The Legend of Camelot. King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

    In the mythology of old England there is no time more beautiful than the reign of King Arthur and his brave knights, when in the midst of the Dark Ages came the flowering of noble and selfless devotion to the crown and his state.



    First Latin Chronicle, which was written in the year 800 BC, is mentioning the name of King Arthur, who was the main character of Welsh legends and stories. In fact, there are no real facts and no references to Arthur's knights, but many legends tell us about the great leader and conqueror.

    There are three historical figures, who could be King Arthur, namely: one of the Roman generals Lucius Artorius Castus, the Roman Ambrosius Aurelianus, and of course, Charlemagne and his twelve Paladins. If we compare all the historical facts, it can be assumed that Arthur lived in the year 500 AD.

Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table



    What was the legend about King Arthur, the handsome, courageous and strong knight?

    Basically, the immortal and fascinating legends about Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table consisted of a few characters that influenced the rise and fall of the great British state.

    King Arthur was the only son of Uther's Pendragon - the King of Britain, who was kindled passion to Arthur's mother - Igraine, the wife of the Duke of Cornwall - Gorlua. In one of the legend's version, Gorlua had to kill the King Uther, in order to seize his huge power, but it happened the other way around. Thanks to the foresight of the development of events in the two hundred years wizard Merlin, there was a duel, in which Uther mortally wounded his cruel opponent, subdued his army and married Igraine. One year later, the queen gave birth to Arthur, who was destined to become a great ruler of England after he turns 16 years old.



    The King got not only the son, but a daughter too, named Morgan, who was born with supernatural and powerful magical powers.  A witch and sorcerers Lady of the Lake gave the education to Morgan and for 20 years had taught her how to use her magical powers. In turn, Merlin, being a magician, a magician and a clairvoyant, had foreseen that if left Arthur in the castle, he will die as a child. Merlin took the boy to him and raised him like a son, teaching practical wisdom.

    After the king's death, Britain was left without a leader, and Merlin knew it was time to introduce Arthur to the whole state, and to tell to Arthur who he really is.



    According to the legend, during one of the holidays to Camelot was brought the sword in the stone. No one could pull out the sword from the stone, even the most powerful knight. According to the legend, Merlin said that the king and leader of the country will be the one, who pull the sword from the stone, because the sword will serve only to the true king of Camelot.

    On his 16th anniversary, Arthur enters the castle by an accident and pulls the sword out from the stone, and by doing this proves his right to the throne. Since then, and began the history of the reign and the reign of the great knight.



    Becoming a full-fledged king of Britain, Arthur began to think of making the heir to his throne. One day, he was introduced to Ginevra - the daughter of the King Lodegransa, who was rescued once by him. Ginevra has been and remains in the modern treatment of literature the "Beautiful Lady", an example of chaste womanhood and chastity, that is why, Arthur felt in love with her at the first sight. Young married and lived happily in Camelot.



    However, children in a married couple were never born, because, according to legend, one evil witch, wanting to pass the throne to his son, had cursed Ginevra to be infertile.

    At his court at Camelot, Arthur gathered the bravest and the most loyal knights of the kingdom - Lancelot, Gawain, Galahad, Percival, and many others. Various sources indicate that the total number of knights came up to 100 people. Separately it noted, that it was Guinevere, who filed Arthur an idea to make meetings for Knights around the Round Table, so that no one felt the first or the last, and they were all equal to each other and to the king.



    According to legend, the betrayal of Queen Ginevra with one of the Knights of the Round Table became the beginning of the fall of Britain. For a long time Queen Ginevra could not get pregnant and could not bear the offspring - the heir of the King. This has resulted as a constant bickering between her and Arthur. However, the couple had no idea that many years ago the Queen was cursed by a witch.



    Despite her love to Lancelot, she was destined to become the Queen of Camelot and become the wife of the future King Arthur.

    Arthur has got illegitimate son that was conceived during a secret ceremony between him and his sister Morgan. Bastard named Mordred was raised by the evil sorcerer that stole him from its cradle. Being already an adult Mordred promised to kill his father because he threw him. But Arthur did not even know about its existence.

    King Arthur fell in battle from the hands of his own son and his best friend knight Lancelot could not save him.



    The dying Arthur, fairy Morgan, along with other fairies took away in the boat from Camelot to Avalon, where Arthur threw his sword Excalibur into the lake, thus fulfilling his duty to the elves. According to some legends, the beautiful story of the noble king of medieval England was not finished on this, and now Arthur in Avalon is only dormant, ready to rise and save Britain in the event of a real threat.


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