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    It has long been known to people that every house has its spirit. In this case house is a place where people live, such one that can be named as a home, so it can also be apartment or even single room. Often after new building was build people start living there, but except residents house welcomes some spirits, or better to say a special creature.

    In different cultures this creature has different names: brownie, hob, urisk, domovik, and many others. Mostly this is a good spirit, its tasks to take care of the house, clean the aura and protect from evil spirits, also to protect the family care for the evil eye and slander. Brownies differs one from another, they have different character and can show itself in different ways.



    Brownie does not like to demonstrate itself, so it is not surprising that people hardly know how they look like. After some rare occasions when creatures have been seen, it is considered that domovik is small and hairy, in some way looking like a man. They like to hide, that is why for them dark and warm place at home is the best place for living.



    It is very easy to find out is there any neighbor in your house, you have just to be attentive. May be there are things that can change there place of being without any help, may be you have heard the sound of plates in the kitchen at night, dust is not evenly, in the corners there are suspicious balls of dust and wool – all this can be brownie. Sometimes your home can be unlucky and creature with bad character will settle there. Such guys like to be naughty. They will be scaring animals, make some frightening sounds at night, still cutlery and socks. They can even hide the keys and pens in the most unsuitable time, just for fun, and after put back in the most prominent place.



    These creatures are very important, as they protect house from evil. If house is empty any spirit can occupy it. Sometimes hob is weaker then bad spirit, and it has to leave the home place. In this situation people will have to fight with demon by their own, and it is better to do this as soon as possible. With bad essence at home people will feel bad themselves: headaches, frequent illness, panic attacks, poor sleep, dizziness, etc.



    Very important to be able develop a good relationship. People must remember that brownie is kind spirit and will not harm inhabitants of the house. They have to forgive all the pranks and jokes and not take them seriously. Better to ask him not to touch staff and promises him to clean up apartment or heat the house more. This spirits like sweets and cookies very much. If you want to share food just put common dish with treats in the center of room, at night it will take some pieces for itself. Domovik also likes milk; glass with milk can be put near sweets.




    If atmosphere in the house is bad, people often argue and make fights, brownie can go away. It is also not advisable to yell at him. Sometimes, continuous loud music and frequent guests can annoy him, but it is more dependent on the character of creature. Better not forget to ask forgiveness if some unpleasant things were done.

    Most of creatures get on well with pets, especially when they meet with little ones. Both sides can play catch-up and hide, they communicate with one another, so do not be surprised strange animal’s behavior.

    Domovik is householder so if it chooses home he stays there for ever.

    When people move they can take all their things with them, but home’s spirit will stay. In rare cases when creature and family have a good relationship, it can agree to follow hem to another place. If people cherish the brownie they can ask it to go with them. In a few days before to live they must put old slippers special place. This place must be dark and warm, and residence does not look here very often. Every evening they have to whisper words there: “Here are your slippers, put on them and come with us”.




    1. Maria, Volgograd, Russia

    When I was little, my mother used to tell stories about brownies. She believed that good spirit is living with us, it cares about the house and protect from troubles. Sometimes at nights I heard rattle in the kitchen, and in the morning got the answer: “Brownie was not satisfied with the dirty dishes in the sink, next time wash it before you go to bed”. I often laughed when our cat was behaving strangely, sometimes it was sleeping and then unexpectedly jumps up and ran into the other room. My mother explained to me that it was scared by domovik, and scat tried to catch him. It's their game. There were cases when I searched the whole house and could not find my socks and then they turned on my bed. We could find our spoon hidden under the battery. There were different sorts of cases.



    When I grew up, I stopped believe in spirits. All the strange things I considered accidental.

    But once there was a case. My parents were out of town for a few days, and I was going to stay a night with friend. I was standing in the doorway, and was preparing to leave, when heard a suspicious rattling in the kitchen. I decided to check that, to find out what my cat was doing there. I was very surprised when the animal ran out of the room to the sound, and also decided to check what happened. In the kitchen was the kettle on the fire, I forgot about him. If it was not strange knock out of nowhere, I would have gone away, after there could be a fire in the empty house.

    So the brownie prevented the fire and saved our home.

    2. Justina, Lublin, Poland

    I believe in domovik, once faced with it. By the way, everything in life is going very well and smoothly after meeting. My boyfriend did not believe in them, was laughing from me. And one occasion changed his opinion: "I wake up in the morning and he's sitting scared, I asked - what is it? He said," I wake up at night and on the ceiling someone is knocking with boots, like running. I said that this domovik. And he answered - But they do not exist. I said- Well, then the rat was running in shoes, why do you worry?  We did not touch this topic anymore. No one will believe it until it happen to him.

     3. Sergey, Moscow, Russia

     In our cottage Brownie is living, affectionate like a cat. We stay in a village only in summer, so there are no pets in the house. Neighbors also quite far away. When we gather all relatives at the table, Domovik rubs against our legs. Feeling is pleasant; a fluffy ball rubs at foot. Even children are not scared. We always leave him with sweet words: "Domovik my friend, stay with me. Here's a treat for a good mood."



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