Top Enchanted Forests of the Planet

    Our planet has thousands of unusual, exciting, mystical and mysterious places. Among such places, where a variety of a strange events have happened, are often found forests of different parts of the world, on different continents and hemispheres.



    We have compiled the top most mysterious forests, or rather as we decided to call them - top enchanted forests of our planet.

Wychwood Forest in the UK



    At one time, this mysterious and magical enchanted forest was considered to be a small part of the hunting grounds of one of the counties, namely, Oxfordshire. However, after the awful accident, which has occurred with the wife of the Earl of Leicester, who has died from a broken neck in a very strange, I can even say, scary circumstances, the dignitaries of the royal court have refused to ride through the forest, arguing that they do not want meet with the ghost of wife of the Count.



    Legend has it that one day while walking through the enchanted forest the Count met the ghost of his deceased wife. She said that within 10 days they would be together again. And so it was, after 10 days, the young and strong man suddenly felt ill. He was ill with a strange disease and after 10 days died. Ghost and today is walking the woods, and everyone who spoke to him is waiting for the exact same fate.

   Frith Wood in the UK



    During the terrible Napoleonic wars which took place in the early 19th century, on the edge of a forest in England was situated barracks for captured during the war French soldiers prisoners. One of the local girls, who worked in a family house, in which barracks were based, fell in love with one of the prisoners of war. However, when the girl's relatives learned about the love of young people, they brutally murdered the Frenchman. They say that after a while she was also found dead. Apparently, she killed herself because she was unable to cope with despair.

    It was since then, in an enchanted forest, young people meet the ghost of a weeping girl who is looking for her lover.

Epping Forest in the United Kingdom



    This is a quite famous forest, which is located not far from the eastern part of London. It is known that real terrifying and the shocking events took place in it. This place has become a shelter for two murderers Dick Turpin and Harry Roberts’s - a cop-killer. It is also worth remembering the killer named Ronald Dschebsona who killed a lot of children, which not only killed his victims in the forest, but also hid their bodies in the same place.

    Quite often, there are stories that evil specter of Turpin is walking on the wild bush. However, when employees of TV studios in the UK decided to find and to film the ghost, they found nothing.

Schwarzwald in Germany



     Mysterious enchanted forest, famous for its dense thicket, became an incredible inspiration for the famous writers of mystical and fantastic stories - the Brothers Grimm. It is this forest has become a haven of many of the characters and heroes of the Grimm fairy tales.

    Caught in the thicket of the forest, every child will recall witchessorcerers, werewolves, good or bad gnomes and hunters. Adults are, sure, will ponder on the subject of magic, mysteries, ghosts and murders. It is impossible not to recall the Gothic mystical novel about an amazing hero - necromancer Flammenberge Ludwig, who appeared at the turn of the 18th and 19th century. Actions that take place in the novel take place exactly in the Black Forest.

    Hoia-Baciu in Romania



    This forest in Transylvania can scare absolutely every inhabitant of the planet Earth. People that are living nearby say that the middle of the forest there is a very strange enchanted place - a circular empty space. If you will enter into this space, you never return back home. Approaching to this place, a person starts to feel panic, anxiety, sadness and longing. To know how close you are to this magical place, it should be noted how the trees stand, namely trees that need to stand up straight, literally are been wrapped in knots.

    Dow Hill Kurseong in India



    In a place called West Bengal in India, there is a school for boys, which was built in the 19th century. Students often tell a horror story that goes around the school ghosts that live in the enchanted forest. Despite the fact that the youth has the property to dream, it is worth noting that in the forest that surrounds this place really can be periodically heard strange voices, echo, incomprehensible sounds, animal cry, not like the one known creature.

    Enchanted forest scares all the locals and no one does not risk walking in there, even in the daytime, as there often can be met a little boy without a head, which was hanging on one of the old trees.

    Isla de las Munecas in Mexico



    Several tens and perhaps even hundreds of scary puppets are hanging on the trees in the forest on a small island not far from Mexico City, the capital of Mexico.

    About 50 years ago one of the locals from the settlement near the enchanted forest has found a dead body of a young girl in the canal. Not far from the crime scene he found the doll and decided to leave her there, hanging it on a tree. For many years locals in the memory of the unfortunate, who died under mysterious circumstances, were hanging dolls on trees. Several years ago people wanted to hang the 1000 doll on the tree and to do it had the person who has found the girl's body, but unfortunately, he has drowned in the same channel.


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