The magic focuses with cards

    The first ever known magic tricks with playing cards were printed in a book by Claude Gaspard Boucher in 1612. Card tricks for a long time attracted scientists and mathematicians. Thus, the American mathematician and philosopher Charles Peirce created by himself a number of different tricks with cards, which, however, were quite complex in the presentation and even more difficult in the explanation.



    Without any doubt, modern foci with playing cards are much easier, more interesting and attractive than those that Charles Peirce tried to show to the public. Card tricks are one of the main focuses that famous illusionists and magicians prefer to present to the audience. Why? It's pretty simple. The fact is that the foci with playing cards is not voluminous, often do not require any additional hardware and can easily and quickly cheer up people who came to the performance of a magician.



    If you want to become a magician and want to learn how to do card tricks, then you must know the 5 major meanings of the cards with which you can create new foci with playing card:

    • all cards have a numerical value, that is the cards from 2 to 10 correspond to their value, and Jack, Queen, King are the corresponding values of - 11, 12, 13;

    • all the cards are divided as it is known on 4 different suits: hearts, clubs, diamonds, spades, which is very convenient to be used in the development of new card tricks;



    • also, always worth remembering that the cards are also divided into red and black, in addition to the separation of the suit, which can also be used in the creation of new foci;

    • for the focuses with playing cards can be used both sides: the front side and the shirt;

    • to make the focus more interesting and varied it is best to use a deck of 52 cards;



    Three cards layout

    Content of the focus with playing cards.

    • take 21 cards;

    • put up pictures of cards, so that there were seven rows of three playing cards in each;

    • get three columns, each with seven cards in it;

    • ask any person from the audience to remember any card and to say, in what column she is’

    • again fold the cards stacked in columns;

    • we get three stacks;

    • fold them also in one pile;

    • stack, which is chosen by a spectator card, put between two stacks in the middle;

    • turn the entire stack to the bottom of the image appeared;

    • again lay cards on the seven cards in three columns, and again ask the viewer to determine in which of the three columns is the card he chose;

    • again fold the cards in three piles and the pile with the named card put between the other two in the middle;

    • the third time, place cards, collect the stack and stack to guess the card in the middle of the place;

    • if you count ten cards, the selected card will be the eleventh card;



    The secret of this focus that is the easiest of all ever known foci with the playing cards - the stack, which has the card to guess, is necessary to put always between the two piles in the middle.



    Find a conceived card

    The content of the focus.

    You will need: a deck of 52 cards.

    Show the audience a deck of cards and ask one of them, to choose any of 52 cards, and to remember it, and to put on the top of the deck, but in the way you won’t see it. Then remove the deck, put its bottom on the top. Arrange the cards the way that the pictures are on the top of the deck, and select the card that the spectator chose.



    The secret of the focus.

    We must not forget before the focus starts to look at the lowest card in the deck and memorize it. When you foldout the deck, the card that the spectator chose will be in front of the lower card that you remembered.



    Kings and queens

    The content of the focus with playing cards.

    You will need: a deck of 52 cards.

    You choose from a deck of cards only kings and queens and lay them into two rows. In the first row - the kings, in the second row - the queens. Going after the stack: one - the kings, the other – the queens. It will turn a deck of 8 cards. It can shoot several times. After this, you hide behind the back your hand with a deck in it. After it is necessary to take from the deck two cards and demonstrate to the audience. This will be the king and queen of the same suit.



    The secret of this card trick - we must first put the card the way that the decks in the sequence was the same colors. When you hide behind your back the deck, it should be divided into two decks, each card will be four. And if you take the top cards of two decks, it will be the king and queen of the same suit.



    Every future illusionist that will begin his career with the foci with cards and will show them to the public should always remember the basic rules that were adopted by the famous magicians, and that are an unwritten code of laws among all magicians:

    • you should never disclose the secrets of your card tricks or any other tricks and focuses, doesn’t matter what kind of tricks and focuses or foci you perform in front of the public you should never tell your secrets to anyone;

    • you should never perform the same trick in front of the same audience, it kills the magic, magical effect and destroys the illusion of magic during the performance of the show;



    • you should never  perform to the public with the badly rehearsed focus;

    • it is not necessary to engage in a long conversation with the audience to whom you perform especially, magician and illusionist are secretive creatures, creating an illusion of magic and the unknown.


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