Mysteries of the Mayan Calendar

    One of the most mysterious and little-known civilizations of today, is the Mayan civilization. After Maya itself left a lot of mysteries and puzzles, and topics for reflection. Indeed, as the Mayans, barbarians and savages, who did human sacrifice, could have reach such heights in the study of astrology, architecture and mathematics, which even nowadays, seem unattainable. With lack of telescopes or modern computer equipment Maya studied the movement of heavenly bodies, had made star charts, and had predicted darkening of the sun and moon. But perhaps the most mysterious and enigmatic of all that have left behind Maya, is known almost all over the world - the Mayan calendar.

The history of the Mayan dates system

    Mayan calendar - is a system of calendars created by pre-Columbian Mayan civilization in Central America. It was used also by other Central American nations - the Aztecs, Toltec’s, etc. A typical Mayan date looks like this:, 3 Kimi 4 Soc where - is the date of the Long Count.

    The Mayan date system is based on 20 numbers and 12 symbols. The scoring system is radically different from the present. He is based in accordance with the cycle of the movement of celestial bodies. The predictions have a global character.

    He predicts the possible vectors of development of human civilization as a whole. It is also very important aspect is that it does not have any reality and predictions texts are more abstract in nature, a kind of puzzle that still need to solve. By the representatives of this ancient civilization, many events had been predicted: world war and the outbreak of global terrorism and the Cold War. All events that were predicted Mayan had a planetary significance one way or another influenced the history of mankind as a whole.

    The level of the Mayan world view and way of thinking is alien to us. They perceive the world and the nature of things is not as we are, therefore, the importance of their words and records can be treated by us is not with a sense of what was inherent in the Mayan. That means one thing for them, in our understanding may seem quite different. Therefore no wonder that among the scientists studying civilization of the Maya and their calendar, so many disagreements.

    To date, everyone associate the Mayan calendar with the date of December 21, 2012. Increasingly sound words, the end of the world, the change of epochs, and the world cataclysm. As well as among scientists and among the common people there are discussions on this, which already had time to become a mystical date. But most of the recordings were just destroyed by the Spaniards, and in those words that we have is difficult to determine what is really going on.

    Even the ancestors of the Mayans say that the date of 21 December 2012 unwound different far from the understanding of Mayan culture, people who are simply speculating on this topic, releasing books and making films, focus their attention on the fact that the calendar of their ancestors predicts the events much later 2012. And this is already confirmed.

    Not so long ago have been deciphered signs on a stone table that was attached to the Tortuguero monument, which was found on the territory of the Maya. Researchers believe that one record can be decrypted until 4772 year. If we put aside all the stereotypes and fantasies that have developed around the Mayan system of dates, we get one of the greatest mysteries in the history of mankind, for researching of which we need years. After all, it is not only predicts the future of mankind. It is also a warning and a message to mankind. The Mayan dates system predicts only possible vectors of development of a nation of people, but what vector will be developed by the humanity, deplete the planet's resources, invent nuclear weapons, fight wars, or to grow morally and spiritually, to strive for the world, it depends on us.

The end of the world and Mayan system of dates

    Maya developed during its existence several calendars and in one of them they have information about year 2012 and about the end of the world. It takes into account the periods and rhythms of the universe and can clarify us a lot about 2012. For the Maya the time was very important. In their view, all events went in a loop around the circle. The ritual period "Tzolkin" cycle consisted of 260 days, every day has a number from one to thirteen, and the names were repeated with a period of twenty days. This means that two periods were mixed - 13 and 20.

    Each title had its own character - sun printing. For the Maya, time was like a river stream. It's like the same thing, but each time it is different, and is never repeated. No wonder that there is a saying - you cannot enter twice the same water. For them, the time was concluded into the cycle, as well as the stream of the river. Short cycle for them was 5000 years long 26 thousand years. Last cycle coincides with the alignment of the galaxy, and it's trying to somehow tie in 2012, the end of the world. Summing up, we get that the Mayan calendar is infinite, because it is enclosed in a loop that has no end.


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