Top 10 Christmas desserts in different countries

    Christmas or New Year is difficult to imagine without sweets - probably why in every country there is a favorite dessert, created especially for the winter holidays. We present the ten most popular Christmas desserts of Europe.

1. Plum pudding (England)

    This wonderful Christmas dessert appeared during the time of Elizabeth I, and now associated with Christmas at all British. It combines different dried fruits, nuts and fat - about 16 ingredients, except plums, despite the name. As a fat was used lard initially, but now people use butter.

    This dessert is being cooked in a double boiler. You can store it for a year. Interestingly, most of the British prefer to buy it than to cook for themselves, but the recipe itself is not particularly complicated.

2. Stollen (Germany)

    This is a German symbol of Christmas for more than 500 years. In this cake, there are a lot of spices, raisins, candied fruits, and nuts and it is covered with a rich layer of powdered sugar - all this is a kind of a symbol of the newborn Jesus in white diapers.

    There are many varieties of prescription: poppy, cottage cheese, marzipan, nuts, etc., and each baker has his own combination of seasonings and toppings. Stollen is baked in advance and store in a cool place, sometimes even for three months.

3. Croquembouche (France)

    Translated from the French, the name of the most popular dessert among all French Christmas desserts means "crunch in the mouth." The fact is that this cake represents is a high cone built of profiteroles (éclair) with a sweet filling. They are bonded to each other using chocolate or caramel sauce. This dessert is served in the cone made of foil and cardboard, for example.

4. Pannetone (Italy)

    This dainty in appearance and recipes looks like our Easter cake, but has a long history. Already the Romans began to sweeten yeast dough and add in it candied fruits and dried fruits. Today, the recipes contain lemon peel, vanilla, and typical products for cake. This soft and fragrant dessert is decorated with powdered sugar or icing.

5. Bush de Noel (France)

    Bush de Noel - a roll, and if literally, the "Christmas log", is decorated with sugar figures and symbolizes happiness. Long ago, in the XII century, the French had a tradition of burning in the house a cherry log - in order to protect home and to bring happiness. Today all this symbolizes the Christmas roll.

    Dark chocolate, liqueur, hazelnuts, and almonds provide unsurpassed flavor combination, and the main ingredient here is the gentle mascarpone.

6. King's cake (Portugal)

    This main dish on the Christmas table in Portugal has been created in honor of the three wise men, who brought gifts to Jesus. The cake is being baked in a ring shape and is being decorated with the colorful candied fruits, resembling gems of honored guests from the East. Sweet pastry contains dried fruits. It is baked at home, but more popular among homemade Christmas desserts is the original delicacy from "Konfeytariya Nacional" - confectionery, where it first has appeared more than 100 years ago.

7. Nougat (Spain)

    Translated from the Spanish, the name of one of the most well-known Christmas desserts means "nougat" and the taste of this sweetness is reminiscent nougat, toffee, and halva. Traditional nougat is made only of the best quality products. The basic ingredients are honey, proteins, and nuts in stock, but now added the chocolate and dried fruit, and even puffed rice. The traditional recipe is simple: honey is mixed with beaten egg whites and leave to infuse, and on the next day it is being baked.

8. Krumkake (Norway)

    This confection represents well known to us wafer rolls. One of the most delicate Christmas desserts, by the original Norwegian recipe, is being made only of five ingredients (flour, eggs, butter, sugar and cream), but there are many variations of toppings. Traditionally the cream is used, but it can be a condensed milk and custard cream with nuts and fruit, and ice cream.

    Waffle biscuits immediately after cooking are rolled up into cones, using a special device. Cooling down, the product becomes harder, and you can safely fill it with a stuffing, and on top - decorating frosting, icing sugar or melted chocolate.

9. Gingerbread and gingerbread houses (Germany)

    Gingerbread in the form of Christmas trees, stars, men, and much more - is not only delicious pastries but also food for the imagination. Add to them not only ginger but other spices: nutmeg, star anise, cloves, cinnamon, etc. And also there are candied fruit, raisins, and marmalades - it all depends on the specific recipe.

    Gingerbread in the shape of a heart - is the symbol of Christmas in Germany.

    Gingerbread is being covered with a glaze or become a gingerbread house. As a "cement" for it is used melted caramel sugar or the same protein-sugar glaze. The main thing is that a mixture should be dense. Almonds and candied fruit are elegant Christmas decorations.

10. Saffron bun (Sweden)

    Saffron buns are baked in the shape of the letters S, which is written on the contrary. They serve as one of the symbols of the country. The dough is prepared on the basis of water tincture with saffron, which makes Christmas desserts yellow. For the traditional Swedish Christmas lunch these soft buns with raisins - is the most important thing.


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