Different Fortune-Telling Methods

    Divination is an excellent way to look beyond the veil, which separates the present and the future, in order to prepare in time for both positive and negative events. Today, different peoples have accumulated a vast experience of numerous divinations, which can be practiced by everyone.

    For today, each of us is available simply a huge amount of fortune-telling methods, which at different times was practiced by different peoples. On the question of which one is the best to choose, it is possible to answer fairly simply: the one that best suits this person. But in reality, it often turns out to be quite difficult. The only way out is to try different techniques and decide. After all, this is an indispensable condition for obtaining reliable predictions.

Tarot cards

    Of course, we should start with the famous Tarot cards. Most likely, they came to Europe from the Muslim culture, being brought by Knights of Templar. Since then, they have become a very popular tool for predicting fate. The deck consists of 78 cards, each of which has an image symbolizing this or that event, the state of a person.

    This method of divination is best suited for people who are dominated by imaginative thinking, and visual perception plays a crucial role among other senses. Today, there are many variants of Tarot decks from different authors, among which you will also have to choose your own.


    The runes are a very popular fortune telling system that came to us from Scandinavia, being developed by the ancient mythical god Odin, who pinned himself with a spear to an oak tree for the sake of obtaining secret knowledge. The runic alphabet (its most common variant, called "Senior Futark") is a set of 22 characters. He perfectly "works" with people who are committed to logical, symbolic thinking. The rune lines are simple, and at the same time carry a lot of information.

    To date, for divination, various kinds of runes can be practiced. There is a Germanic, Celtic and even Slavic variants of the runic alphabet.

Cards of Madame Maria Lenormand

    Another great way of fortune-telling for people with imaginative thinking is the Lenormand cards, which resulted from the modification of gypsy decks by the famous French occultist - Madame Maria Lenormand. This deck consists of 36 cards that are identical to the usual playing cards, but additionally carry images.


    A very common type of fortune-telling - is working with a pendulum. Its advantage is that it is simple enough: it does not require the study of complex symbols, it is enough only to internally understand the movements by which the pendulum "answers" certain questions.

    A rope with a pendulum is suspended from the index finger, which is a powerful conductor of astral energy. Best of all, such a fortune telling will come from people with developed touch and the ability to feel the situation internally.

The Shaman's Dance

    If you are an active person who likes to do gymnastics, dancing or yoga, that is, you know the body language perfectly, then it will be interesting to you to engage in witchcraft - the practice of divination that came to us from shamanism and consists in dancing with a simultaneous playing on a tambourine, turning your whole body on a certain wave, gradually falling into a trance and receiving predictions. This technique is quite complex and requires a lot of practice.

Mirror, mirror

    It is very interesting to do divination with the help of magic mirrors, one of the vivid examples of which is the work with a crystal ball. To do this, you need to be able to watch a long time on the crystal without blinking. Thus, you can get images that will tell you about the future. During such fortune-telling methods, certain words can often be read, designed to get the most accurate result.


    Divination by hand - palmistry, - is one of the most interesting fortune-telling methods, which allows you to get data about the past, present, and future of a person. The fact is that the astral body, which lives outside of time, is capable of changing the organs of man in a certain way. The palm and its folds are the most accessible "mirror" of the astral streams within the body. A similar technique is a physiognomy - obtaining information about a person by his face. This method is actively practiced by modern psychologists.


    A well-known mathematician Pythagoras said that "the whole world is a way of existence of numbers". This statement is true and found expression in such a way of guessing, as numerology. The simplest number that affects the fate of a person is the date of birth and numerical correspondences of the letters of the name. If you are able to perform special arithmetical operations with these data and know the values of numbers, you can get a lot of useful information about the future.

Simple ways

    There are also a large number of fortune-telling methods, which I personally would call "marching". They are simple, require the use of available items and allow you to quickly get simple predictions. Such methods include:

  • Fortune-telling on candles;
  • Fortune telling on grounds;
  • Fortune telling on wax;
  • Fortune telling on grains and bones;
  • Fortune telling on a coin (the old ones are especially good for this);
  • Fortune-telling on the mirror;
  • Divination-signs on natural phenomena.

    This list can be significantly expanded. All these types of fortune-telling are closely related to folk customs.

    The choice is great. Among the presented fortune-telling methods, there are suitable for any type of person. It is necessary only to dig a little into the depths of one's own soul, try different fortune-telling methods and determine which of them are the most effective for you.


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