Ghosts in old castles


    It is believed that ghosts are souls of people that for some reason can not find peace and leave the world of the living. Ghost does not have a body, it is a bundle of energy that occurs after death. Emotions and thoughts that one feels at the time of death are very important, they are the main goal of a phantom and determine its behavior.

    Thus if a person was killed and died in suffering, his soul may desire for revenge and return as a ghost that will haunt his murderer. There are ghosts - "guards", they jealously guarding the property of which the person highly treasured during his life.



    Ghosts often take the form of people, sometimes the similarity is so strong that the spirit can be easily confused with a live person. Usually ghost looks transparent with a weak light illumination and it can be floating in the air. Phantom can easily move  through closed doors, shard objects, and even walls.

    Manifestations of ghost activity may be different, depending on the strength of energy. They can lower the air temperature, cause drafts, move objects, emit sounds and much more. Very often, phantom deliberately intimidates people, in some cases, spook may provoke a person's death.

    Ghosts avoid places with a large number of people and prefer to live in abandoned buildings, caves, wild forests and so on. But sometimes the spirit is tied to a place, thinking that it is his own one, and does not want to leave, in such case spook is trying by all means to expel others from its territory of live. Such places become famous owing to ghost’s activity, especially ghosts in old castles.

Top 7 Castles with Ghosts

1. Warwick Castle, location – England

    This picturesque place opens our list of “Ghosts in Old Castles”. The castle was built in the eleventh century by famous historical figure William the Conqueror, and for its life saw lot of battles, according to historicals more than any other in Great Britain - much violence was took place in its halls.

    The most mysterious place of this castle is the "ghost tower", it became home to the phantom of Sir Fulk Greville. He was murdered by servant at night in 1628 and now every evening comes out of his portrait that is hanging on the wall in the hall of the tower. Dungeons always have a bad reputation, in Warwaick castle it is also dwelling place of ghosts. Energetic here is very bad and many visitors complain of nausea and weakness when they touch the rusty gratings, walls and instruments of torture.



 2. Dragsholm Castle, location - Denmark

    Today Dragsholm is used as a luxury hotel. It was built in XII century but not the age makes fame for this place. There are little more then one hundred ghosts and spirits roaming inside and outside of the castle every night. To be honest we have no idea how owners do "census" of residents. One of the most recognizable ghosts are Grey Lady, Earl of Bothwell and Lady White.

    The Lady in White has the saddest story, she fell in love with young peasant. When woman's father found out about love affair, to forget her, he imprisoned daughter in the wall of room. In1930th, workers were restoring wing of Dragsholm Castle and found the skeleton of some woman in a white robe that had been walled. This image is one of the most recognizable among ghosts in old castles of Europe.

    Grey Lady was servant in castle, and she promised never to leave this place. She comes very often to check the order and cleanliness.

    The Earl of Bothwell was prisoner in dungeon and died there. He still can not leave walls of his camera.



 3. Leap Castle, location- Ireland

    In Ireland there are many famous ghosts in old castles. Two of them inhabit in Leap Castle. In local chapel soldier killed his brother priest, it happened far long before in 1532. Since that time chapel got the name of “Bloody Chapel” and ghost of priest started to live there.

    Another spirit looks as a very frightening creature: it has human face with dark eyes and body of sheep’s size. His appearance followed by rotting smell.



4. Houska Castle, location - the Czech Republic

    All ghosts in old castles and horror stories about them are nothing in compare with things that are happening in Hauska Castle.

    According to the legend, in the north of Prague there was a forest that had the passage to hell, once there came out creature half-human and half-monster. In the thirteenth century, the government decided to close it and build a castle on top. Before that, it was decided to check the hole and one soldier was lowered there, after some time he issued a terrible cry and was quickly pulled out. Two days later, the man died.

    In 1930, the castle Houska attracted the attention of Hitler. His followers began to use it for a big number of secret experiments.

    Some skeletons of extraterrestrial beings were found in the castle. Lot of people have repeatedly noticed different ghosts in Hauska: headless black horse and old woman who is looming in the window from time to time.



 5. Moosham Castle, location - Austria

    You will not find this Moosham in ordinary list of Ghosts in old castles. This place is known mostly to the local people.

    Moosham was built in the twelfth century and was turned into a place of execution of witches. Inquisition beheaded more than a thousand women in these walls. Castle got its second name Castle Witches. Their spirits are often wandering in the corridors.

    Also till nineteenth century these castle was the werewolf's lair, many mangled corpses of cattle and of reindeers were found near by.



 6. Edinburgh Castle, location - Scotland

    Edinburgh Castle is one of those places where avid atheists can become believers, they just need to set their foot on the threshold. Those who hunt for ghosts in old castles must visit it for sure.

    According to some reports this place is a paranormal point where figures of ghosts regularly frighten visitors. So, Lady Glamis is often seen wandering in the dark halls from one room to another. She was accused in witchcraft, tortured and burned at the stake in 1537. Years passed and in1650 spirit of headless drummer boy started to pursue inhabitants. There is also a piper, an old man in a leather apron and many others, even a ghost of a dog, who was seen jumping near local cemetery.



 7. Castle Keep in Newcastle, location -England

    If in England people are talking about ghosts in old castles they will discuss Newcastle upon Tyne. Local castle considered being one of the oldest, it was built in 1080. In the seventeenth century, it was turned into a prison, the conditions were terrible, the corpses were taken out nearly every day.

    A century later, not far from here it was built a place of execution - Black Gate. In this castle there is a large number of ghosts, nearly every room has its own. Visitors always declare about the emergence of unexpected shadows, spheres and gray clouds.



    The list of ghosts in old castles is very big. Also there are lot of spirits in Asia and America, you can read more about them on our site.


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