Are we alone in the universe? Does extraterrestrial life exist?

    The primitive man looked anxiously at the distant, cold stars in the dark sky. Modern man conquered gravity and has penetrated into space vast universe. And still, plunged into this unknown world, people not only hadn’t unraveled its mysteries, but only more and more entangled in them. Who are we? Why and how life arose? What will happen to us in the future? Is eternal life possible? Does the extraterrestrial life exist or we are alone in the universe?

    Space has always attracted and fascinated us. Millions of enlightened minds fought and continue to fight not only with the eternal questions of human existence. They have not abandoned their attempts to find signs of intelligent, extraterrestrial life in the universe and establish contacts with it.

    Agree that for the cinema this issue - is more than just fascinating and mesmerizing. It always finds a ready response in the hearts of romantics and inquisitive indomitable visionaries. Those, who as a child, was reading science fiction novels about the unseen worlds, becoming an adult, with a special thrill is now watching "Space" movies. And this is quite understandable. After all, everything mysterious, unexplored and unexplained is so captivating and tempting. We offer your attention the best films about space, aliens and extraterrestrial life, many of which have become iconic and have earned the love of viewers around the world.

    Alien 1979

    Cargo spacecraft returns to Earth, but on its way back captures the signal from an unknown planet. The astronauts made an unscheduled stop and discovered strange cocoons of giant size. Soon huge nasty creatures started to destroy every living thing in its path.

    Apollo 13, 1995

    The crew of astronauts is sent on a special mission into space. The ship "Apollo 13» third time had to bring a man to the moon. However, the spaceship in a distress and a crew has to forget about the landing. Now the main goal of the crew is to survive in the vast expanses of the universe.

    Solaris 1972

    For several generations, the scientists observed a mysterious planet called Solaris, which is covered with an unfathomable Ocean. Psychologist Chris Kelvin arrives at the research station. He discovers that some of the scientists were killed, and the survivors have lost their minds. Shortly after it, his beloved Harry appears in front of him, but it is impossible because she has committed suicide on land.

    Armageddon, 1998

    An asteroid of a huge size is approaching to the Earth. All calculations indicate that a collision cannot be avoided. The team of the best astronauts from around the world sent to the space mission to meet death, to give humanity a chance for salvation.

    2001: A Space Odyssey 1986

    The spaceship "Discovery" is sent to Jupiter in search of a certain monolith stone that can shed a light on the mysteries of the human universe. However, during the journey, the entire crew perishes tragically, apart from the captain who realizes the shocking secrets of existence and makes amazing discoveries.

    Contact 1997

    Ellie had the delirious dreams about the distant galaxies since her childhood. Her parents died when she was a child. By becoming an astrophysicist, she continued to believe that her family is somewhere in the universe. For years, Ellie is trying to get a radio signal from space. And now when she did it, she embarks on a journey to meet with the unknown extraterrestrial life.

    Star Wars 1977

    This exciting, fantastic saga is about intergalactic wars. Merciless Lord Darth Vader is not only the head of the powerful dark empire, but also completely rules almost the entire Galaxy. Only the noble Jedi can challenge the villain because he wants to return his republic the prosperity and peace.

    The Fifth Element 1997

    Outside is the XXIII century. An average taxi driver Corbin Dallas will protect humanity from the evil forces of the Dark Universe. Prevent the threat can only by means of the four elements of water, fire, earth, and air, as well as by means of the mysterious key - the fifth element, whose whereabouts is not known to anyone.

    Moscow-Cassiopeia 1974

    The young inventor Victor Sereda constructs spaceship "Dawn" for the flight to the planet Shedder, where was received the signal from the intelligent inhabitants of the universe. Starship crew consists of students-scientists because the goal can be reached only after a few decades. However, because of Fedor Lobanov, the ship reaches the planet 27 years earlier.

    War of the Worlds 2005

    One of ordinary rest days of New Jersey was suddenly broken. At first, people started to find strange marks of lightning strikes on the pavement. Very soon the entire population of the planet will be on the brink of total destruction.

    Do you believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life? There is no real evidence to date. However, we have heard various stories of eyewitnesses: UFOs, spaceships, the signals from the Universe, crop circles, people who have become victims of the aliens.


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