Movies about clairvoyants that you have to see

    Art paintings, which touch psychics and everything mystical always attracted attention, as audience loves all the mysterious and mystical, it's a fact. Psychic, clairvoyance, telepathy - are the abilities that people had endowed with because of their increased mental energy. Is it a gift or a curse, magic or a fraud, fact or fiction? For all these questions you will find answers by watching movies about clairvoyance from our top, which we have compiled for you. Here are the best films about people with abilities to be clairvoyant for the last 20 years.

Mindscape (2013)



    The film's protagonist, John – is a man who has powerful psychic abilities and is investigating the strange and mysterious events. This time, John’s friend introduces him to a young woman, Anna, who is only 16 years old, but her parents believe that she is mentally ill.



    In the course of events of the film, John, who is a clairvoyant, need to find out who is this girl Anna, the victim or a sociopath that is inclined to a murder?

The awakening (2011)



    The events of the film take place in the early 20th century. A scientist who is quite skeptical about everything that concerns supernatural powers, magic, and psychic comes to the boarding school, in which reportedly was increased the spectral activity, that is, children, teachers and everyone around steeped in powerful energy. At first, the scientist absolutely confident that everything that happens is a joke and that she will debunk the myth, but a landmark meeting with the supernatural creature completely changes her attitude.

The Skeptic (2009)



    After Brian's aunt dies under mysterious circumstances, he had got a strange message that the aunt's house was often visited by a strange creatures and people endowed with supernatural abilities, including people endowed with clairvoyant abilities.



    Brian has many different guesses about how his aunt died, but to prove something almost impossible. Soon the young man begins to see hallucinations and to hear voices that cause him to seek medical help. However, he finds help not in the medicine, but from a young clairvoyant who tells to Brian that the house was hiding a terrible secret. To understand all, Brian and the young guy have to make a dangerous journey that is full of mysterious events.

The Conjuring (2013)



    The main characters of the film – are an ordinary family which for some unknown reason suffers because of the terror of a poltergeist. Being already in despair and in an endless sense of fear, the family seeks help to renowned parapsychologists’ couple Ed and Lorraine Warren. The couple, in turn, will have to face the most powerful supernatural being in their career and family will have to go through a lot of horrific events.



    It is worth noting that Edward and Lorraine Warren, the real people who are the most famous Ghostbusters in the world.

Red Lights (2011)



    Mystical thriller from the producer and a world-class director Robert Rodriguez tells the story of the pair of scientist’s skeptics who travel the world and easily expose the charlatans and swindlers who pretend that they are wizards, witches, clairvoyants, psychics. However, the next journey, and familiarity with the famous soothsayer and clairvoyant named Simon Silver forcing them to go through a lot of different events and uncover the many mysteries that lurk in the past of the psychic's. Who is he, a crook, or is actually a man endowed with supernatural powers?

Magic in the Moonlight (2014)



    The romantic comedy by Woody Allen as if by chance has got to our top movies about psychics. Place and time of action – are the "Roaring Twenties", which on the beautiful Cote d'Azur look something distant and unimportant. The main hero Colin Firth - known illusionist and a clairvoyant, who at the request of an old friend comes to expose a local charlatan Sophie (Emma Stone), but love brings about changes in its simple idea, making it clear that it is this sense, in fact, is a real magic.

The Gift (2000)



    Young widow Annie once opens the gift of a clairvoyant in her. But can we call it a present or a gift? Or it is a real curse that is a strange and cruel punishment for sins that we have committed? A murder of wealthy and very influential women brings Annie to a strange circumstances and her assistance in establishing the identity of the killer to the investigation is an opportune moment. But the more she comes to in an attempt to find out the truth, the more clearly realizes that her mind is under the influence of unusual abilities  can play with it a cruel joke.



    Sam Rami scary thriller with a brilliant star cast: Cate Blanchet, Keanu Reeves, Katie Holmes, Giovanni Ribisi, Greg Kinnear and Hilary Swank. This film is exactly like the one that a day cannot live without mysticism and mysterious stories!

    We hope you are inspired and found all the answers to your questions. Do not forget that in every movie, no matter how real does it seem to you, and no matter actually how does the movie ended, in a real life everything can be totally and completely different, and mysticism has no such power, so do not take everything close to your heart. The real power is stored in each of us and that is love, despite of what events are taking place and the circumstances in which we find ourselves.


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