The most scary and dark tourism places of the world

    Those who like an extreme, today have plenty of opportunities to increase their blood pressure. The easiest and most accessible way – is skydiving. However, for those who are not very fond of sports, travel agencies offer tours through the dark places of our planet. Into the places, which ordinary people are trying to avoid, brave tourists go willingly, wanting to feel the adrenaline rush. So, look at the top ten worst places in the world which are covered with legends, myths and stories of the eyewitnesses of the events taking place there.

1. Manchac Swamp in Louisiana

    In the US state of Louisiana, near the city of New Orleans, there are impassable swamps Manchac, also known as "Swamp Ghost". According to legend, this place was cursed by the black witch of voodoo, when in the XX century she was captured in these places. In the middle of the marshes there are centuries-old trees with spreading boughs, are sometimes going down to the water, and while from the water sticking out roots of the tree, looking as snakes.

    The idea to drain the swamps and cut down the trees was not successful - several small villages has swept the hurricane, on the swamp had vanished more than one hundred people, their bodies still continue to emerge, although it's been more than 100 years ago. Currently Manchac swamps attract lovers of the occult and mysteries, and those wishing to organize excursions on the one of the most scary and dark tourism places of the world.

2. Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania

    Bran Castle (real name of Dracula's Castle) was built in the middle Ages one of the breaks in the Carpathian Mountains. The castle made in the Gothic style: stone stairs, narrow passages, and tight spaces - all this has depressing effect on the psyche of a normal person. The castle now looks as was described in the famous novel "Dracula."

    The chimney of the castle in a strong wind makes a howling sound - quite in the spirit of horror movies. In one of the rooms of the castle there is huge bed on which the owner of the castle supposedly is sucking the blood of their victims. Do you want to visit one of the most scary and dark tourism places?

3. Lagoon Truk in Micronesia

    Once, in the lagoon Truk was based a military base of Japan. It was considered one of the most formidable, so of what management of the base was relaxed, despite the approach of the US Army, which in February 1944 attacked and surprised the Japanese military.

    The outcome of this battle was the flooding of the entire available military equipment in the lagoon waters. Now Lagoon Truk is one of the best places for diving, because here disposed the old kinds of military vehicles combined with dozens of coral species and variety of the underwater world. However, not all are resolved to explore the technology, because there is an opportunity to meet their crew, which is still in their fighting positions in one of the most scary and dark tourism places in the world.

4. Occult Thelema Abbey on Sicily

    In the early 20th century, Aleister Crowley was considered the most heinous occultist in the world. And his stone farmhouse, filled with pagan murals, was the center of satanic orgies. Popularity Crowley has brought his appearance on the cover of one of the albums of the band "The Beatles". Crowley became the founder of the Abbey of Thelema, whose motto was "Do what you want." Free love had flourished here. Members had to pass a rite of passage in the "Room of nightmares", where under the influence of drugs; they were supposed to spend the night among the frescoes of earth, heaven and hell.

     After the death in walls of the abbey of a popular English dandy, the office of occultism was closed. Currently, the abbey is overgrown with grass and almost destroyed, but a few frescoes are preserved and esoteric lovers can visit these dark tourism places to tickle nerves.

5. Chernobyl in Ukraine

    Arriving in Pripyat, you fall into the exclusion zone. Before the terrible 1986 here lived about 12,500 people who urgently had to leave their homes forever. On the tables of homes still lie newspapers, in the courtyards with each gust of dead wind are creaking, swaying swing. In The kindergartens are scattered toys. Now, when the level of radiation is significantly reduced, the city became one of the most popular for dark tourism places. Tourists come here to walk through the atomic station, to see "sarcophagus", visit the attraction park and wander through the deserted streets of the city - the ghost.

6. Witching market Sonora in Mexico City

    Any tourist, can visit located in Mexico City the local voodoo market in which a rich selection of accessories for magic (candles, herbs, voodoo dolls, amulets, black salt, "the water of St. Ignatius", the golden sand, love potions, lotions and more), figures of witches, wigs, bundles of garlic and other witch attributes. With a strong desire, you can even buy the blood of a rattlesnake or dried hummingbirds to attract good luck.

    Here, for only $ 10, the local witch which is sitting in cramped cubicle, relieve you of adultery and poverty. Mexicans themselves believe in their magic and before seeking medical attention, at first they try to use magic potions. Do not be afraid and just visit one of the most scary and dark tourism places in Mexico.


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