The Mystery of Flowers and Plants. 5 Plants which you should have at Home

    All that surrounds us affects us. Will we turn a blind eye to it or not, the world is still affecting us. So why not make friends with the world around us, and not to use this influence to their advantage? In this article, I will share with you information about the plants, the effect of which can be used for good.

    Knowing the properties of some home plants, you will be able to harmonize the energy in your home, as well as protect your heart and your loved ones from harmful influences from outside. You do not necessarily have them all. You can select those plants that are close to you, and whose magical properties you find suitable for your particular home.


    This plant manifests lunar and Martian nature. This great indoor plant is known for its healing properties, also has very valuable magical properties. It protects against bad influences and protects against accidents. For this purpose, is well to put Aloe in the nursery or in the studio, especially if you have to deal with dangerous tools. Put Aloe in a room where you spend the most time and where you are receiving guests, so the plant will harmonize the space. If it is possible, put it at the entrance, because this flower brings good luck and ward off evil spirits.

    Aloe loves the sunshine, the southern window, does not like a lot of moisture. It is enough to water 1-2 times a week. In the summer it will be happy to live in the open air, the balcony or in the front garden.

Saintpaulia (Violets)

    Violets have a lunar nature.

    It will help to create a spiritual atmosphere in the home. To do this, put it in the room where you have the altar or the whole family spends the most time, i.e., in those places where it is important to maintain the state of spirituality, harmony, and closeness to the Divine. It will bring peace, understanding, and harmony in your home. And yet, it will save you from ants and cockroaches. That is also good because having cockroaches in the house promises you of poverty and having in the house ants promises you irritation and discomfort.

     Besides "Saintpaulia" has a protective property. In order, the flowers have shown their powers and drove away from the negative energy of the enemy from the house, put them on the windows, especially on those, which are located in the front of the house, as well as the hallway.

     It likes a rich, systematic watering and humidity, does not like direct sun rays. Violet Saintpaulia feels good on the western and northern windows.

Geranium (Pelargonium)

    It has a bright nature of Venus.

    All kinds of Pelargonium flowers have protective properties, especially with the red colors.  Better to put it at the entrance to the apartment or at the entrance to the courtyard (in summer), as well as on the windows from the street. Geranium with pink flowers is good for someone who wants to start relations. Put it on the east or south side. If you want to enhance fertility, put into the bedroom Geranium with white flowers.

    She does not like spraying, loves the warmth and grows well in moist and dry soil. It grows well on the south side.

Pipal Tree

    Pipal tree has the nature of Jupiter.

    If you put it in the room where you have the altar or where you do meditation practices, it will increase your wisdom, your connection to the divine, as well as your ability to meditate. He also has a magical property of giving fertility. For this purpose, is well to put it in the bedroom. Its nature is such that evil spirits cannot stand his "company." It protects the house with their presence in it, so it's good to put Ficus in the central room of your house or your apartment.

    She loves the sun but does not like direct rays. Watering moderate without drought and flooding.

Cactus Decembrist (Zigokaktus)

    Decembrist is an excellent active protection of your home. Place it at the entrance, and he will protect you from unwanted visitors and those who are trying to disturb the peace and security of your family home. In addition, the Decembrist as any cactus can absorb negativity. If at home or at work, you have a source of negativity you need to put a cactus in the room where such a person is most often.

    It grows well on the northern windows, and on the east, if it is not exposed to direct sunlight. He loves heat and watering, but not very excessive.

The ritual of awakening

    Other plants that can also bring in the house positive energy, luck, prosperity, and love: Krasulia (Money Tree, Crassula, Jade Tree, Tree of Friendship), Zamioculcas, (Dollar Tree), Oxalis Violet (Flower Tree, Butterfly Tree, Oxalis Pink).

     It is worth remembering that all the flowers can show their qualities when they are healthy. Therefore, you should pay attention to how to care for one or another flower. In addition, the magical properties of the flower will emerge brighter if you will clear it, and then sanctify (thus strengthening it in the right magical quality). This can be done following these steps:

     Stand straight in front of a flower in a pot, take a deep breath and exhale. Feel your feet, feel the roots, and how the roots are bringing you in touch with the ground. Let the roots grow deeper and deeper into the ground. Become a part of nature, become its continuation.


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