Devilment in the biggest pieces of art

    Arts, if not to take into account the artists - realists, has always been a strange, strange, and there will always be strange, subjective, personal and deeply psychological. However, some pictures look much stranger than others.

    There are works of art that almost hit the audience over the head, often amazing, causing a storm of wild emotions that knock you down. There are a lot of stories, theories and assumptions where from such energy in the paintings. But all agree on the existence of demonist mysticism, magical effect on the artists. Some paintings are fully covered with secrets and mysterious riddles that never will be unsolved.

 “The Great Red Dragon and the sea monster”, William Blake



    William Blake - is a well-known poet and a painter, who lived in England in the 18th century. During his lifetime he received a special recognition and notoriety, but an actually big fame came to him only after his death. At the same time, he had a great influence on the Western culture of the 20th century. The song “Jerusalem” written in his poems is the unofficial anthem of the United Kingdom.



    In his paintings, Blake preferred to use the classic style, but sometimes it condescending sort of inspiration on him and he started to improvise, while listening to his inner voice and following his very creative imagination. Probably in this moment of enlightenment the great red dragon of Revelation was created by him. Red Dragon was the devil incarnate. There are a lot of different strange stories about this painting, but even when you just look on it you can feel the influence of devilment from it.

“Dante and Virgil in Hell”, Adolph William Bouguereau



    This is a picture of the famous painter of the 19th century - William Bouguereau. In the circles of Dante’s Hell and the devilment of the whole story a lot of great artists found their biggest inspiration. But the pictures of Burgo perhaps look the most realistic of all, like he was in Hell together with Dante. A lot of people say that this painting looks so real because demons came to the painter and showed him real hell and in exchange took the soul of the painter. In this picture, one can see anxiety, that is uncharacteristic for the infernal circles, seen the struggle and resistance heroes, trying to take away the soul through the bite on the neck.



    The dark colors and the basic idea makes people think about existence of devil and devilment. Currently this work is in the Museum d'Orsay in Paris.

   “Study of the portrait of Innocent X by Velazquez”, Francis Bacon

     One of the most frightening paintings in the world - this is a picture of well-known Francis Bacon “By Velasquez”.  The basis for this frightening painting is a paraphrase of the famous portrait of Pope Innocent X, painted by Diego Velazquez. Splattered blood, painfully distorted face of the Pope is depicted sitting in a metal tubular constructer, which on a closer inspection actually is a throne. His shrill screaming figure with clenched fists helplessly dissolved in the background of the painting, merging with its dramatic vertical stripes.



    The fire is burning directly under the papa’s throne. He can’t scream with the full voice. Can break his throne, can’t avoid his close death. Bacon mostly was writing something dark and mystical, full of death, suffering and pain. There is a theory that Bacon actually was in the close relationships with dark witches and demons, using black magic, spiritual rituals and supernatural powers. This is the true devilment.

“Severed heads”, Theodore Gericault



    Other very mystical person that might be used a sorcery or witchcraft – is a Theodore Gericault. He is the one of the oddest personalities among all French painters of the Romantic period. He is succeeded in creating the most accurate and credible images, and his paintings had always a very special realism.



    But it is worth saying that for the creation of such realistic paintings he used real severed limbs, including the heads of the dead people that sometimes he has got from the morgue and other various laboratories. People that knew this painter were saying that he is obsessed with the demons and the devil. Still looks crazy, isn’t it?

“The Temptation of St. Anthony”, Matthias Grunewald



    This artist in his work often turned to religious topics and ideas of the middle ages, even though he lived in the time of the Renaissance. The story says that St. Anthony was faced with tests of his faith during a long prayer in the desert. According to the legend, he was killed by a retinue of the devil, by a pure devilment. After his death, Saint Anthony rose and destroyed the demons. This painting depicts St. Anthony, which has been subjected to attack demons.

“Still life of masks”, Emil Nolde



    Emil Nolde - is one of the leading German painters - expressionists. The artist is also considered to be one of the greatest watercolors painters of the 20th century. Nolde is widely known for his vigorous, broad and expressive manner of writing and expressive choice of a color palette. The idea to create this painting appeared at Nolde after a visit the Berlin Museum and the study of different masks there. The expression of emotions, grotesque, dark spirit and some kind of a devilment influence - all these features are characteristic of the author's work.

“Saturn devouring his son”, Francisco Goya



    Perhaps one of the most terrible and mystical paintings, that was created by the famous Spanish artist Francisco Goya – one of the most mystical and unsolved painter. It is based on the Greek mythology, in which there was a legend about a father devouring his sons, so they will not take his place on the throne. The painting was done with extreme brutality and rigidity of the demonic. The picture had been exhibited at the show, as the scares people. The strange thing is that most people who see it just start crying for no reason, cry and pass out. Goya is considered one of the artists, obsessed with spirituality, mysticism, magic and devilment.


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