Top 10 movies about the Dragons

    What do we know about the dragon? Yellow eyes, the scaly skin, sinewy wings, and the deadly breath of fire - this image we see in legends, myths, and of course, in the movies. And if the appearance of the winged creatures in all of these sources is roughly the same, their adventures and fates are more than different and exciting. For those who choose to immerse themselves in the magical world where the fire-breathing snake - is not just an element of a fairy tale or a symbol of the year on the eastern calendar, but ... a real character, we offer you 10 best movies about the dragons.



    In modern cinema, there are two different directions of movies about the fire-breathing creatures. Dragons can be evil and bloodthirsty creatures which are willing to kill every man, simply for its existence. Or, dragons can be friends - kind, honest, reliable, noble and courageous, willing to give his life for the person. We provide you with a list of the most interesting, magical, mystical and extraordinary films about dragons.

1. “The heart of the Dragon”



    For all fans of movies about dragons - a wonderful movie about the beautiful creatures of the fire, that was created by one of the best animation directors and designers. A creature named Draco definitely makes everyone believe in a dignity, honor, courage, kindness and love. There is also a sequel, titled "A New Beginning". A great movie made for both adults and children.

2. “Spirited Away”



    Here is another movie in which you can see the dragon, that could well be a friend to man. The fairy tale from Hayao Miyazaki, which tells us about a spoiled young girl named Chihiro. She should enter the world of the dead because she should save her parents from the evil fate. Haku as an Asian dragon has a classic look of a snake. He appears as a young boy whose true form – white snake. Haku devotes himself to Chihiro and ultimately helps to defeat the enemies in the spiritual world.

3. “The Never-ending Story”



    Dragon named Falkor - is a white snake, which is destined to help the young hero of the movie. The incredible tale, filmed on the famous novel, will no doubt surprise and inspire everyone who will watch it. There are already two sequels, as well as the soon to be filmed a modern remake of the film. The never-ending story never ends. Magic, goodness, love and adventure are filling the movie and are making it one of the best tales about dragons.

4. “How to Train Your Dragon”



    Definitely, dragons can be very attractive and interesting for the little boy or girl. And they can be so nice, that even a child will want to train his own fire-breathing creature and to leave yourself as a pet and friend. This movie is a prominent representative of that the dragons do not necessarily have to be as negative characters.

5. “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”



    A series of movies about the young wizard and his friends, who meets up with the dragons, and goes through lots of different crazy situations.

6. “Mulan”



    The major characters of the cartoon "Mulan" is a Chinese dragon named Mushu, who unwittingly become the best friend of the main character and accompanies her on the way to the goal. The girl and the funny little character are going through many adventures together. This film is another example of the fact that the creation of the fire can be a friend.

7. “Pete's Dragon”



    Another tale about funny and a silly dragon, which falls into different situations with his friend Pete - an orphan boy, who has no one else only the manual fire-breathing beast. The lovely children's fairy tale, which will show all children what is friendship, trust and love.

8. “Dragon slayer



    This film is from the category of the films in which a fire-breathing monster represents a very dangerous character and a hero. In the film, King makes a pact with a fire-breathing creature that it will get young girls as an offering, but then a villain will leave alone the whole kingdom. However, when the daughter of the king, the beautiful princess becomes the next victim of the evil monster, the old master and his young apprentice are deciding to kill the monster and to release all from the next bloodshed.

    And again we see Phil Tippet as the creator of the animation in this animated film. The thing is that this designer has thought up and designed how to capture still frames of animation. His idea has led to a nomination this movie for an Oscar for the visual effects.

9. “The Reign of Fire”



    More than just a futuristic movie plot about the evil monsters. Being frozen, the dragon awakens from a thousand-year sleep in the UK capital and at the same time hatches a lot of small eggs of the young dragons, which are quickly growing, are gradually reproducing and at the same time are capturing the entire Earth.

    A few years after the capture of the planet, the two brave heroes decide to go on the attack against the terrible fire-breathing monsters. In fact, the plot of the film pretty simple and not elaborate, but the picture is quite interesting, and dragons are very beautiful and realistic.

10. “D-War”



    An unusual film shot in South Korea with dignity closes the rating of the movies about dragons. Not standard scenes perfectly match with the destruction of the city and the attacks of the different types of dragons. It is necessary to pay attention and to see this movie.


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