Under a Spell of Fear

    From time to time in our lives we have to deal with panic attacks and stresses. How to cooperate with yourself in this case?

    There is a very simple, but certainly effective magic method that will help you to get rid of a fear, anxiety and panic - this is an utter magic spell that will free you from your fear, which will for sure help you. In the old villages people often use such powerful texts.

    You can apply these spells too, because during the panic and fear of the presence of protective forces your body requires urgent magical and supernatural help. Send all your willpower and positive energy on your fears to defeat them. Spells in their turn will also help you.



    Such magic spells you can use for yourself, and for anyone who captured the panic attack or stress because of the fear. These are the three most effective magic spells, which can induce absolutely anyone who believes in his supernatural power, and defensive power of magic.

Which fears can be defeated with the help of a magic spell?



    Our daily lives often carry a series of a various stresses, difficult situations and difficult choices. In addition, spells often help us to cope not only with the daily fear, but also with the fears of water, heights, fire and animals. Fear obscures emergency thoughts and prevents us from focusing on overcoming the fear by ourselves and to cope with panic attacks.



    In this state, you cannot make any informed decisions. Just a little stress or fright may develop into a serious panic. Most often this happens if you meet directly with your fear, or anything or anyone forces you to face something that is frightening you.



    Panic - is a condition when your physical and mental strength fail you. People become very weak and exposed and not only in a psychological way but also in a magical way too. Many evil warlocks and witches can harm a person using his fears against him. Therefore, there are special spells to induce fear and spells to overcome fear.

How do I know that I got under the spell of fear?



    If suddenly you feel a wild terror, you cannot breathe, you have cloudy vision, your heart beats faster than usual, and you are terribly afraid, it is likely that you got under the magic spell of fear. To cope with the induced fear and your fears will help a special spell.

Rustic magic spell on the Saints



    At the first signs and displacement of anxiety or extreme fear or panic you should read such a rustic spell and make a rite. The Saints will surely come to you and give a protection to you and save you from all the dangers and stresses. Faith in the Saints - this is your best defender.



    In total there is only one restriction on the use of the ancient text. The man who utters the words, must not only believe in magic and magical power, but just as much to believe in God, and have no doubt in the power of magic and the power of religion. Your faith in God and in magic and witchcraft will guide you a very powerful positive energy, which will reject all dark and evil on you and will make efforts enemies and evil spirits against them. If faith is not present or it is weak - use any other option.



    Most often in the countryside people use a simple Christian prayer on his Saint. It is therefore necessary to determine your Saint and find a prayer to your Saint.

Spell on fire, water and earth

    Our fears are rooted deep in a childhood period, which is why during the panic attack and terror, we cannot focus, we lose our will and the tears come out.

    There is a quick way to remove this condition. The easiest way to bring it to the other person, but also it will work on you. If the one, who would like to help, is far away from you - read these words three times:

"How this sheet burns, how this fire smokes, the fear of a "Name» disappears with him, neither in the house nor in the soul, leaves the earth and heaven. I implore the Lord's name. Amen".

    You will need:

    • church candle;

    • paper;

    • matches;

    • glass of water;

    • ground (can be in the yard or on the street).



    Take a candle and light it. Write the name of the person you want to protect or your name. Fold a piece of paper, read the spell for the first time. When you start reading the second time, light the paper from the candle and until it burns continue reading the text of the magic spell. The third time, says the words already on the ashes, mix it with water and pour it on the ground.

Fast spell from all anxiety and fear



    In the night and during the day time, in the middle of the city, in your apartment, all the dark forces try to break through, to prevent you from going your own the right way. When this happens the anxiety and fears cover you.

    Memorize this spell "against all the anxiety and horror", repeat it whenever you want - there is no restrictions on the amount of repeated times.

    "There is no fear of any dark night or in deserted desert, neither fire, nor water, nor in the face of the deceased, neither in the earthly court. There is no fear in the heart of the servants of God "Name". In the name of Jesus Christ, I do not fear death. Amen".



    It helps even in the situation if someone is deliberately trying to bring you under the magic spell of fear and panic. This effective spell of fear will help your kids. Fears can be overcome - believe in yourself, a powerful energy that will light the way and protect you is already inside you- just awake her with your inner supernatural magic power.


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