The best comedies about Ghosts

We've used to that movies about spirits and ghosts are usually horror movies, thrillers and detective stories. But why a movie where a ghost is in the leading role cannot be funny, cheerful and positive? In fact, why not, for all who are interested in the topic of ghosts, mysticism, magic and the supernatural, but who wants to laugh and to spend a great evening, we have created the top best comedies about ghosts.

Ghostbusters (1984)



    This is a legendary comedy about two scientists who are engaged in researching of the paranormal phenomena. They decided to open a service to catch and slay all sorts of unwanted demons, like ghosts and other supernatural creatures from another world.



    Doesn’t matter that in our time you can’t take very serious this movie but in 1984 the special effects of “Ghostbusters” had a great success, allowing Hunters to be nominated for an Oscar. A famous song many people associate only with this amazing and we can say classic fantasy movie.

Beetle juice (1988)



    The mystical and very funny comedy made by the famous director and producer - Tim Burton. The comedy about the ghost in its time won an Oscar for the "best makeup". A young couple, played by two famous actors: Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis, being killed in an accident, and now as the ghosts they have to stay and wander in their own house, by all means trying to expel the new tenants.



    After futile attempts they have to call for help Beetle juice - an unusual ghost, played by Michael Keaton itself, whose role of Batman was next after this one.

“Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” (2009)



    The protagonist of this sweet romantic comedy - Connor Mead, played by Matthew McConaughey - he is a fashion photographer and, of course, the most eligible womanizer in New York. He is actively promoting his polygamous lifestyle and believes that it is well worth to live your life this way that love is worth nothing. Briefly breaking away from the crowds of his provisional girlfriends, Connor goes to the wedding of his brother.



    There he meet the ghost of his died Uncle Wayne, played by Michael Douglas. He, in turn, sends the crowd of the ghosts who are Connors ex girls. After going through all the torments of his memories of the past, Connor is what is expected corrects himself and reunites with his childhood friend, and, as it turns out towards the end of the film, the love of his life Jenny Perrot - Jennifer Garner. "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" is quite traditional, but not without lovely moments movie about ghosts, mysticism, love and magic.

A Christmas Carol (2009)



    The traditional Christmas story or maybe just another movie that was adapted to the Dickens' novel. Ebenezer Scrooge hates everyone: he is terrible, gloomy, solitary, miserable and greedy. One day before Christmas to Ebenezer come just three creepy ghosts: the ghost of the Christmas Past (with his arrival Scrooge remembers how he was a child, that he loved his family and his wife), the ghost of the Christmas (with the help of this spirit Scrooge enters the house to his subordinate and he sees that his little son Tim terribly sick and weak), and then Scrooge is visited by the spirit of the future Christmas (Ebenezer Scrooge using him sees how sad will develop his own fate).



    Whether old meanie is able to change their lives and get back on the right path? Is there any chance that he deserves another fate, rather than lonely eternal oblivion in a very cold cemetery? Magicspirits, supernatural – this is everything that you are waiting from the movie like this.

“The bride from the other world” (2008)



    “The bride from the other world” - the original name of this movie is “Over Her Dead Body”. This is a very funny and bright romantic comedy of the director and screenwriter Jeff Lowell. This is a story about how the loving couple of young people Henry and Kate got under the pressure of a ghost of his former bride, who died in her early ages, just before their wedding.



    The heroine of the former ghost bride plays the great and even necessary to say dazzling Eva Longoria. At first woman is terrorizing a young couple with using her supernatural power. But with each new offense, it is increasingly more understood that a young people really love each other, and that it is time for her to go to heaven.

“Just like Heaven” (2005)



    The main woman role of the comedy movie - is a young and very purposeful girl named Elizabeth Masterson, played by Reese Witherspoon. She dedicates to her job at the clinic all her spare time and finally she achieves the place she had dreamed about for a long time, but on the same day by going on a date planed by her sister Abby Brody, she gets into a terrible car accident.



    Ellie gets in coma. At the same time, the landscape architect David Abbott, played by Mark Ruffalo, widower, very grieving for his deceased wife and trying somehow to come back to his normal life, rents an apartment, in which previously lived Elizabeth. As it turned out, Elizabeth did not suspects that she is almost not among the living, and trying by all means to prevent David to live in her apartment.



    After David shows her that she is a ghost, able to pass through walls, but are not able to pick up any material object, Elizabeth tries to bring him to a nervous breakdown and move out of the apartment. After unsuccessful attempts to expel the spirit of the former owner with the help of the priests and sorcerers, David tries to find out who was Elizabeth.


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