Creepy True Stories: 5 Most Horrible Woman Killer of All Time

    Issues of the news on TV almost every day are telling another new creepy true story about the brutal murders. Basically, crimes are committed by males. For the most part, people think that a woman is not able to be cruel by nature. But this is a terrible misconception. Some of the "ladies", in fact, turned out to be so cruel that they got into this list.

    Meet the most horrible woman killer of all time.

Madame de Brinvilliers

    Madame de Brinvilliers has poisoned all his relatives, using the abilities of her lover-alchemist. Rumors claim that the cruel Madame did not limit to relatives, and has practiced poisoning on her servants and the poor patients.

    Later, Marquise's lover told police about her crimes, but he died suddenly. What caused the sudden death of this man remains unknown. During the investigation, the Marquise tried to commit a suicide, but she has survived. Fearing severest tortures, she confessed everything.

    Her death by a court’s decision was really terrible: tortures and in the end of all - burning.

Vera Renczi

    Vera Renczi has become a serial killer because of her own jealousy. Girl, brought up in wealth and luxury, has become unmanageable already as a child. Adolescence age has brought the parents a new batch of grief. Vera's character was wildly spoiled; she communicated only with men and was awfully jealous.

    This creepy true story started when the first man of Vera has got a suspicion of infidelity, the girl lost her mind. Soon, the man was gone, and after twelve months the woman has told that her husband was killed. Her next husband disappeared in the same way. Then were disappearing only lovers - of all ages, of all statuses, different marital status.

    It all ended when one of the deceived women went to look for her Blessed, and the trail led her to Vera Renczi. The police searched and found in the cellar something incredible: thirty-two zinc coffins with decomposing corpses of males in it. They all were Vera's lovers, and she has poisoned them. To make matters worse in this creepy true story, the woman said, that she has liked to have a rest in a chair among her decomposing lovers.

Jane Toppan

    Even while studying for a medical profession, Jane was seen into an abnormal interest in images from the autopsy. At that time no one paid attention, but then everything fell into place.

    Jane was receiving sexual gratification from her helpless victims. The nurse has been changing an assigned dosage of morphine and atropine to the patient and contentedly watched the changing behavior of the patients. Jane has touched them after they lost their minds.

    In this way, she managed to kill a lot of people. When in court Jane was accused of poisoning a girl, she was offended and corrected that she has killed more than thirty people, but her aim was "to kill as many people as possible." This creepy true story ended when the court sent the woman to the madhouse, where she spent the rest of her life.

Bella Sorenson Guinness

    There are women who are willing to do anything for a profit. More than forty men Bella has sent to the light, wanting to earn extra money. Bella's first victim was her spouse, inexplicably man died from the medications, using which he was treated. The young widow received insurance, then calmed down and killed two of her daughters.

    Further fishery scheme was simple: Bella was seducing the right man, marries him, forces him to insure his life, and then adds into his morning coffee something "not very healthy". The next steps were a funeral and getting insurance compensation.

    But the creepy true story about the Black Widow was ended not in the most pleasant way: the woman's body was found in the woods without a head on your shoulders; moreover, the body was burned.

Beverly Elliot

    This creepy true story started when he girl was 23 years old and she became the best nurse in the children's ward of the British hospital and. The staff loved her; parents of young patients admired her. She was always the first who reacted if a child lost his breath and was about to die. Beverly was considered almost holy, but before the time being, as it turned out.

    Over time, the number of deaths during Beverly's duty has increased, and this has caused a suspicion. The investigation revealed that the girl specifically was leading up children to death by injecting them insulin.

    The motives for this behavior can be explained by a mental illness that causes a person to seek acceptance and love of others. So, Beverly was leading up children to death, she beat the alarm and was getting thanks and honors from the happy parents. Four deaths, three attempts and six cases of the damage to health - that is what the poor fellow Beverly has done and how this creepy true story ended.

    There is more than a dozen of such horror stories.  However, these stories have shocked the world and came into the history as the most terrible crimes which were committed by women. The murder of children, husbands, lovers, and family members - this is what is considered to be the most violent crime. As the saying goes - from love to hate is just one step.


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