Surprising and strange festivals around the world

    For the people holidays certainly are necessary, and of course they are an integral part of our life, because it is the way to refresh you and get some new emotions, and the ability to escape quickly from the ordinary days and daily quests and deeds. For these purposes there were invented colorful and really beautiful, unusual and surprising, and sometimes quite bizarre festivals, that are sometimes even with the mystical component. When you will learn about some of the festivals held on this planet, you are once again will be surprised of boundless imagination of all mankind.

    The more colors - the more life. Holy



    If there was a ranking of the most vibrant and truly alive and full of energy festivals, undoubtedly, the annual traditional spring festival of the bright colors, the holiday which is carried out in India - Holy - would have won a victory, well, or a prize for sure. The party is accompanied by the mass festivities, during which people sprinkle each other with colors from natural dyes (hum) and herbs and are pouring with water.



    There is no exact date for this holiday; the date changes every year, depending on the full moon. The Indians believe that as more paint will be poured on the face and clothes during the party, the better and brighter will be the next year. Following the example of the Indian population, now our compatriots that were inspired by the idea of this holiday, are spending it in Ukraine.

Tomato invasion. Tomatina



     Amazing and actually a very strange fest is held annually in the sunny country, country of tomatoes - Spain, in the small town called Buñol. The meaning of the party is in throwing each other with tomatoes. This holiday gathers about 30 000 persons, but you have to bear in mind that the population of Buñol is approximately 9 000.



    To prepare this funny holiday, not only guests of the city, but also local vendors who harbor their shops and stalls away from the tomato invasion. In the city center people are bringing 10 tons of tomatoes and tomato fight begins.

Dirty games. Boryeong Mud Fest



    For Asians the strange and slightly ambiguous holidays are sufficiently familiar and of course because mysteries of the East are unfathomable. For example, in the South Korean city, that is called Boryeong, takes place every summer a very unusual and strange festival. It was already held for the first time in 1998, and has gained immense, indeed, very shocking popularity among the population.



    Already in 2006, this holiday has gathered half a million visitors. For the festival near the city people are digging the dirt, and are bringing in the special places - «Mud Experience Land», where holiday participants smear each other with mud.

Women wearing Championship



    This festival is arranged with the race with obstacles, and with the need to carry around your neck your own wife. The winning participant will receive the same amount of beer, which is equal to the weight of his wife.



    The festival was invented in Finland, but it has become so popular that it is now held out in many cities around the world, confirming the love of men to beer in the world, regardless of nationality.

Naked fest. Hadaka Matsuri

    Participants of the naked party from the clothes have only traditional Japanese cloths called "Fedosha". People are wearing only the loincloths during the holiday. At the party participants can be purified spiritually, by throwing dirt and by pouring water on each other. This Party is held in summer and winter. The most popular place for the celebration is a temple called Saydadzi in the Okayama city, where 9,000 men participate annually.

Monkey fest. Lopburi monkey day



    The festival takes place in Thailand. For this festival usually are invited more than 600 monkeys, which are treated with sausages, various fruits, ice cream and other goodies.



     This fest is conducted by the population of Thailand - a sign of gratitude to the monkeys because they attract many tourists every year.

Vegetarian scary fest

    Among the most bizarre festivals, this party takes the first place and is winning the first prize. This is because the participants are subjected to various tortures by their own will. It is believed that walking on fire, extreme piercings and other sophisticated methods of self-mutilation can provide the mercy of the gods.



    Proving such a faith, they are convinced that they will get protection from the vicissitudes of fate of the gods, from the scars, as well as death from loss of blood. The last point is particularly relevant, as participants in this strange and scary holiday every year come up with more sophisticated ways of tormenting and torturing themself. Festival held in late September, early October. The participants – are mostly Chinese people that are living in Thailand. During the fest time, is observed a strict vegetarian diet, worn white robes and be sure to follow 10 rules, allowing purifying the mind and body.

    It has been rated 7 out of the most bizarre, a bit strange, but quite happy holidays, excluding holiday of the vegetarians, which can easily reach anyone. Spend time actively, meet new people, and get an incredible experience, clear thinking and positive energy will help different festivals and celebrations around the world.



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