The Secret of a Live Mascot - Four Leaf Clover

    "Lay as six of diamonds the four leaf clover. All four petals - it means - the longing has left! On the meadows the heat is coming: happiness close, on the approach. "

    Clover meadows are haven for bees with an abundance of fragrant, beautiful inflorescences, and they have magical powers. Mystery is hidden in the petals of the plants, or rather in their amount. Normal leaf herb symbolizes triple aspect: body, soul and mind - the divine triad. But there is a rare four leaf flower, which is a symbol of the vast fortune and is endowed with powerful force.

    The sign of a good luck

    The most powerfully manifested opportunities of the quatrefoil on the night of the full moon, on the day the equinoxes and solstices, and especially - on the night of Ivan Kupala (from 6 to 7 July). In Ireland, on the St. Patrick's Day (a holiday falls on a date - 17 March) everyone has to find a mystical quatrefoil. The Irish believe that this festival doubles the strength.

    The power of magic herbs

    Why the four leaf herb was the sacred flower? Maybe it is because of Eve, who took quatrefoil from Eden, in order he reminded her of paradise, when she and Adam have angered God and he banished them to Earth.

    It is this belief has been around this magical herb for thousands of years. Clover grows in the forests of paradise, so his appearance in the garden is a happy sign for the host, especially, if it is found the quatrefoil.

    Each leaf such an herb has its own meaning:

    The first petal is faith and glory and a sign of Fire.

    The second – is a symbol of wealth and good luck and an element of Water.

    The third means eternal love, hope and happiness and it is Air.

    The fourth leaf bears the health and strength of emotional balance. It belongs to the Earth.

    This unique plant at all times there has been an increased interest among people of different countries, religions and beliefs. And everywhere the value of clover had carried a special, sacred meaning.

    Egypt. The ancient Egyptians depicted the four leaf herb on their mirrors. Such mascot firmly defended the mirror and did not harm the one who was looking in the mirror.

    India. In India, to this grass is treated with great respect. This grass is often drawn and embroidered on the carpets and clothes. For Indians a symbol of clover had the protective properties from the attack of the impure forces.

    America. The Indians also respect such a plant. They applied image of this herb as a symbol of the rocks and trees. For them, this talisman had success in a hunting value and well-being of the whole tribe.

    Slavs. For the ancient Slavs the four leaf flower was special and was included in the collection of grass for the fire of the summer solstice. Our ancestors were gathering this herb, dried and had carried with them, wrapped in a handkerchief. Clover by conviction of Slavs carried a powerful force of love, youth and beauty. He had taken away all the hardships, omens, corruption and misery.

    Hutsuls. For the Carpathian Slavs peoples the quatrefoil - is a symbol of eternal peace. Girls, who dream of marriage, were looking for just such a petal - the value of which represents the trinity.

    How to use a talisman for good luck

    If you are close to success - it is sure to bring you to this very rare herb, after quatrefoil meets once per 10,000 plants. Carefully and gently tear off a four leaf herb for good luck and bring home.

    You can use it in different ways:

    Place the leaf in your shoes just before leaving the house - true love and true feelings will come soon into your life.

    Keep the flower always with you (a perfect place - a purse). This is a sure talisman on the attraction of money and luck.

    Wrap the leaf with a blue cloth, and wear close to your body. This symbol will help get rid of depression, sad thoughts and melancholy.

    To protect the house you have to put the plant under the glass collage and hang in the hallway in front of your front door. Talisman will be a reliable talisman against corruption, of envy and ill-wishers.

    And if a couple of lovers will eat a four leaf flower - they will have long, harmonious relationship.

    To create a powerful amulet out of quatrefoil plant, it is necessary disrupt it in the early morning and climb the nearest hill or any other hill. When the sun will rise,   throw one petal at first towards the north, then south, east and west. At the same time, whispering you summon the power of the four elements for the protection and fulfillment of all desires.

    After the ritual pick a flower conventional (preferably white) and leave to yourself as symbol of communication between you and the four elements.

    If you did not find a treasured mascot, do not be sad, this mystical plant will help you in any way.

    The flowers are white color can shield you from the evil eye and spoilage. You have to make different nice compositions using white herb and hang them over the front door. You can also spread out the grass around the rooms.

    Red flowers have a monetary value. This plant is used in love magic. To improve the well-being - you have to take a bath with petals of red clover. For inviting love you need to add dried petals in food.


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