

    The oldest way of using blood is consecration of the runes ritual. In this case blood connects power of witch with power of runes.

    To consecrate amulets you have to do this: perform the ritual coloring of talisman with your own blood. After this procedure, the amulet carries correct program and power of its owner. As it was written above, blood carries all the information about a person's energy, and in this way you can get the strongest amulet. It will protect owner from lot of bad influences.



     Oath and Wedding on the blood

    Blood oath is unbreakable promise. According to ancient beliefs, a person, who has broken such oath, was subjected to eternal damnation, not only in life but also in the hereafter. In ancient time peace treaty between two countries was confirmed if their rules shake hands, as a sign of hilliness of the union that was formed and strong promises. In doing so, they did a small incision with a knife on the thumbs, so their blood mixes during the contact.



    Blood magic is involved in such ordinary ritual as a wedding. Many countries still retained the custom, when the bride and groom have to cut each other’s palms with ritual knife on the wedding ceremony. Wounds must be deed enough, so that the blood flowed with large drops. Then they take the glass of red wine and add little bit of their blood, after drink it one by one.



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