Christmas characters in different countries

    In different countries of the world traditions of celebrating Christmas and New Year vary widely, but they are similar in one - waiting for a miracle occurs in everyone, regardless of nationality, age, and gender. And the most important supplier of happiness is Santa Claus - the gray-haired old man, who comes on New Year's Eve in every home, giving welcome gifts - each according to the merit. In every country, there is a magician of Christmas and New Year and his prototype could be unexpected characters. Well, let's see?!

    Santa Claus (North American fairy tale character) - is the most famous Christmas character. He lives in Lapland and is riding in a sleigh, pulled by the reindeer, loves chimneys, and Christmas socks, into which he lays his gifts. His modern outfit is fairly solid: gray hair, a neat beard, and mustache, a red jacket, pants, cap, and glasses on his nose.

    He owes his image to an American artist Hendon Sandblom, who in 1931 painted a series of images Santa Claus for advertising "Coca-Cola". Santa Claus is also popular in Canada and Australia (because of the heat, he is dressed in a shirt and shorts).

    Pope Pasqual - the closest relative of Santa Claus, and probably one of the most unusual Christmas characters. He lives in Latin America.

    His outfit can vary, but to recognize him is very easy because the Pope Pasqual moves solely on stilts. Seeing him, the people of Ecuador, Colombia, Cuba and Panama don’t show joy much, but on the contrary, begin to whistle and shout and even shoot a gun! And all because Dad Pascual represents a year old, which does not want to leave. Pope Pasqual is a master to launch fireworks because it is his favorite pastime.

    Hoteysho, Segatsu-San and Odze-San - a native of Japan.

    Hoteysho – is an ancient god with eyes on the back of his head, he is the main character during the winter holidays. He is being worshiped, everyone: from small to large, asking for happiness and good luck in the new year. Although time does not stand still, and Hoteysho a few decades ago had got the competitors - Segatsu-San (the old man in the blue kimono) and Odze-San (dressed as an American Santa Claus). They come for the congratulatory speeches for a week before the New Year. But do not give gifts to children - parents it makes for them.

    Yul-Tomten - is a gnome, who comes to Christmas celebrations in every Swedish home (the image resembles our houses) and put for the children in front of the stove: sweets, toys, and Christmas decorations which are painted in Christmas colors.

    He lives in the forest, into his submission are the snowman Dusty, witches, elves, trolls, and other inhabitants of the magical kingdom.

    Pere Noel and Pere Chalande – are Christmas characters of France. Pere Noel visits only diligent children. He drives up to the house on a donkey with a big wicker basket of gifts, he puts the presents into the socks which hang by the fireplace.

    Pere Chalande specializes on hooligans, treating them with rods. However, you can sing a song or tell a verse, and he will replace by anger at the mercy and will bestow gifts

    The Italians had replaced Santa Claus on Babbo Natale, who as two drops of water similar to Santa Claus. He travels with gifts in a sleigh pulled by reindeer.

    In the Netherlands - is a black Sinter Klaas, who sails on a ship with black servants.

    In Greece, for the holidays comes Saint Basil. He does not travel in a sleigh and does not come down the chimney.

    Saint Basil wears suits of different colors, similar to the clothing of the priest, with a cap on his head, which is resembling a tiara. Saint Basil does not give gifts, as it is believed that the best gift - is a good word, deed, and faith in Christ.

    Saint Nicholas brings joy to the young residents of Belgium and Poland.

    He, along with his servant Peter, lays out gifts in boots and socks, which are specially prepared by the children. Saint Nicholas is dressed in a bishop's white gown, which is embroidered with gold.

    The most modest Christmas character in the world is considered to be Czech Ezhisheka - who is throwing gifts. He carefully hides from the people, so no one has ever seen him.

    The most family-run of all Christmas characters Santa Claus - is Yakut Santa Dyl: he has a wife, three daughters, two grandchildren, and even a bull.

    Father Christmas (England), Sho Hing and Sheng Dan Lao Zhen (China), Daid-no-no lag - Father Christmas (Ireland), the goddess Lakshmi (India), Dyado Kalyada or Dyado Mraz (Bulgaria)...

    The names of Christmas characters are different. Differ images and behavior of Christmas characters. But they all share one thing - they are a constant part of the Christmas and New Year holidays bring with them the joy, fun, and inspire confidence in the people, bringing with them a happy feeling of magical wonderland!

    Christmas and New Year holidays - is the time of magic. The holiday comes in every house, in every corner of our planet, and with it are coming and Christmas characters. Let this year wishes come true, happiness will open hugs for you and dreams will come true.


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