There are moments in our life when we really need something to be done or we just want something to be our way, but unfortunately it is impossible. Then you just remember some fairytale or magic story, where character could just pronounce some special words or even not that special, maybe it was just some wish and everything he/she said came true. Imagine how great would be to do the same in real life. You just say “Abracadabra” and everything happens as you want. You may think it’s not possible, but it’s not true. Let me tell you about great power of enchantment.



    I think the first magic word that comes in mind is exactly “Abracadabra”. If you think that this word is senseless you are badly wrong. According to some researches it is not some kind of letters row, the common definition of it sound like: “I create as I speak”. It is interesting that from the very beginning this magic spell was mentioned as the cure from diseases, and the healing prescribe was to wear the triangle amulet with this word written on it.



    Another not less famous magic spell is “Hocus Pocus”. I think this enchantment is familiar to every person, who at least once visited magic shows and performances. Unlike the first one it doesn’t has the real power and the meaning of words is still undefined. Scientific researches have shown that there are some stories about the origin of these words. The most common story is that “Hocus Pocus” is the “dog” Latin form of the Latin religious phrase. Other researchers say that it is a name of the famous English magician. Also there is a thought that it is connected to mythical and legendary name of magician from Norse stories. So it is your choice what you want to believe in.



    So first of all enchantment is some kind of magic spell, which you may create using words. Long time ago people started to notice that words have really strong power. That’s why starting from ancient history people start to use words in order to make wishes come true, to heal sicknesses, to influence the nature (in particular weather) etc.

    Usually people connected things and words that defined them; they thought that there was a significant mysterious connection, which people may use. For example in ancient Egypt there were some believes that secret names of Gods, demons or other creatures cannot be discovered, otherwise the person, which is responsible for such discover can use this knowledge against them. It is well known that magicians used special language to make enchantment, so other people could not discover the meaning of these words in order to break the power of the spell. Egypt was not the only one, where spells were used. In Middle Ages a lot of magicians used special formulas for the incantations; they thought that it was very efficient because no one understood it. Another important thing was tone of voice, which as well affected the final result.



    We have been hearing about enchantment since our childhood, for example in different fairytales. Everyone remembers Sleeping beauty, where the evil fairy put a spell on the little girl and after the spindle prick this girl has fallen asleep until prince comes and kisses her. The same story is about famous Cinderella and her magic transformation with the help of her fairy godmother. Also there are plenty of cartoons and movies, dedicated to witches and magic characters which use enchantment. Who does not remember Harry Potter? I guess each of us has a dream to get a letter from the Hogwarts owl deep inside and study at the School of Witchcraft.



    From fairytales, stories and real life events we see that spells can be used for good and for bad reason. How many times there were news about some people deceives? The good example can be psychological pressure or mind and thoughts affecting. So it is really important to know limits and be careful with your wishes, because dreams do come true.

    There are a lot of causes to use enchantment, the most popular are:


    Protection spells appeared long time ago, when believes in supernatural was on the top of human faith.   People believed in powerful Gods, which can manage the human life as well as weather, harvest etc. For this reason people started to look for the life, health and wealth protection from the Gods or Saints side. Until now we have a lot of prayers, which are supposed to protect us from bad and evil, so since those times not much has changed.




    Usually curse spells are used in order to make damage. It consists from bad words, which may cause sickness, bad luck, debility and even death. Curses were really common for Middle Ages, where we can find a lot of references about witches and wizards. Usually it was used against other people, animals, plants and other living creatures. Nowadays curses are not taken that serious, but there are proofs about their bad influence on, so it is something you have to be careful with.




    From the fairytales we have heard about magical transformation of characters like “Beauty and the Beast” or “The Swan Princess”, which were caused by enchantment. History and legends confirm the fact of human interest in transformation, for example in Egypt people believed that with the help of magic spell they can transform to another creature after death, so their spirit could live in the body of animal or another human form.




    This kind of spells includes those which are made in order to gain something. People always wanted to make wishes come true, so this was the way to solve this problem. The most popular spells were dedicated to love gaining or imprison of evil spirits. The last one was mentioned in a row of resources, such as Jewish folklore etc.



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