The value of candle in magic

    Candles in the magic are used to strengthen the spell, or in order to call certain energy. Per se, the sparks can be compared with vessels for storing energy, such as energy of owner or nature. It's all in the wax, which possesses unique magical powers. Wax can be charged, can be bewitched, it can remove negative energy, with the use of wax you can make a voodoo doll. The fire, which comes with a candle made of natural wax, can be called a "living" natural fire.

    Rules of work with candles

    If the magician is going to carry out the rituals with candles, it is necessary to know a few rules to work with them:

  • Candles should be new, newly purchased or homemade.
  • They should be fully painted. Often only part of them is poured paint.
  • Better if candles are large and are burning for several hours.
  • Before the ceremonies they must be sanctified.
  • You can extinguish the candle if you want to cancel your rite.

    The color value of the magical candles

    Depending on the purpose of the ritual is necessary to choose the color of the magic helper. Each color attracts a separate form of energy and can increase or decrease the effect of holding the ceremony. It is necessary to know the properties of each color.

  • White candles represent spirituality, purification, peace and health. They are good for using during the prayer.
  • Black candles absorb negative energy and slay it. Together with the white ones, black candles can help to maintain the balance of power during the ceremony.
  • Grey can also repel negativity, but it is used mainly for meditation.
  • Yellow color corresponds with joy, liveliness of mind, attractiveness, creative imagination. Yellow symbolizes vitality. This color will help with divination.
  • Purple color strengthens the session of clairvoyance and communication with spirits. This color also treats serious illnesses.

  • The red color helps to bring love and passion, to restore health. Red color is good in helping the moon rise more efficiently.
  • The pink color is associated with romance, tenderness, femininity.
  • Green, olive and light brown candles are used in rituals to attract money. Green candle also attracts good luck.
  • Candles for rituals of blue and blue colors bring wisdom give protection, peace and tranquility, harmony.
  • Brown color will help in finding lost things.
  • Orange signifies power, control over life, pleasures, including sex.

    Rituals with candles

       1. Attracting money. For the ritual you need to take the white and green candle. Then candles should be placed at a distance of 20 centimeters and the owner should set fire them using one match. At first you have to set fire white spark. The other, represents money, wealth, and the first - the owner. Let it burn for a while. Then you should extinguish them out and hide in a secret compartment. The ritual must be repeated every day, a total of ten times, each time you need to move the candles for two centimeters closer to each other. When the candles will be together, it is necessary to perform the ritual again, and then tie both candles using a gold ribbon and hide. The two candles will be kind of a talisman.

       2. Another ritual with a green one will also help to attract wealth. On the table is placed a green candle. Around her are arranged banknotes and coins. The money that will absorb the green smoke, are going to be multiplied. In the future, if you pay for something this money, they will come back. You have to set fire it every day for a few minutes to attract old and new benefits.

       3. A love ritual should be held on Friday during the rising moon. For it you need to have a red candle, if you don't have one, then you can use the pink color. The room lit incense. Near the candles should be placed pink crystal and rosé petals. You need to look at it not more than ten minutes and chanting drawn up independently. In it is enough to repeat the words, "Do you love me", "We'll be together", "Our house is a common" and so on. After ten minutes the candle is extinguished. The ritual must be repeated four more times in the next Friday.

    Magic Fire is as diverse and multifaceted as the fire itself, which lies at the heart of the magic of the elements. Imagine a manifestation of fire - crushing, inviting, warm, affectionate, ruthless, warming ... can be continue indefinitely, as the element of fire has the infinite number of faces, as well as the opportunities have humans for its use.

    Magic fire originated in the Stone Age, when the fire as one of the elements, our ancestors used to conduct rituals. He lit up the place of the ritual; embers from the fire were used as a creative tool. So, simulating certain hunting scenes and life in order to transfer them into reality, people turned to the fire, making it an essential magic element. Rituals with fire are divided at “Big fire” and rituals “Small fire”.

    Candles are used in the rituals of the Small fire. Candle – is one of the main attributes of the magician. Most often, candles are playing the role of the assistant in rituals, and sometimes can even be the main instrument in the hands of the sorcerer. Rituals with candles are easy enough to provide, but the force of their impact, because of this. are not diminishing. If you will remember the rules of work the candles and the importance of symbolism in the magic world, it won't be difficult for you to have a successful ceremony.


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