Christmas crafts: 10 unusual variations of Christmas decorations which you can make with your own

    Before the country's main holiday is not so much time left  - so it's time to start the operation of a transformation of an apartment or a house in a real fairy tale. If, this year, you want to add to the interior decoration something new and different - then go ahead and do not be afraid of your craziest ideas. We have compiled a list of 10 unusual, non-standard, relevant and inexpensive ways to decorate the house for Christmas and New Year holidays. Each of Christmas crafts can easily be done by hand.

1. Wreath of molds for baking

    Already have baked Christmas gingerbread cookies? Do not hurry up to put away the molds for Christmas cookies until the next New Year. Connect them with the bright satin ribbon, and you have a beautiful Christmas wreath that will complement your bright New Year's interior.

2. Fir branch, suspended from the ceiling

    If a traditional Christmas tree in the center of the room already bored, you can choose another place or plant - completely unexpected place in your house or hang a fir or pine branches on the ceiling, by decorating it with favorite toys. The feeling that you are in the fairy forest will be with you during all the holidays.

3. Glass candle holders

    Candles - is an essential attribute of New Year's Eve and a creative way to decorate interior using ideas of Christmas crafts. If you are bored with the classic candlesticks - then create your own version: put a candle into the empty glass bottles, which you can decorate with fir twigs and tie with twine. Just a few minutes and a stylish decor item already on your desk.

4. Bright accents

    Add bright and immodest colors into a design of your room or at home: use unusual, really juicy or even acid colors - and a good mood will not dare to leave you. These bright accents, surely, will become the center of the New Year and Christmas design of the interior.

5. The wooden elements in the interior

    If you from your childhood were not indifferent to the crafts of wood, remember the old skills and create a couple of ornaments for the holiday. It can be both: Christmas decorations and your favorite Christmas socks. Wooden decoration - is a fashion trend that complements any interior, and to make such Christmas crafts is a real pleasure,  moreover, you can do them with your hands.

6. Black and white ornaments

    Anyone who prefers a strict, classical style in life and does not want to deviate from their habits, even in the New Year or Christmas, can decorate a festive interior in black and white colors. The room will look truly mysterious and magical. Black and white - are two basic colors that may seem boring. By no means! Buy a white Christmas tree and decorate it with the black balls - such a festive interior will never seem a commonplace.

7. Garland of fruits

    The smell of tangerines is always associated with the onset of the main winter holiday. It is not necessary to absorb kilos of fruits, just need to dry slices of your favorite fruit and to make of them very fragrant Christmas garland. Decorate with such an inexpensive garland your Christmas tree and you will feel a burst of the celebratory mood.

8. Christmas toys made of cinnamon sticks

    Another fragrant Christmas decoration -  are toys on the Christmas tree made of cinnamon sticks. They will bring not only a festive mood, but also the magical smell in your cozy nest. There are a variety of options such gizmos, which you can create with your hands. The most popular figures are stars and snowflakes of the different shape.

9. Christmas crafts and compositions made of wood

    You can decorate your apartment using Ikebana from cones, twigs, and cinnamon sticks. Add to these decoration a couple of Christmas balls and twinkling lights. As the pot for this bouquet, you can use a simple tin bucket.

10. Christmas tree made of wooden sticks

    A tree made of wooden sticks for sure will be unique and nontrivial creation. Make it is pretty easy, at the same time, it looks very beautiful and nontraditional. You can use any wooden sticks that you have or that you can find. How about Christmas tree made of ice-cream sticks?

    Christmas and New Year - holidays that are celebrated all over the world and every year Christmas decorations for home become more interesting and colorful. Many people are decorating not only their homes but also cars, gardens or balconies.

    Decorate your home for the New Year and Christmas holidays is not difficult. If you like making Christmas crafts with their hands, then you, certainly, will make one of our 10 unusual decorations. The decor for the interior, not a trivial tree, original toys, homemade garlands, stylish and unusual candles, authentic products of wood and other natural materials - all of which can make each of us on their own, using materials are at hand. Do not be afraid, creativity is never right or not right - here the main is only your imagination. Happy holidays! And let this year come true your most cherished desires!


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