The incredible movies about Illusion

    In honor to the birthdate of the most famous magician of the 20th century - the great Harry Houdini, who was born on March 24th, we have collected for you 8 of the most interesting and truly magical movies about the mysterious art of illusion.

1. “Death Defying Acts” (2007)

    The movie shows a period of high popularity of the legendary world-magician and conjurer named Harry Houdini, whose role in the movie played the world-famous actor Guy Pearce. The movie tells us the story of the British tour of the famous magician and illusionist. Houdini meets a beautiful young girl-medium, to whom magician instantly flare up deep feelings.



    She is caused to make a contact with the spirit of his long-dead mother. But as the power of this woman for the most part is quackery, everything is going quite not according to the plan. Gillian Armstrong's film with Guy Pearce and Catherine Zeta-Jones does not claim to the authenticity, but simply tells us the romantic love story of two people who have linked their lives with magic.

2. “The Illusionist” (2006)



    Captivating love and romantic story whose plot revolves around a talented young magician named Eizenheim who comes to Vienna, European center at the time. Events in the movie take place in the early 20th century; a magician instantly wins the love of the public for its dizzying mystical and magical notions.



    But after a while it turns out that the main purpose of the visit of a magician in that city - not to earn popularity among its viewers, but to make fall in love with him the bride of the Crown Prince of Vienna - the beautiful Sophie, which has long-standing relationships with the conjurer and illusionist.

3. “Prestige” (2006)



    Screen adaptation of the science fiction novel by Christopher Priest, tells us about the confrontation of two prominent magicians, eventually developing into real war, in which each of the two competitors tends to find out trade secrets of another, and in any way to disrupt the opponent's performance.



    The ending of the movie is able to surprise even the most sophisticated audience. Picture of Christopher Nolan's “The Prestige” is loosely based on the eponymous novel fiction of its namesake Christopher Priest, written in 1995. The movie has received positive reviews from the critics and was twice nominated for “Oscar”.

4. “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” (2009)



    Beautiful and mystic movie produced by Terry Gilliam is about a traveling theater of illusion of a mysterious old man named Dr. Parnassus, which, together with his entourage magician travels to a variety of cities, arranging for spectators incredible magical journey into the world of fantasy.



    Long ago he made a bet with the devil, Master Nick, and won immortality. Many centuries later, Dr. Parnassus met true love and signed a new deal with the devil - traded on the immortality of the youth, but with one condition. When his firstborn baby reaches sixteen it goes to the property of Mr. Nick. Valentine - daughter of the main character - will soon reach the age of sixteen years, and Doctor Parnassus makes every effort to protect her.

5. “Red Lights” (2011)



    Mystical thriller starring Robert De Niro, who plays the world-famous psychic and conjurer, whose activities are taken to investigate by two scientists involved in the exposure of the paranormal. But the more deep and far the investigation go, the clearer it becomes that they got involved into a very difficult game.

6. “Now you see me” (2013)



    The central characters of this exciting magical thriller became members of the team of illusionists, considered to be the best in the conjurer world. A business is the part of their tricks. They will not only entertain the audience using their powerful magic, but also committing the biggest crime in the history during their performance on the stage.



    Such activities are not left without attention of law enforcement agencies, and in pursuit of the illusionists rush a team of FBI agents. But they cannot go on the trail of the robbers, because magicians are always a bit ahead of the feds, playing with them a legalistic cat and mouse.

7. “Oz: The Great and Powerful” (2013)



    Prequel of the iconic movie filmed in the 1939 “The Wizard of Oz”. The new movie tells us the story of a circus magician and conjurer named Oscar Diggs (played by James Franco), which were brought with the hurricane in the magical country of Oz. Rascal Oskar realizes that with the help of his tricks he is able to win credibility with gullible people in the country and to become rich. But the three witches - Theodora, Evanora and Glinda unsure if Oscar really has the magical abilities.



    By chance, the conjurer is caught up in the struggle and war between good and evil, in which he has to use all his “magic” skills. During the struggle Oscar will become a great and terrible Wizard but he has to learn real magic and restore the balance of a fairyland. The movie “Oz: The Great and Powerful” – is a story that the writer Frank Baum forgot to tell who introduced the world to the Land of Oz. After writing 14 books, the writer never mentioned how Oz became a great magician before he became such.

8. Focus (2015)



    Nicky Spurgeon (played by a terrific Will Smith) – is a crook with the very long experience of the conjurer, and he takes custody of a young charming girl Jess (Margot Robbie), revealing all her secrets of his magic card tricks. Suddenly, for him, he becomes a hostage to the love feelings, which he always avoided - love. Their whirlwind romance ended, and the former colleagues of the conjurer went to meet again on the opposite sides of the same grand scam.


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