Druid sings

    It's not a secret that every nation had its secret magic signs and symbols that are transmitted from one generation to another generation. Not all good symbols and signs are still same good, some of them in the hands of wicked black witches turned into bellicose and evil objects. Just like one of the Celtic sun symbols, which meant «brace» eventually became a symbol of Nazi Germany. However, not all Celtic signs suffered the same fate; most of them have been preserved in its original form, and they are still good and clean today. What were they, the druid signs?

    Initially, it should be said that the Druids – are Celtic priests, who lived in Britain and Gaul, and were the Celtic preachers who professed paganism. The Druids had three main signs, which were essential for paganism: trinacria, a maze or a spiral and the Celtic cross.



    Trinacria - this is one of the first Celtic druid signs. This symbol survived to modern times and can be found today all over the world in the different variations. The main translation of the word trinacria literally means - "three running legs." That is what this symbol resembles if you will take a closer look. It can be found among the Scandinavians, Cretan-Macedonians, the Etruscans, ancient Japanese’s and the peoples of the Himalayas.



    Trinacria represents the motion of the sun, and it is known that in the III-II centuries. BC. Celts actively used it in their drawings. Generally, trinacria – is a very ancient symbol. It has a similar meaning and appearance as the Indo-European symbol "posolon". As posolon, trinacria distinguish the direction of its "feet" ("tribes") – turned to the right symbolizes the good, turned to the left - the evil.

    In the Middle Ages Order of the Templars, as well as the Christian Church used trinacria. Christians meant trinacria as Trinity - three rays symbolize God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit. But in the 1642 Pope Urban VIII forbade the use of pagan symbol for the Trinity. Trinacria as one of the most sacred druid signs is often associated with three elements: sky, water, land, or (invalid option), water, air, fire. Why wrong? The Celts did not put a fire on the top of all the elements, because as represented by the Universe, the unity of the Three Kings: the earth, sea and sky.



    Trinacria have a set of values. He is a symbol of harmony with the whole universe and the symbol of the movement in the front and a symbol of a joy. Some see trinacria as the symbol of the movement of the sun - "legs" show the three main provisions of the sun: sunrise, noon and sunset. And also it shows the three stages of life - childhood, adulthood, old age. Later, the symbol began to mean "run" time, the course of history and the rotation of the stars. At a later time trinacria depicted in the form of two interconnected maze or spiral form in the center of the triangle.



    Labyrinth and the spiral have many interpretations and both of them are also druid signs. According to one version, they are a symbolic representation of the human journey from birth to death, on the other - the movement of stars in the sky, and another version says that it's just a picture of the sun.  Religious sourcessay that the center of the spiral - a spirit that is present in each of us.



    Spiral can twist both clockwise and also counterclockwise, which is probably also has its value. And most likely, clockwise - is a sign of prosperity and anti-clockwise - decline. But it must be remembered that the Celts did not make a clear distinction between the darkness and the light. More precisely the division was, but the attitude of the dark and light was different than, for example, we have now.



    It is believed that three trinacria spiral was the "central figure of the Celtic symbolism" and one of the most important druid signs that was called the "Spiral of Life". Denotes a trinacria, in essence, the same as usual - the basic elements of the universe (earth, sea and sky), or the human life cycle (birth, death and rebirth), a threefold image of the Mother-Goddess (the girl, the mother, an old woman). One of the most ancient images of spirals and spirals trinacria three were found on the rocks of New Grange in Ireland.



    Celtic cross is remarkable in that he seems like he is overlapping the circles. Almost always, such a cross is decorated with Celtic ornament. The earliest crosses and the cross-shaped stones were located in Ireland and Northern Umbria. A tradition of decorating the crosses went from ornamentation of the North of Scotland - the territory of Picts - indigenous population of Scotland was the first who decorated the carved crosses.



    The main symbols of the cross (philosophical version) is the union of the heaven and earth, male and female. The symbolism of the Celtic cross is not very clear - in fact there is also a circle as all other druid signs contain too. According to one version, the four ends of the cross "symbolize the infinite expansion of spiritual consciousness." But the inner circle - a "unification and consolidation of the earthly and heavenly forces in the central point with the source of spiritual energy."



    If you throw the philosophy and look at the cross, we can see that he is descended from a solar sign, symbolizing the movement of the Sun on the celestial sphere. A circle symbolizes the annual path of the Earth around the sun. The upper point of intersection of the cross and the circle symbolizes the winter solstice the one of the most important druid signs (the day was most sacred to the Druids, and it is here that they started a year), lower point - the summer solstice, the right and left point - during the spring and autumn equinox.


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