Faery – top 5 movies for Christmas holidays

    Looking for a New Year’s mood? Forgot what magic and mystery are? This top is for those people who had already lost their faith in miracles. Why we’ve made this top? Because until the New Year’s Eve and Christmas Eve left just a short time and we all need a sip of a miracle and mysterious events. Do you want to tune up yourself and your friends? We created a top of 5 movies that will bring you into magical world of faery and other magical creatures.



    We can start our top with "The Tenth Kingdom" (TV series, showed first in 2000). The usual normal girl Virginia works as a waitress in one of the New York café.  Unexpectedly she finds herself in the middle of magical and fantastic events. She got into such events just because she once saved a very cute little dog. He turned an enchanted prince Wendel, who fled the country that called “The Nine Realms” into our world.



    Prince is the only grandson of the Snow White and the direct heir to the throne.  But there is the evil queen that has other plans. The Queen hires the Wolf to find and to kill Virginia and Wendel.  “I met a girl I really, really like it. That's just no way I can understand what I really want: to marry her or eat her?”  In the film, everyone can recognize intertwined stories of fairy tales, about faery and other magic creatures. The worlds are connected with the mirrors. So - all can be.



    Our second step is a very nice and full of action movie called “Stardust”. The movie created in 2007 this movie become one of the most liked because of this faery topic. Have you already seen? Then make a review and watch it again! Neil Gaiman – today is one of the best storytellers of our times, and of course Matthew Vaughn – he is one of the best mainstream filmmakers of our times. Their co-production work – is one of the best fantasy creations of recent years, the same amount funny and exciting and also incredibly beautiful, adorable and witty film.



    Young Tristan Thorn rash promises the most beautiful girl of the village that he will bring her to the flying star from the sky which had fallen on the other side of the wall. A Zastene - supernatural parallel universe, where exist both magic and faery. Here are fighting for power few brothers who are princes, and we should remember about witches that dream to regain youth, and fallen stars are quite a pretty girls. And Tristan also doesn’t know all about himself. For two hours, “Stardust” surprised not only by the number of different plot twists and special effects, but a brilliant game of a young but already experienced actors.



    The third place of the top is a beautiful and exciting fairy tale, of course with a happy ending that called “Enchanted”. Movie created the same in 2007 and is telling a very good story that makes one believe in a miracle, look around and see what you did not notice before. For the princess Giselle, which acted by Amy Adams, life is a fairy tale. She has everything to be a princess: beauty with a pure and true heart, amazing, pleasant voice and an adorable uncanny ability easily to communicate with different animals. So she has everything you need for a happy life in a fabulous magical country called - Andalusia. But all of this is just drawn.



    And so a young girl from the animated world fell in love with a handsome prince that is acted by James Marsden, much to his angry stepmother, the witch Narissu. With the help of black evil magic this queen sends the unfortunate princess in the only place in the universe where there is no actual and true love as she thought – to New York’s Manhattan. And yesterday's cartoon would have to survive somehow in reality, turned into a real girl. Following Giselle get into the real world and the other characters from the animated fairy tale, and the princess watches as the two worlds - the real and the painted - face each other, and ponders whether her love of a prince from fairy tale to go through the test in the real world ...



    As the curtain of our top movies about faery and magic comes the movie called “Tooth Fairy”. Very nice movie created in 1997 with a famous actress of 90s - Kirstein Alley. If you want to understand that the main thing in life is a huge fight for happiness so you should watch this movie about magic, love, faery and friendship. If by absurd coincidence you died in the prime time of your life, do not think it warrants a pass to the paradise. At first you need to work out the accumulated all you done sins. That is why a dentist Catherine, for example, got a new job in the other heaven world to work at first as dental faery. She should collect fallen baby teeth of children and after that she will get to heaven. The main work is almost the profile.



    The only problem is that the character of the newly-minted witch with higher medical education has one, and keeps within the rules it is very difficult. When Katherine went against the rules she made friends with the same obstinate as she was, a boy named Bobby and so on events begin to develop in a very unpredictable and crazy way!



    If even after this story you do not believe in miracles, you risk missing opportunities New Year's Eve. And it is no good. Then you should start with the old Soviet movies. “Magicians” (1982), in general, need no introduction. Christmas story that true love can make miracles, that good always wins, and that the good people are always good.



    After these top 5 movies you will for sure feel something new and always remember it doesn’t matter how old are you, Christmas and New Year always a time when something magical can happen! You just need to believe!


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