Mythology of evil spirits

    Every mythology and religion has in its hands a set of different sayings and proverbs, stories about good and evil spirit that explain the fundamentals and rules right from the point of view of the religion behavior. And, of course, this parable is a wise and smart way how to teach people to be honest, respectful, not to commit crimes or sins. So, here is a list of the most unusual and thrilling spirits from the all old religions. They are carefully watch after what are you doing and just waiting for a coming chance to pay you of everything that you have done in your life.


   They are the old demons of the sinner who is already left this world. This myth comes from an old Ashkenazi Jewish literature and myths. Instead of leaving this world and going to the eternal light and rest, Dybbuk, which is being retained in this world after accomplished crimes, prefers to inhabit the body of the still living human that committed some sins and spoil his own life and the life of other people that surround him.



    Dybbuk is an evil spirit and is the analogue of the Catholic scary demons. To avoid meeting with the demon - Dybbuk you just need not to commit any sins and crimes, you need to be honest and respectful.




    One of the mythology characters - Goliath was not the main giant man in the Holy Book, a man of the enormous sizes. In fact, there is a possibility that he was the ancestor of the whole entire race of the biblical giants more known in the history as the Nephilim race. In the Bible of Enoch Nephilim is a fallen angel, that was born from the intimate relationships between a human woman and the son of the God or an angel.



    Scientists don’t have only one opinion about origin of the giants.  Some scientists believe that the race of the giants called Nephilim took place  from one of the brothers Abel and Cain, the other believe that they were born  after the union between different angels and terrestrial women. But anyway it is fully clear that these giants were for sure very huge cruel creatures. As a human contact with them you would not have wished for.


    This evil spirit is very unpleasant character that appeared in one of the Eastern religions such as Buddhism religion, Hinduism religion and Sikhism.

    In the ancient times Western religions believed that spirits of the dead people become demons after committing their own sins, but in the Eastern religions it was more difficult. People believed that into a demon the spirit can be born only because they were hostages of their bad karma, spoiled by previous incarnations.



    The Prets feel an insatiable hunger and thirst, and they look like creatures with a small neck and a huge insatiable belly. To change bad karma into a good, relatives should conduct a special ceremony.


    This myth leads its roots to an ancient Buddhist religion. Rakshasa is the demon-eater. If we are talking about the western religions, it should be noted that western evil spirit, usually endowed with a very specific mandate: some spirits are torturing, other spirits are threatening, others scare to death, and the last spirits are killing people.



    Rakshasa, in its turn, have a fairly very wide range of his possibilities. These demons can turn into another person and creature as they wish. Only two things are not changing, they always have their huge and sharp claws, and they eat for sure people. No one knows where or how they have appeared in the Buddhist mythology and religion and it is rather scary story for Buddhists.


    In the Islamic old mythology the genies are the only existing creatures besides people itself with their own free will. Genies live like in a different parallel world, which means that we cannot and do not see them, but this spirits can see us.



    They are born, marry, procreate, and die the same as the normal people, after death they appear in front of the strict court of God - Allah. You are fully free to believe in the existence of them, or not to believe at all. But Genies exist in a few different types. But you should always remember that especially and the most malicious ones are evil spirit efreets - very huge and very winged, vicious and cunning fiends, living underground. And, of course, they serve to Iblis (the Satan in Islamic mythology).


    People traditionally can find in the Jewish old literature the interesting word “Abaddon” which definition is “the destruction”. But later in the Christian different stories this definition got fully physical embodiment - the angel or the spirit of the destruction and the awful death.



    This demon is also named the “World Destroyer” and you can find him under the name “The King of the Locusts” after the disaster caused by this evil spirit. According to the unique texts, originally Abaddon was one of the angels - the angel Muriel, who has collected the dust from which God created his son - Adam. And according to other version, the main role and goal of this demon was to watch after Devil in hell.


    Unlike the other existing stories about Eastern evil spirit, the Vitale prefer not to eat or kill or make troubles to the living people but to deal with the dead people, with literally dead -already with the corpses.



    After Vitale get inside of the body, it stops to decompose, and walks just around like some kind of a zombie. That is how zombies appeared in the mythology of the Central America. The only one difference is that Vitale is not really interested into eating human flesh or taking brains. His main goal is just to be very annoying and to torment peoples envy.


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