Don't you scared to speak with Charlie Charlie?

 “- Charlie, Charlie are you here?” with this phrase new popular game starts. You may think it sounds like words from horror movie and you will be right. This game is not just silly children trick.


The point is to call the spirit and ask him some questions.



    There is lot of different information about Charlie Charlie story. The most well known is about Mexican demon, this words are addressed to him. But in opinion of legend experts this spiritual game plays with phantom that has much common with La Llorona story. It is about accident that took place many years ago, woman lost her child and now comes to human’s world as a spirit to talk to children and after to kidnap them, to catch away to the death world.


    In Spain children have never heard about Charlie Charlie but if you show them how to do it they will consider that many answers were got in this way. Many centuries “el juego de la lapicera” travels from generation to generation among the spanish people. The sense is the same: to get an answer from the spirit world.


    In april of 2015 spiritual game started becoming more popular. First of all this game appeared on TV, in small town of Mexico children massively carried away with game, local television shot reportage to draw the attention of parents and the public. The effect was opposite to expectations, number of players with Charlie began to grow, the information began to spread even faster due to the Internet. You can find thousand videos on youtube with children who ask Charlie questions. Some of them scared and scream in video, others try to make jokes of it.


    New hashtags #CharlieCharlieChallange is a result of popularity, large amount of posts in social networks. Facebook, twitter , tublr and instagram are full of this. Several experts compared this game with virus. Even adults take a challenge.


     But is this game as much funny and blithesome as it seems to be?


     Charlie Charlie game was shown to different mediums and their opinion rather common. If someone does ritual and asks for connection with parallel world he can get it, and who will be answering makes difficult to predict, it can be ghost, poltergeist or even demon.


    Spiritual contact becomes stronger depending on the number of faithful in them. And when a lot of people sending a request of the same nature, they form a large flow of energy. It does not pass unnoticed. Medium view is that Charlie game should slow down, and children should not play with things they can not understand deeply.



    Famous medium Shelly Frey explains that it is not always possible to feel the contact, but it does not mean that it did not take place. The effects may not be most pleasant, the child may get panic attacks, anxiety, insomnia, paranoia. And it’s not so easy to find inner strength to deal with this. All people are unique and they have different level of protection and internal energy.


Church does not consider these games to be simple jokes. There are lot of demons described in Bible and laying such tricks are not pleasing to God, as it makes people’s protection weaker. This can desecrate human aura.



    Here are the main rules to play The Game:


    1. Set for the game is quite simple: a sheet of paper and two pencils.


    2. Next, on this sheet is necessary to draw two lines (cross) thereby dividing it into four sections.


    3. You have to write yes/yes and no/no in diagonals


    4. Two pencils must be placed perpendicular to each other in the center of the sheet (one of them should not touch anything except the pencil under it)


    5. After you say these words:

Charlie... Charlie are you here?

Charlie… Charlie do you want to play?


    6. And after you received an answer you can ask your own questions.


    7. To finish game you have to ask the last question:

Charlie… Charlie can we stop?


    There are some WARNINGS in this game:


    1. Never ask Charlie about death.

    2. Spirit follows players who fail to say Goodbye before they close this séance game.


    This game is very similar to Ouija board. The idea is the same but variation of answers greatly simplified.


    The reaction of parents is different. But most of them do not bother too much, because they think this game can’t harm children physically and they do not believe in ghosts. Some of them are getting irritable when they see their child playing with Charlie. Adults are busy with their life and do not pay much attention on children’s world. And if you start asking them about Charlie’s game, with great confidence they will ask you back - “Do you mean Charlie Chaplin?”


    Also some tabloids say that Charlie Charlie popularity makes a good promotion and performs as a teaser for future movie distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures – “The Gallows”



    PS: Everyone have it’s own attitude to religion. You can believe or not believe in any religion, especially when there is such a big choice. But it is necessary to agree with the trueness of fact that there are two worlds - material and spiritual. They are closely related with each other and exist in parallel. In this case parallel means simultaneously. About the material world humanity knows many things, but the spiritual world is always under the cover of secrecy. Man exists in the material world, but his soul belongs to the spiritual. What else belongs to the parallel world? It is believed that the human soul lives after his death, as people can be good and bad, their souls are not changed and continue to exist as a good or bad energy. We like to believe in the good angels, fairies, but in contrast to them, there are demons, devils, and dark essence.


    Do we have to take it seriously? My opinion is definitely.


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