History of Origin of Divination On the Coffee Grounds

    Fortune-telling on the coffee grounds is a mystery known to many gourmets of the oriental drink. A natural, fragrant elixir of vivacity, cooked in a traditional pot, requires a relaxed atmosphere and creates a magical atmosphere. It is absolutely natural that after the first sip of this thick, saturated, custard coffee, deep in the sub consciousness appears a desire to plunge into the magic and look into the secrets of the future.

    It is believed that fortune-telling on the coffee grounds first appeared at the court of Russian Emperors (in other versions - of Turkish sultans). Later this method spread throughout Eastern Europe, and there was a time when it was very fashionable. It came to the point that publishers issued manuals, reference books and an encyclopedia of fortune telling on the coffee - in such books, possible coffee signs were described, and also how they could be interpreted. In Russian, a lot of such aids were released, because the method of divination was very popular among ladies belonging to the higher classes.

    Another version of the origin of this method suggests that it appeared in Italy, somewhere in the late 18th century both the method of divination and the list of symbols used in the process were developed. Divination on the coffee grounds was considered one of the surest ways for those who wanted to know the future. At the same time, the Italians believed that the process itself was not without the intervention of the devil, and therefore the ritual was considered quite dangerous. In some versions of fortune telling, it was even accompanied by special spells, although, apparently, they were only an element of an entourage.

How to guess on the coffee grounds

    The technology of fortune telling on the coffee grounds is simple, and for the decades and centuries that have passed since its invention, it has practically not changed. Even before you begin, it is necessary to formulate the question, the answer to which you want to get. In order for fortune-telling to be correct, it is necessary to make strong and as thick coffee as possible. While coffee will be brewed, it is necessary to think about the given question. Coffee should be brewed in a proportion of 6-7 g of ground powder per 100 ml of water (or stronger). It is believed that while making fortune-telling on coffee, sugar should not be added at all.

    In the rest, the drink is prepared in the same way as traditional Turkish coffee: you need to remove the jets from the fire before coffee boils. Then the coffee is poured into a cup and drunk, but not until the end. At the bottom, you need to leave about 1 teaspoon of the drink. The rest of the drink is shaken slightly by circular motions. Some sources say that the cup must always be held with the left hand, and the direction of the movements should be different for men and women.

    After the mixture is mixed, the cup is covered with a saucer and turns over abruptly. It is necessary to wait for a little until the rest of the coffee drain on the saucer, and only after that, you can take off the cup and study the results of the divination.

    On the walls of the cup, there are drops, which form a complex pattern. It is believed that by studying them, you can find out your future and get an answer to the question of interest. In this case, the drops have different meanings, depending on where they are located. So, about the future say the drops inside the cup (the drops on the saucer is the past). The immediate future is those drops that are located close to the edges of the cup, distant - those that are closer to its bottom. The result of divination is determined by what kind of symbols you see on the walls of the cup, as well as on the saucer.

    The interpretation of symbols, as a rule, is straightforward, especially since each person sees in his coffee drops something of his own. If the search for a suitable interpretation seems too complicated for you, you can refer to numerous directories that offer interpretations of virtually any possible symbols.

Interpretation of symbols

    The most interesting during the fortune telling on the coffee grounds is the interpretation of the symbols, which gives the imagination and fantasy.

    There are many interpretations, but one can single out the most common ones:

     - The sitting bird symbolizes happiness and luck;

     - A flying bird indicates that you will soon discover the true essence of some business or a person;

    On drops you see a square or a rectangle - in real life it predicts the infidelity of the person you are divining at. But, if you are making divination on yourself, then you will have success with the opposite sex;

    Bright circles, without dots and irregularities, indicate profit, that is money;

    Circles with dots and knobs, this is a symbol of the appearance of children;

    When on the saucer you can see a circle with four drops, this picture promises the birth of a baby, which will play an important role in your life;

    If you see the dwelling, and also the sun above it in the form of a circle - in the near future you will acquire a house;

    But when you see the house a little collapsed, and the sun is intersected by a line, then this is a sign that your plans may collapse due to unexpectedness, you can lose both the house and all the money.


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