Mexican divination - Death that helps all

    Do you believe in magic, magic rituals and divination? Variety magic rituals, experts in magic and rituals at the moment are very high. In different countries, despite the religion people believe in different saints, and various divination rituals and spirits. However, it is South America has introduced a new concept in magic, and it showed that magic and religion are pretty similar and have many similarities. Mexicans often use Mexican divination.



    Citizens of Mexico practice the cult of the Santa Muerte - Saint Death. And this is not only about the magic and magical rituals; it is more even about religion. Santa Muerte is more like an old, very ancient religion that is based not on God, but more on a different Saints and spirits.

    Santa Muerte - this is not just something abstract, but it is a very real female creature. According to the legend about Santa Muerte, once she was a very beautiful and adorable girl. But now it is more often portrayed as a skeleton dressed in a white dress, and it is usually looks like a bride's wedding dress.



    What is the actual use of this sinister entity? Mexicans say that the use of the Saint Death is in the belief that it can help where other saints are totally powerless, and equally fair to all. Holy Death is extremely popular with the representatives of the “bottom society” – thieves the same like prostitutes, and also drug dealers. These people often arrange in their house a holy altar dedicated to the Santa Muerte. This altar usually generously decorated to sanctify contributed in their illegal fishing.  A lot of Mexican fortune tells that make a Mexican divination have such altar. As an offering to the altar people bring flowers, bread, also water, and different alcohol, even cigarettes.



    People that believe in the Holy Death are usually keeping her different images. For example the statues of Santa Muerte come in three colors: black, white and gold. Black color symbolizes – the strength, white color – the purity and also holy innocence, the golden color dedicated to the financial prosperity. Sometimes the Saint Death represents the attributes of the Christian Blessed Virgin Mary, but most of all she holds in one hand a globe, and the other - a braid that much more corresponds to the image of Death.



    Devotees worship worn on the chest instead of the cross scapular of the Santa Muerte, or even make a special tattoo depicting it. In their prayers, people asking for help in the holy work and business, as well as protection from evil.

Sorcerer heart of South America



    One of the main and the most interesting attractions of the capital of the State of Mexico is a magical market called these days Sonora or “Mercado de Sonora”. It is called the magical and spiritual center of the whole of South and Central America. The magic market works quite officially for Mexico, it is even under the auspices of the National Association of witches.



    At the market you can buy very different exotic goods like gold dust or black salt and powder of strange, smelly unknown ingredients. You also can ask for a Mexican divination. You can buy here “the water of Saint Ignatius” which supposedly keeps people from a different person unwanted attention. Sellers will offer you funds of everything that is related to magic and magical rituals- from any diseases, from weight loss or obesity, by fear of flying.



    Among the most popular products here you can find avocado leaves that allegedly benefiting from inflammation. Also if you want you can buy hirantodendron plant, which is used in heel diseases of the heart. In fact this word comes from the Greek Language “shiranthodendron” what means “a tree with human hands”. Citizens of Mexico call it the Hand of the Devil. Among huge range of plants you can find Jacaranda flowers which help if you have a problem with a stomach. You can buy here the blood of a rattlesnake or powder of dried hummingbirds, which will help you to attract the good luck or you can use it for Mexican divination.



    If you are interested in love charms you should for sure come to this magic market.  Love magic enjoys high demand in the market. Bestseller is so-called “Love Spray” that will cost you only a few dollars. If you are going to use it, the beloved will never break up with you. Also from love failures protect aromatic oils and lotions.



    Warlocks and mediums by the way the Spanish people call - “brujo”. They use a lot of different Mexican divination to help people. More women are considered to be powerful witches, that is, in our opinion, the witch. In addition to witches, at the market you can find Sonora mediums the same like psychics and fortune tellers of all kinds. You can ask you to tell fortunes palmist palm, to try their luck on the Tarot cards, pay for Mexican divination or look into the crystal ball. The belief in the occult forces of indestructible and the customer is always there.



    Another Mexican cult among magic rituals and Mexican divination associated with the drug. For example there is a white lophophore cactus. It is a cactus that grows in Mexico and some areas of North America get an aphrodisiac that called - mescaline. The very ancient Indians from Mexico saw cactus incarnation of the deity and also some ceremonies arranged to communicate with him. Different magic ritual action continues for quite a long time for twenty hours. Of particular importance was attached to his tribe Kiowa: all sat around the fire, then the priest or shaman prayers after handing pieces of cactus. Around midnight, they began to beat the drums - they called fun in gratitude to the gods.


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