Top 10 “horrible” and “terrifying” gifts for Halloween 2016

    Halloween - is one of the most unusual holidays in his meaning and his entourage, who has come to the territory of our country just recently.

    But the question which is familiar to us: how to choose for their friends and loved ones, a really worthy and a non-trivial gift that not only will incidentally at the time of costumed festivals, but also come in handy when sounded the morning of November 1 of the first cock's cry? We solved this problem and have proposed that the attention of its visitors top 10 unusual gizmos with deep meaning and functional load.

    1.Weapons for hunters for ghosts and other evil spirits

    In the evening the 31 of October, the streets are filled with witches, werewolves, vampires, and other "minions of the devil", which are not only not afraid of others, but also are a cause of their merriment. Fancy parties, noisy celebrations, sweets for begging children and, of course, unusual, impregnated with the spirit of All Saints Day, gifts - this is a modern Halloween, which is beloved by millions of children and adults around the world.

    Souvenir swords, hunting bows and crossbows will, certainly, please the fans of the artfully made weapons, as well as the avid fishermen and hunters. Also are timed to the invasion of evil spirits, they can be used as part of carnival costume, and only then take its place of honor into the armory collection or on the shelf with the hunting ammunition.

    2.Bag with surprises

    Picking up at the gift shop a small wooden chest of drawers with lots of drawers, and filling it in the spirit of Halloween with favors and sweets, you will provide a great present as for a child and an adult. And this is understandable: after all, it's nice to get not one, but several surprises which are handed under the auspices of Gift dated Halloween!

    3.Set for Poker

    Do you play poker? If not, then you should definitely try it with your friends, as it is a favorite around the world gambling hobby! The best same day to forget about the high moral beliefs and without a hint of hesitation take up cards than the Halloween night you just cannot find. So feel free to choose as a present for your friends a set to play poker, and with a head dive into the whirlpool of a game which for a long time has become a classic of the genre.

    4.Sets for future Houdini

    Focus sets - a great gift for lovers of a clever illusion that want to disrupt the storm of applause at the Halloween party. Present a gift to your friends or to younger relatives, and enjoy their good mood and a spectacular show, which is going to be a hit.

    5.For those, who loves a bit stronger

    Set with exquisitely decorated jar and few glasses in itself would be a welcome present for anyone who likes to treat themselves with strong drinks on the road.

    Container, which was selected as a present, filled with a drink will surely bring not only pleasant emotions but also will be amazing surprise for Halloween night.


    If you should make your child or an adult, who is in love with playing outdoors, a present, then Petanque - Bocce will be a boon - "bomb" at a party in honor of All Saints' Day. The game came to us from France, and for sure will make your guests spend a few hours with metal balls that require participants to party and hit the presence of special observation.

    7.Surprise for a real hooligans

    You are planning to present a memorable gift to your friend, who from childhood was known as a "bully" and "daredevil"? To return into a childhood even an adult "boy", and to give him nice nostalgic memories will help a modern slingshot, equipped with solid rubber handle and special rubber tourniquet for precision shooting.

    8.Parker - classic luxury

    Branded Parker - is a gorgeous gift, which every person, who knows how to write, will be happy to have. You want to please your friend or a relative by making really unexpected and useful gift for Halloween?

    9.Magic Ball Predictor

    "It is just like in the movie" - the ball to make decisions want to get many fans of American cinema classics and contemporary fiction. Present your friend this legendary object, and it will certainly become for him if no faithful companion and ally in the search for answers, then, for sure, the refined interior decoration for the car, workplace or home interior.

    10.Women's tricks for the lady vamp

    Rare girl does not pay enough attention to their hands, and in particular - on her manicure. To create the real masterpieces of nail art and just to create an easy comfort in the nail care, every girl needs high-quality and professionally staffed manicure set.

    Take a few hours to search for and purchase for your girlfriend a decent handle manicure instruments, and she, certainly, will appreciate your attention and care of her person. And, who knows, maybe in the night of 31 October to 1 November, her pretty nails will become a major part of the masquerade under the name of Halloween.

    Here are a few ideas for those who are planning to treat his friends and family with unexpected and extremely useful gifts for Halloween that can complement color of this extraordinary festival, presented to the world community the people of the British Isles.

    You are in anticipation of a wonderful and unusual holiday Halloween? Then do not waste time on nonsense, go to our website and read the articles about Halloween which can help you organize a great party and to have fun.



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