King of Magic - David Copperfield

    “Magician of the Year”, “Magician of the Century”, “Magician of the Millennium”, “King of Magic”, “Living Legend Award”, “The greatest illusionist of our time”, owner of 21 Emmy Awards, etc. Furthermore, he is first illusionist who has received a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame. That’s all about him – David Copperfield.


    One of the most famous illusionists David Copperfield in Metuchen, New Jersey on September 16, 1956 in Jewish family. His mother was an insurance agent, and father was the owner of clothing store.

    His real name is David Seth Kotkin.

    David says that his grandfather had an enormous influence on his career. In childhood the grandfather usually showed him card tricks. The boy was impressed by this magic and soon he taught how to do it. Lately he began to show them people and once he understood that he can’t live without magic.

    At age 12 he showed focuses professionally and joined the American Society of Magicians. In this way he became the youngest member of this Society. He was so talented and skilful that at age 16 David began teaching art at the University of illusion. Since 18 years, he leads his own show on television, and his tricks are becoming increasingly ambitious.

    During this period he decided to take for himself a nickname David Copperfield (in honor of one of Dickens heroes). Under this name the great illusionist is known today.

    For the first time (at age 22) he received an offer to work on television. On the American ABC's David for a long time he led the program "The Magic of ABC".

    Later, in the early eighties was released his magician author program "The Magic of David Copperfield”. The program was broadcasted on CBS. This project had a success in the USA and few years later it successfully broadcasted around the world.

   Magic in his life

    David Copperfield’s life is also related with magic and sorcery. Better to say that magic is all his life.

    Numerous TV shows, roles in film and theater, interviews, TV programs and endless concerts made his life mad.

    Soon King of Magic finished his carrier on TV and began new projects. He wrote few books.

    He opened the International Museum and Library of the Conjuring Arts. There are more than 80 thousand priceless items.

    But the main secret is where to find the entrance of this museum? It is well known information that it is located in Las Vegas. Particularly, in a warehouse at Copperfield’s headquarter. But for ordinary citizens entrance is closed. Only a limited number of people can visit it with permission of the owner. David explains it very easy – secrets of magic should stay secret.

    Besides that he is the owner of “Magic Underground” restaurant. It is based on Copperfield’s magic and food is appears there from nowhere.

    So, what has made him so famous?

    Let us introduce you his most incredible tricks.

Illusion of David Copperfield

    He is the only one who made Statue of Liberty disappear. This spectacular trick was made only once in 1983. There are many suggestions about how this stick was made but secret stays a secret.


    Another famous trick is walking through the Great Wall of China. The illusionist is standing on one side of the wall where it is installed a ladder and folding screen. On the other side of wall the same construction is waiting for him. He comes into the screen from one side and goes out from other side. Nobody could repeat this illusion.


    Escape from prison Alcatraz and exploding buildings combine may be all magicians’ skills and demonstrate not only art of illusion but also physical abilities.


    Fall from Niagara Falls. The most extreme trick. David was thrown from the waterfall in a closed coffin and of course survived.


    The disappearance of the Orient Express wagon. 70 tons wagon, crowd of people, one illusionist and unbelievable disappearance.


    Also he is a “master” of humor. Few tricks just amaze imagination of its plausibility.

For example this one.


    And what would be your reaction, if you saw a half-men walking near your car?

    And look at this horrible trick where saw cut him in half!

   Sure, we understand that it is just an illusion but it looks very plausible. Do not show it to children!


    Well and last illusion in our article (but not last in David’s archive) is rightly considered to be the greatest illusion of all time - flying over the scene.

    The King of Magic flies across the stage, over the rotating hoops, and finally he flies in a glass box. he moves naturally and looks relaxed. This miracle is better to see once than to read or listen about it.

    All these tricks were sensational events in magical world. And that’s not the full list. Many of his tricks were so unique that other magicians were able to unravel its secret many years later.

    So as we see his contribution to the history of art of illusion is considerable. He looked like a person who doesn’t afraid water, fire and steel blades.

    Whatever critics say but his charm, charisma and talent certainly conquered millions of people. He opened to them the mysterious world of illusions and inspired many young magicians. He made us believe that impossible is possible.

    Many of his tricks are unequaled and incomparable. There are no doubts that he deservedly received the title “King of Magic”.


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