Legendary cursed diamonds – jewelry that can kill

    Sometimes known diamonds that are covered with many legends bear the curse. This is evidenced by newspaper articles on murders, suicides and financial collapse of the owners of the legendary stone. But these events may have nothing to do with mysticism, because the diamonds are so expensive and rare that they attract the attention of thieves, causing passions and jealousy.

    Superstitions around the curse plagued the well-known diamonds today too. In 1958, the Smithsonian Institution has received a lot of letters with the requirements to get rid of the diamond "Hope Diamond", because people believed that his presence will bring the disaster of the whole nation. This is our list of beautiful cursed diamonds.

1. Spoonmaker's Diamond

    A stone weighing 86 carats is the largest diamond in the world. Legend has it that a fisherman found him on the banks of the river, and when the merchant offered to buy it, the fraudster said he does not cost anything and gave the poor man only 3 spoons. In the 17th century, the sultan took possession of the stone, and many women of the imperial family considered him the most valuable among his decorations. Today the diamond is in the museum at Topkapi Palace in Turkey.

2. Diamond Orlov

    On the royal scepter of the Russian Empress Catherine the Great flaunted the diamond. One of the biggest, most beautiful and cursed diamonds was weighing 189.6 carats. Legend has it that a French soldier stole it from the eye of an Indian idol. Favorite of Empress Gregory Orlov bought the diamond for his beloved. But his hopes of marriage with the Empress did not come true, all he got - a palace in St. Petersburg, loneliness and madness.

3. Daria-i-Noor

    The most beautiful of all cursed diamonds is Daria-i-Noor. This rare pink diamond "Ocean of Light" is associated with a bloody history. In gratitude for the return of the crown of Great Mughal, Nader Shah of Persia got the diamond and other precious stones. This happened, after the invasion to northern India in the 18th century and the destruction of Delhi residents. Today diamond weighing 182 carats being kept in the Central Bank of Iran.

4. Diamond Regent

    Diamond, the progenitor of the Regent's Diamond, was weighing 410 carats and once had flaunted on the handle of the sword of Napoleon I, and on the crown of Louis XV. It is said that an executed Marie Antoinette wore it as a decoration on the hat. Today, the stone is kept at the Louvre.

5. Diamond Black Orlov

    This diamond, one more among cursed diamonds, is also called "Brahma’s Eye Diamond". Impressive stone weighing 67.5 carats was found in one of the mines in India in the early 19th century. Legend says that a thief had stolen the stone out of a statue of an Indian god. During the whole history of a diamond, it had owned by three different people - all of them have committed suicide, having heard stories about the curse, which bears the stone.

6.The Curse of the Blue Diamond

    News about deaths that are associated with the Saudi diamond weighing 50 carats, continue to appear in the press. In 1989, a Thai worker stole gems for 20 million dollars from the palace in Saudi Arabia and brought them to Thailand.  After this event, had followed the death of Mohammed al-Ruva, a Saudi businessman and three diplomats, who traveled to Thailand in search of the thief - all these murders are still not disclosed. In March 2014 the Thai court convicted five people, including a police officer, in the abduction and murder of Al-Ruva, but the case fell apart. In July, the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has called for justice in this case, according to the Arab press. Thais believe that the 20 people associated with the theft of a diamond, would die a cruel death. The fate of the stone is unknown until now.

7.Brilliant "Koh-I-Noor"

    Another brilliant and one of the cursed diamonds - "Koh-I-Noor", is also called "Mountain of Light" (Mountain of Light). The founder of the Mughals in India argued that the stone weight of 739 carat was stolen from the Rajah of Malawi in the year 1306. But it had appeared on the crown of the British monarch in 1877, when Queen Victoria was proclaimed Empress of India. Now diamond weighing 105 carats adorns the crown of Queen Elizabeth II. Indian beliefs say that whoever owns the stone, owns the world, but he won’t avoid the misfortunes that only God or a woman can wear a stone with impunity.

8.Diamond Hope

    The most well-known of all cursed diamonds is a “killer” Hope diamond. Stone owned by Louis XIV. After a number of facets the stone began to weigh 45.52 carats. Legend has it that the diamond was in place the eye of the statue of the Indian deity of Sita, and a thief who stole the stone incurred the curse of the stone. This is indicated by the death of Marie-Antoinette and Louis XIV, the number of tragedies that have taken place in the family and even the misfortune of Hope's postman who delivered the parcel with the stone to the Smithsonian Institution. "King of Diamonds" and the jeweler Harry Winston gave the stone into the Smithsonian Institution in 1958. This Brilliant toured the country with the event organized by Winston "Court of Jewels" to raise funds for charity.


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