15 unusual wedding traditions in different countries

    Wedding - is the most vivid and memorable event in the life of every person. Wedding traditions and marriage ceremonies in each country are special and very interesting. In Russia there are number of features of the wedding celebration, for example such as bride price, wedding loaf, wedding doves, and much more. Each country has its own wedding traditions that are quite original. Probably, it is necessary to pay attention to some of the most interesting and unusual wedding ceremonies of different countries and peoples.

Wedding traditions in different countries:

       1. In Malaysia, during the wedding ceremony, each guest who came to the celebration simply obliged to give to the newly made spouse’s boiled egg. In Malaysia it is a symbol of prosperity and wealth, so that all residents of the country are complying with the wedding traditions in Malaysia.

       2. In Finland, during the wedding ceremony, or rather at the time of when the guests give gifts, newlyweds have to sound the exact amount of money, which guest has offered. Therefore, everyone who are coming on the Finnish wedding, prepare gifts very carefully, in order not to be ashamed in front of the other wedding guests in Finland.

       3. Bedouins have a rather interesting wedding ceremony. Wedding table should be decorated very rich. It should have a main course. Bedouins should take any fish and put the egg on the top (often several eggs). The fish must being stacked on the top of the bird, which should be of course, already cooked. Then they are folding into a bird the fish with eggs, and all this should be placed into a roasted ram, which in turn is sent into a roasted camel. Are you surprised? A Bedouin food ceremony is the usual ritual on Bedouin's wedding.

       4. Bermuda pairs decorate their wedding cakes using a real tree which at the end of the ceremony the couple should plant near their home. At the wedding, they use a living tree, which gets a great attention, because according to the belief happy couple depend on the tree, and as longer it will live, the longer the couple will be happy.

       5. In Mexico, the bride and the groom should be tied by the lasso in the area of the shoulders. It is easy to assume that such a rite may allude to the integrity and continuity of marriage in Mexico.

       6. At the wedding of the African Americans must be a broom. At a time when there was slavery and any marriages between slaves were prohibited, the couples found loopholes that allowed getting out of the situation: one jump over the broom newly-made couple has meant the beginning of their union. It is an interesting and old belief, which is why on this day there is a broom on the each of the African-American weddings.

       7. Citizens of Korea have endowed the geese and ducks by a symbol of fidelity and infinite love. Therefore, the geese and ducks - are the most welcome guests on the Korean wedding.

       8. In Pakistan, every girl who leaves his home and is planning to get married should leave it with the Koran over her head.

       9. In Fiji, the groom is required to give to his future father-in- law one half of a whale's tooth. This presents a high status and wishes of prosperity to the future family.

       10. In Croatia, at the weddings all the guests gather near the well, into which you have to throw apples, symbolizing wealth. This ritual helps the couples to become financially secure.

       11. India boasts tough, but very interesting age range of entry into marriage. Indian girls can marry already with 16 years, but young people have the full right to marry with 5 years old.

       12. In Kenya, the marriage is possible only after the bride's pregnancy is confirmed. Without pregnancy, weddings are not held to the same, after the marriage process is complete, the spouse should start wearing wife. This should be done at least for three months, and so the man will realize how difficult it is to bear a baby for the woman in Kenya.

       13. Very strange ceremony is held in Bali. During the wedding the newlyweds should lose their teeth, without the use of pain medication. This is done to ensure everyone who doubts the absence of affiliation couples with the evil spirits.

       14. In France, many years ago, the bride had to pretend that she was against the marriage. Until the ceremony starts a woman has to scream, cry and try to escape from her own wedding.

       15. The Brides in Sahara are the most unlucky. Since 12 years, the girl prepare for the wedding, parents begin to fatten her up to incredible sizes. Large rounded shapes of women - is the ideal beauty of the peoples of the Sahara. If a woman is large, it successfully marries. In addition, the family of the bride has a high social status and, especially, good financial reserves. If the parents of the bride do not have money to fatten the bride, she is transmitted to relatives.

    Here are just some of the traditions of different countries of the world. If you go into more detail, you can find a lot more interesting and original wedding traditions and ceremonies. Every people of every country honor the very wedding ceremonies and are trying to stick to them. Despite the ancient beliefs, to date, many of these rites are still present at the wedding ceremonies around the world. Perhaps only the most basic similarity between all peoples is considered to love and follow the joint life of the spouses.


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