Druid Horoscope

    Druids - the priests of the cult of nature of the Celts. According to their beliefs, the trees had special powers. Depending on the date of birth, each of us protects "own" tree, out of which we can draw vitality. After all, each plant has a soul; it is endowed with infinite wisdom and an inexhaustible supply of energy! The Druid Horoscope not only determines human destiny but also helps to know his character. It can help you to adjust your life. To change it for better you need to "communicate" with your tree more often.



     Oak (21/03 – the spring equinox)

    Representatives of this tree are people who stand firmly on their feet, and do not like people who show their weakness.



    Birch (24/06- the summer equinox)

    People of this tree are very flexible, can adjust to any situation, and are very friendly and hardly susceptible to any changes.

    Olive (23/09- the autumnal equinox)

    People with the symbol of this tree always have an unusual appearance, cheerful character and an easy disposition. Olives are not aggressive and are very charming therefore they are attractive to other people.

    Beech (21-22/12- the winter equinox)

    Beech tree has very valuable timber; it is not surprising that people with this symbol get everything in life if they rely on their cheerful character and an easy attitude towards people.



     Apple (23/12- 1/01, 25/06- 4/07)

    Apple gives an impression a pretty windy personality. They never count their money, so they often live with the debts. However, the people of the apple tree in the horoscope have one of the most cheerful and good characters.

     Fir (2/01 – 11/01, 5/07 – 14/07)

    People born under this sign give an impression of the very delicate person, but a little strange person. They are not without a healthy dose of snobbery and they are well versed in the attributes of luxury.



     Elm (12/01- 24/01 15/07- 25/07)

    According to the Druid horoscope, the Elm differs with beauty and power. By nature, people are reserved and balanced. They aware of their physical strength and apply it only in extreme cases.

     Cypress (25/01- 3/02 26/07 – 4/08)

    Cypress – is a typical intellectual. For all questions he has his own opinion and he does not hesitate of expressing it on public. Success in life is secondary for him, money and fame - too. The main thing for him is happiness.



     Poplar (4/02- 8/02 5/08- 13/08)

    The Druid Horoscope gave to this tree stunning features: over the years he is only prettier. Such people are blessed with a slim figure and attractive appearance. But the representative of this sign is afraid of time.

     Cartas South (9/02- 18/02 14/08- 23/08)

    According to the Druid horoscope, Cartas south, or Cedar - is one of the most positive signs. It's easy to find a common language with people under this sign. People born under the auspices of this plant are flexible, responsive, and able to think positively and are able to infect others with their good mood.



    Pine (19/02- 28/02 24/08- 2/09)

    Pine in any situation behaves with dignity. But it lacks generosity and integrity. She does not like create problems in a communication and very rarely gets in conflict with others. The main priority in her life is her own well-being.



     Willow (1/03- 10/03 3/09 – 12/09)

    As the Druid horoscope notes Willow is a true contemplative. From time to time it is immersed in thought on a variety of topics and dislikes when it distracting. But the average representative of the sign is not a pessimist, but just has a deep and vulnerable nature.

    Linden (11/03 – 20/03 13/09 - 22/09)

    Linden outwardly seems weak and vulnerable being, but deep in the heart it is a true fighter! Linden has disgust to injustice, and she tries the every possible way to resist it. Such people are easy-going and good-natured.



    Hazel (22/03- 31/03 24/09- 3/10)

    The Druid horoscope describes Hazel as follows: outwardly he is not remarkable, is in poor health, but has the huge potential of life, not a strong personality, but communication with him will stay in a memory for a long time thanks to his sharp mind, charm and eloquence.

     Rowan (1/04- 10/04 4/10- 13/10)

    Rowan is an optimistic and emotionally stable sign. He likes to dress nice and trendy, has an impeccable sense of style. In society, these people are nice and friendly. They are very self-confident, have set themselves to high standards of their own achievements, they achieve quickly and successfully their goals.

   Maple (11/04- 20/04 14/10- 23/10)

    Maple – is such a perfectionist! He is very careful in choosing friends, has exquisite manners and a great connoisseur of beauty. He appreciates the company of influential people, beautiful women, and reliable partners.



     Walnut (21/04 – 30/04 24/10 – 2/11)

    According to the horoscope of the Druids, Walnut does not like to seem natural. With remarkable self-control, a representative of this sign is actively working on them, he instills himself impeccable manners in order to bring his image to perfection and make new achievements.




    Chestnut (1/05- 14/05 3/11 – 11/11)

    Chestnut is charming, but he does not use this. This sign has boundless energy. Freedom for him is the main priority in life. And for his place under the sun, he is ready to compete.

     Jasmine (15/05- 24/05 12/11- 21/11)

    As the horoscope says - Jasmine rarely shows his emotions to others. He is not devoid of sensitivity, but in a society tries to be restrained and balanced. In disputes, they often participate as arbitrators.



    Ash (25/05- 3/06 22/11 -1/12)

    The Druid Horoscope gives many positive features to Ash: attractive appearance, physical strength, good character. However, those who were born under the influence of Ash have some disadvantages. Firstly, they are very demanding. Second - do not like when their opinion is challenged.

    Hornbeam (4/06- 13/06 2/12- 11/12)

    As the Druid horoscope notes - Grab reaches greatest prosperity in youth. With age, its visual appeal is lost, but a solid experience, coupled with the wisdom of doing that person in its own eyes attractive.

    Figs (14/06- 23/06 12/12 – 20/12)

    According to the horoscope of the Druids, Fig tree rarely goes unnoticed. Externally, the representative of this unremarkable sign, but it is pleasant to deal with, because he's smart, erudite and charming. Due to an extraordinary thinking he quickly succeeds in society.


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