10 Christmas traditions and attributes: Create your holiday mood

    The most magical and generous time of the year - a time of Christmas and New Year's holidays. And if you still don't feel New Year's mood, then let's create it together, because in front of so many wonders. We are going to tell you about 10 mandatory attributes of the holiday and Christmas traditions which immediately will create the right mood.

1. Christmas tree or Poinsettia

    How can you imagine the winter holidays without a Christmas tree? The tradition to celebrate the New Year and Christmas has brought to us Peter I from a Catholic country - Germany. From there we have borrowed the tradition to decorate the Christmas tree.

    If for the tree is too early, but you are looking for some Christmas mood - purchase a pot with poinsettias.  Juicy red and green leaves as if were created in order to lift the mood. Poinsettia is originally from Mexico, and therefore not very capricious in care.

2. Deer

    Deer – is the eternal symbol of Christmas and one of the sweetest Christmas traditions. Decorate your house with small statues of deer, place them on shelves or buy yourself a sweater with a print of deer -  New Year's will dwell in your heart.

3. Lanterns and garlands

    Glowing lights and garlands will help you to create the most comfortable atmosphere when you come home at night. Turn off the light and turn on the garlands - is the best way to make holiday mood. Warm, soft light - is a perfect allusion to the theme of Christmas.

4. Cocoa

    Whether it is the cinema's effect on us or the beautiful publications in social networks, but during the last few years, the cocoa with marshmallows confidently holds the first position in the ranking of the most festive Christmas drinks.

    You can drink your dose of cocoa in a cozy coffee shop or drowned in the armchair at home. It is very easy to cook because the cocoa and marshmallows are sold in almost every supermarket. If you want something stronger - you can prepare fragrant mulled wine with dried or fresh fruits and cinnamon.

5. Movies and cartoons

    Another excellent way to cheer up using Christmas traditions - is to wrap yourself up in a blanket, and day and night watch good Christmas movies and cartoons. If you cannot afford free a day for this activity and it is a luxury for you, you can arrange a nightly viewing of holiday movies. Call to friends and girlfriends or just hug tighter a loved one. And do not forget to dress him in a sweater with a reindeer.

6. Pies

    Serving the table for the New Year - is a separate art form of the Slavic peoples, what can be not always easy for everyone. Admit it, that to make it as brilliantly as a mother or grandmother, not each one of us can. And while the theme of "Olivier" has not come yet, try to bake something with a spicy aroma of Christmas cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. Take tradition of Western Europe to bake strudels, stollen, carrot cakes and gingerbread into your own tradition.

7. Wreaths and Mistletoe

    The tradition of hanging wreaths on the door was born a long time ago. Its roots go back far into the Lutheran times when the branches of spruce, pine or fir wove into evergreen wreaths that decorated the four candles. Today, there are many variants of wreaths: made of coils of thread, Christmas tree decorations, wooden figurines, and more.

    Most of us have probably seen in the movies dedicated to Christmas, moments with a kiss under the mistletoe. With this plant is related a lot of beliefs, originating from the ancient times. For example, the Druids were considered a mistletoe a panacea for all ills and a talisman against evil forces. In medieval times mistletoe was used as a universal antidote... Whence appeared the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe, still, are disputing. This is one of the most beautiful and creative ways to get a festive mood using our list of 10 Christmas traditions.

    Mistletoe can hang not only to the ceiling, this plant is used as the Christmas decoration. It is not necessary to use in decorating a natural plant - you can use a synthetic analog made of beads and ribbons. When working with live mistletoe is important to remember that its juice can cause irritation. That is why, you should be very careful!

8. Bells

    Bells – is an ancient pagan attribute which you can meet among Christmas traditions. Ringing Bells chased away evil spirits on holidays. Now the bells - is a symbol of Christmas. According to the legend, their ringing can be heard only by those, who sincerely believe in the miracles of the holiday.

    In Scandinavia, the bells ringing signals the end of the working day and the beginning of the holiday. Christians welcome with this sound Christ. For a festive mood, hang the bells around the house. This decor creates a special atmosphere.

9. Candles

    Candles - it is always romantic. And they are appropriate not only for the New Year. But winter becomes truly comfortable when you dine by candlelight in a circle of friends and family.

10. Santa Claus

    In many Catholic countries, the New Year's magician is Santa Claus - Grandpa with a white beard and a kind smile, dressed in a red suit with white trim. Children know that he rides in an open sleigh, and the dwarves and elves help him. To receive your gift, certainly, you have to go to bed before the midnight - otherwise, you may scare off Santa that sneaks by the chimney into the house and puts a surprise into the specially prepared socks. How will Santa know what gift do you want? You have to write him a letter.

    If you still don't feel Christmas mood, then perhaps you should create your own 10 Christmas traditions that will help you tune into the holiday mood.


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