Curious unscientific myths and their disclosure

    Like any medicine has its negative side effects and the development of science has given rise to a huge number of curious superstitions and unscientific myths actively disseminated by the media. We have tried to expose the most common ones.

The human body explodes in outer space



    Fantastic Hollywood movies have made a major contribution to the creation and distribution of this myth. In fact, what a director would refuse to explode spectacularly a human body between the stars?

   Curious are that, the human body is able to survive 15-30 seconds in the open space without the suit, provided that he exhales of himself all accumulated air (otherwise the difference between the internal and external pressures would tear his lungs). 15 seconds later, anoxia causes fainting, and then be followed by death from suffocation. Space suits are designed for safe travel and work of an astronaut in outer space.

The brightest star in the sky – Polar



    Sirius's magnitude is 1.47, while in the North - only 1.97 (the lower the value, the brighter the star). However, Polaris (as Cynosure or North Star) - plays an essential role for orienteering and navigation, because it always points to the north, and her height above the horizon coincides with the latitude of the place from where it is monitored



    Cynosure - is the brightest star in the constellation Ursa Minor. Due to the precession of the Earth's Orbit, once every hundred years Alpha Ursa Minor shifts one degree, so after about 1,000 years it will transfer its role of "a North’s pointer" to Alrai, Gamma Cepheid, as before has took over the function of the guiding star from Beta Ursae Minoris, Beta Ursa Minor.

A “five-second” rule



    A “five-second” rule - means that something that quickly raised is not considered to have fallen. In fact, even those, who use this rule, perfectly realize how absurd it is. Any bacteria which was on a dry floor immediately comes into a contact with food and contaminates them, regardless of whether the five seconds have passed or five hours.



    However, it is a bad thing - a sandwich with the extra bacteria, from the floor. After the body wrestles not a too dangerous source of infection, the immune system strengthens itself. Anyway, many people still will take in their mouth a piece of cake or meat, even after it was fallen on the floor if it looks rather appetizing. A “five-second” rule - is just kind of a curious excuse.

The Moon has a dark half



    A curious idea and a complete nonsense - the Moon, like Earth, are illuminated by sunlight from all sides. The misunderstanding arose because of the fact that the period of revolution of the moon around the planet is exactly equal to its period of revolution around its axis. Therefore, the back side of the Moon, or rather 41% of its surface, people could never see before the beginning of the era of space exploration.



    For the first time, an invisible half of the Moon was photographed in 1959 from the Soviet automatic interplanetary station Luna-3. The bulk of lunar craters are just on the other side, but, in contrast to the visible, in the "dark" half almost no seas.

Nerve cells do not regenerate



    This curious myth is perhaps the most scientific in this list because it was spread over decades by scientists themselves. Only in 1998, the Swedish and American researchers managed to discover and explore the process of regeneration of neurons in adults.

    Previously it was believed that the complex structure of the brain can be seriously affected in the process of formation of new cells, but new facts have shown that the region that is responsible for memory formation is also capable of producing neurons. This discovery may eventually make a significant contribution to the development of Alzheimer's disease therapy.

The coin that was thrown from a skyscraper can kill a person



    It is another curious myth that is circulated through the bad Hollywood movies. At school, they teach that the falling speed of the body is constantly increasing due to the acceleration due to gravity at the Earth's surface. In the case of point bodies, it is indeed the case.

    However, due to the aerodynamic properties of a flat coin, the force of air resistance is also quite high, so an object can't develop too high speed.

    Pedestrian that has received on the head with a coin, naturally will feel unpleasant, but he will not receive any serious injury.

Lightning does not strike the same place twice



    If during a thunderstorm suddenly you notice that lightning struck the tree - you have to stay away as far as possible: most likely soon be followed by another blow. Atmospheric electricity aims as fast much as possible to reach the ground faster, so to discharge chooses always the highest places in the neighborhood: trees, houses and cliffs. For example, Empire State Building, the tallest skyscraper in New York City annually receives an average of 25 lightning strikes.

There is no gravity in space



    Gravity is everywhere, because it is the power of attraction of all the material objects, and they abound in space. It seems that the astronauts on the International Space Station are floating in weightlessness, but in fact, they are in a constant process of falling to Earth - with their station.

    However, to reach the planet's surface, they cannot remain in orbit, where the force of Earth's gravity is only 10% of that which we feel for you.


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